RepairPal For iPhone Assists You In Maintaining Your Car’s Condition

If you own a car, then acquiring more knowledge about its working and internal systems is unavoidable. A considerable portion of your time each month is bound to be spent in thinking about the problems which plague your automobile, and the money it takes to rectify them. Won’t it be nice if there was a motor repairman always at your beck and call? That’s exactly what RepairPal is supposed to be. This neat iOS app lets its users in car maintenance, and you can makes sure that you never have to worry about your vehicle ever again. You get to see the estimate cost of each repair operation, and if you are stuck in the middle of the highway, RepairPal will also send its team of specialist motor mechanics to get things sorted out for you.Read More

How To Repair Virus-Infected PC When Windows Fails To Boot Up [Guide]

Although Antivirus suites including MS Security Essentials, Avira, Avast, Norton AntiVirus etc., help us protect the system from malwares, viruses, spywares, keyloggers and other like potentially harmful programs, sometimes malware infected applications manage to slip through deployed antivirus security cracks and attack the system booting process. In such a case, anti-virus suites can’t identify and remove the infected application/processes unless the you repair the infected system boot sectors, and then boot into Windows to perform the virus removal operation over entire disk. In this post, we will show you how to clean your system from viruses when you can not boot into Windows.Read More

Repair & Extract Corrupted RAR Archives With Recovery Toolbox For RAR

File compression tool does make it easier to share files among other folks, as it shrinks files size without hurting quality (well, to some extent), which an ancient person might even find somewhat magical. One of the compression archives used by most people is RAR. Even though, file compression has its own use, users often damage the RAR files amidst the compression process. We often come across corrupted RAR archives that cannot be extracted due to voids or incomplete binaries, and there is no way to open the files normally, which can be quite devastating especially if the contained files are of something important. Before losing all hope, you may try AutoUnpack as a last resort. It is a Windows application that repairs your damaged and corrupted archives, but if, for some reason, it fails to perform its required task, you can take a look at Recovery Toolbox for RAR. It is a very light-weight RAR repair tool which does not modify corrupted documents, and can easily open files which are not accessible. It does not matter which application was used to create the RAR archive; Recovery Toolbox for RAR can access it.Read More

Boot Repair Fixes Frequent Ubuntu Boot Problems

To customize Ubuntu boot options by managing GRUB Manager, Plymouth and Burg, you can use the previously reviewed Super Boot Manager for Ubuntu. However, tweaking too much with boot options can lead to several issues, including, the inability of the operating system to boot after another OS is installed, loss of access to GRUB  boot loader and issues with boot sector MBR.Boot Repair is an Ubuntu tool which can easily resolve such issues. As this is a GUI based application, therefore, you will require being logged into your operating system for it to work. Therefore, despite the boot issues, you should be able to get access to your desktop for this app to resolve the boot issues. Having said that, the issues which it resolves mainly do not cause the inability of a system to loose boot functionality. For example, the GRUB boot problems may be causing inconsistency in allowing you to boot from your OS. Similarly, if you have installed another operating system, you might not be able to login from Ubuntu by default.Read More

File Repair Can Fix Corrupt Files Of Any Format

It often happens that a file can become corrupt when a system shuts down or due to unexpected power failure, virus infection, application errors and the like. It can be quite a nuisance to attempt recovery of important data from such files and many a times results in failure.File Repair is robust application for recovering corrupt files of several formats. This includes anything from an MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, video, audio, image  file to a compressed Zip or RAR achieve. The supported file extensions include: DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF,PDF,XLS, XLA, XLSX, Zip, RAR, AVI, FLV, Mp4, MOV, WMV, ASF, MPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PPT, PPS, PPTX, Mp3, WAV, MDB, MDE, ACCDB and ACCDE.Read More

Repair Task Manager, Registry, And More After Malware Attack [Windows]

By now, you would be well aware of the plethora of problems that virus and malware attacks leave in their wake. Disabled Task Manager, Registry Editor vanishing, Command Prompt barred, Folder Options nowhere to be found, just to name a few. While many anti-malware applications are good enough when it comes to removing the infection, they cannot exactly repair the collateral damage that your system had suffered. Hence a utility like Quick Disaster Recovery comes into play.Read More

Diagnose/Repair Your Seagate Or Maxtor Drive With SeaTools

Seagate and Maxtor, both are popular brands for Internal and External drives. If you are one of those users who own a drive that is made by any of the above two companies and is not working properly, then you can diagnose the drives with SeaTools. It supports non-Seagate drives as well, but in my testing it worked better with Seagate and Maxtor drives largely because it has been developed by Seagate itself.Read More

Create System Repair Disc In Windows 7 To Solve Boot Problem

Upcoming Windows 7 is being said to be the most secure and reliable as compared with other versions of Windows, but you can still run into problem, the worst case being when your Windows stops booting. Windows 7 has a solution to this problem, create System Repair Disc. Once you run into this problem,  you can boot your system with it and it will give you access to System Recovery tools which will let you diagnose and correct errors within Windows 7. It is very easy to create a System Repair disk since no special disk burning software is required.Read More

How To Repair/Recover Corrupt Microsoft Word And Excel Files

Your Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010 documents or Excel 2007/2010 spreadsheets could get corrupted due to various reasons, two of the most common being data transfer error and hard disk crash. Once your documents get corrupted, it becomes quite difficult to recover them. Try opening a corrupt Microsoft document and you will receive an error that data is corrupt, which does not help us in any way. There are two ways to recover Word and Excel files, the first method is to buy an expensive recovery suite(which I would not recommend), and the second method, is below.To recover Word 2007 documents we will use Damaged docx2txt.To recover Excel 2007 spreadsheets we will use Corrupt xlsx2csv.Both tools have been developed by S2 Services and are FREE. We will discuss both of them in details below.Read More

How To Check And Repair Your Missing Or Corrupt System Files

Is your Windows giving you errors and not functioning properly? This usually means that your system files are missing or got corrupted due to some virus. Suppose a virus attacks your computer and you remove it using an anti-virus software, but the virus in fact removes your system files and makes some corrupted without your knowledge, removing the virus is only the first step, but fixing your system files is the most important step. Some people just re-install their Windows because they think it is too complicated to recover System files, but this is not true. Here is the best, quickest and fastest way to check and fix your missing and corrupted system files.

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How To Recover Important System Files Without Reinstalling Windows

Have you ever faced a problem where your antivirus deleted your important system files? For me this is even worse than the adverse effect of a virus itself. The best method to offset the infection is to Clean, Quarantine and Delete but if your antivirus deletes important system files by itself without asking permission than you must consider to recover those system files to prevent data loss, performance issues and missing system files notification at startup.

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How To Recover Data From Scratched Or Damaged Dvds/Cds

One of my favorite TV shows is The office. I love that show but it also takes up a lot of the hard drive space, with each episode of 350MB. I clutter my hard drive space due to this show, and that’s just this one show, not including other shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Supernatural. So, naturally I burn the shows onto DVDs, as it’s a cheap and easily accessible way to store data. But the only problem is the fact that CDs or DVDs aren’t invulnerable to all types of damage, and in fact, even a small finger print or scratch can make a DVD/CD player not able to read the disk. If you try to copy/paste the file on the damaged disk onto a computer, you usually get an error saying the file is corrupted, or damaged. But I found some really handy programs that can solve such problems, which I thought I’d share with you all today.Read More