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This App Claims To Remove Water From Your iPhone’s Speaker

People take theirs phones to the bathroom with them. We can probably debate why it’s silly to do this but there’s no point. People just do it and you can’t make them stop. As a result, there have been many phones that ended up in water and thus damaged. To be fair, this isn’t just a bathroom hazard. It can happen if you have your phone by the pool, or next to the kitchen sink. The go-to advice when this happens is to remove your phone from water, turn it off, put it in a bag of rice, and maybe use a blow dryer on it. Sonic is an app that claims to be able to remove water from your iPhone’s speaker.

Sonic is one of those last ditch effort apps that you can use if your iPhone has been dropped in water and the speakers don’t sound right. The app lets you play sound at different frequencies ranging from as low as 258Hz to over 1100Hz. The purpose is to get those last few droplets of water out of the speakers by vibrating them out at low or high frequencies.

Download the app and tap Play. Swipe up to increase the frequency, and swipe down to decrease it.

We did not give our iPhone a bath and then test this app out. Also, if your iPhone has been in the water too long, this app is highly unlikely to help you. The app doesn’t explicitly say so but it’s really only useful on the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is ‘water resistant’. This might have encouraged users to perhaps take their phone in the shower and try out a karaoke app or two. Unfortunately, water resistant isn’t the same as water proof and moisture in the air can actually damage your phone. If your iPhone has suffered minor water damage, Sonic might be able to help.

You can still give Sonic a try even if you own an older iPhone model. Perhaps Sonic will be able to bounce the little droplets out.  The app is free and pretty simple to use so you don’t have much to lose. Regardless if the app works or not, take your iPhone to the Apple store anyway. If there is even a bit of water left, the phone might become unusable over time. Sonic generates sound at different frequencies, it doesn’t add a dryer inside your phone so there’s no guarantee the moisture is 100% gone. Only an Apple store employee can really tell you if there’s any permanent damage.

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