Gingerbread Leaked ROM For Samsung Droid Charge [Download & Install]

Earlier we covered the EP1F Gingerbread firmware leak for the Samsung Droid Charge, and that brought in some much needed improvements to the device that was stuck with the Android 2.2 Froyo Firmware as the latest offering. Now it seems like the Droid Charge is on the roll as an EP4P Gingerbread firmware has been leaked over at MyDroidWorld thanks to forum member p3droid. The leak is strictly unofficial, but has been tested for over 4 days apparently without any serious issues encountered. Being the first LTE Droid, and boasting some very impressive specs, running the Froyo firmware was almost shameful. Not anymore, and you know what makes this leak even hotter? The fact that the leak comes in 4 different packages. You have:
  • A stock and non rooted ROM.
  • A stock and rooted ROM.
  • A stock, deodexed and rooted ROM.
  • A deodexed, debloated and rooted ROM.
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Install Ice Cream Sandwich Contacts Dialer On Epic 4G Touch

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the new sensation among Android users. Ever since the SDK was made available for this new Android update, we have seen various industrious hackers trying to port ICS on their respective Android devices. Although developers have been successful making SDK based ports on several devices, but most of them are in a semi working stage. We believe that unless Galaxy Nexus system ROM is made available, there won’t be a stable and fully working Ice Cream Sandwich port for any Android devices.Read More

Rotate Video Playback On Galaxy S II Without Auto Rotation [Guide] [Orientation Lock]

Samsung Galaxy S II is a dual core, high tier Android phone that has managed to gather huge fan base since its launch. The stock Video Player app on Samsung Galaxy S II allows the user to see videos in portrait mode. However, users need to have auto-rotation set to ON in settings for videos to stream/ play in portrait mode. Electrox666, Senior XDA member and Android developer, has managed to integrate a rotation toggle in video player that lets you easily change orientation of the video. The hack basically removes SRS effects toggle and replaces it with a rotation icon. Another advantage of this tweak is that you can easily lock video playback in landscape or portrait mode without having to go in Settings menu.

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Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich On Nexus S [Guide]

Google Nexus S was first in line when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was announced, and it was indeed confirmed by Samsung and Google both that an update will follow soon. The developer community, however, could not stand the wait, and hence a build from Ice Cream Sandwich SDK now stands ported to the phone. The interesting aspect of this ICS port on Nexus S is that everything, except Bluetooth, NFC and Panorama Mode, work quite well. As always, the awesome developer community at XDA is responsible for bringing this Ice Cream Sandwich awesomeness for your Nexus S. For those who don’t know, Ice Cream Sandwich is the new Android 4.0 OS update that comes jam packed with features. From supporting USB Game Controllers to HDMI out-put and extended widget support, Ice Cream Sandwich has everything covered for Android users.Read More

1st Custom Gingerbread ROM For T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Available [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] owners. Recently the phone got rooted via custom kernel flashing method and now the first custom ROM for this phone has made it to public. The ROM is stock, comes pre-rooted with latest BusyBox and SuperUser. Apps like Asphalt 6, Bous, Books, Mobi TV, ECID, IQ T-Mobile, Live Source, Mall lite, Media hub, Mobile backup, Netflix, Sns for Linkedln, Telenav, T-Mobile Blio, T-Mobile m4m, and Zinio have been removed to optimize user experience. According to the ROM developer, G Talk with video has also been pre-integrated in this ROM, This first custom stock Android Gingerbread custom ROM for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] comes from teshxx. According to the developer, the ROM is also intended to provide developers and theme creators of this phone with a solid base to work on.Read More

Install ClockworkMod Recovery On HTC Amaze 4G [Guide]

HTC Amaze 4G got an amazing permanent one click root treatment couple of days back. For those who don’t know, HTC Amaze 4G is a brilliant top-tier Android phone with special focus on its camera. The phone has redesigned and enhanced camera interface that promises to deliver exceptional video and still results. Apart from this, Amaze 4G comes packed with a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and 4,.3 qHD display. Once the phone got root, the developers are now busy in making other modifications and developing ROMs. xboarder56, senior XDA recognized developer, has managed to port ClockworkMod Recovery on Amaze 4G. Previously it was xBoarder’s stable root script that helped gaining permanent root privileges on the phone.Read More

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery On T-Mobile Galaxy S II [Guide]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] recently got rooted via custom kernel flash method. The phone has already gathered massive user and developer base which has resulted in loads of tweaks and hacks for the device. Recently Koush, the brain behind awesomeness of ClockworMod recovery has released the official ClockworkMod Recovery for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2]. In case you already have root on your phone, then its pretty easy to download and install this official recovery build on your phone.

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Install BlackChrome Theme On T-Mobile Galaxy S II [S2] [Guide]

Recently we reported T-Mobile getting some awesome root treatment via ODIN. However after rooting the phone, you don’t have much to do now other than installing apps from Market that need root or removing bloatware. Although the quest for gaining root on this phone has remained very slow, but we believe that soon Custom ROMs, kernel and tweaks will start surfacing to enhance your post-root experience. For now, the BlackChrome theme for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II has been made available by mongo41, Senior XDA member and developer. The theme is meant to completely overhaul your phone’s TouchWiz UI with a neat dark and stylish out look. This BlackChrome Theme for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] comes complete with a customized semi-transparent icon pack. The icons, quite interestingly, display text rather than any image.

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Install CyanogenMod 7.1 On Motorola Droid 3 [Guide]

There is some great news for Motorola Droid 3 as Hashcode, Rootzwiki Android developer, has managed to port the latest CyanogenMod 7.1 Android 2.3 Gingerbread on this phone. This CyanogenMod build for the Droid 3 is an OMAP optimized AOSP ROM based on the latest CM sources. The ROM comes with plenty of features working, but as it is still a pre-alpha, so you can expect to see some force closures and other glitches. Folks have managed to port CM on Droid 3 before as well, but the tester and user response regarding this build has been highly favorable.

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Gain Root On Amaze 4G By Installing Pre-Rooted ROM [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for HTC Amaze 4G users as a pre-rooted stock 1.36.351.5 ROM is available for download and install. HTC Amaze 4G, until now, has proved to be a hard nut to crack with only one temporary rooting script. The script even made things worse and was taken down by the developers within minutes. So far, flashing this pre-rooted Android 2.3 Gingerbread custom ROM on HTC Amaze 4G seems to be the only method to gain permanent root with init.d and custom boot image support.Read More

AppExtarctor Restores Individual Apps & SMS/MMS From ROM Manager Backups

One reason for Android gathering such a huge fan base is perhaps the easy and comprehensive backup/restore functionality it offers. There is a wide range of apps available in Android Market that let you backup and restore your apps without any issues. Although Titanium Backup is the must go-for Android backup and batch-restore application, some users like ROM Manager to backup and restore their complete system/ROM. It's no hidden fact that users who fancy rooting and modding their devices, tend to try various ROMs and kernels, and very frequently. Most of theses ROMs come with a pre-requisite to completely wipe and reset system and user data. ROM Manager, created to help ROM flashers and downloaders, provides a facility to backup your current ROM along with all user data via ClockworkMod Recovery. This backup is made in the form of a zip file and can be reinstalled via recovery whenever need arises, but it will restore everything! So how do you get back individual items like messages, MMS etc? Hit the jump to find out.Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread On HP TouchPad [Guide]

For all of you who went for $99 HP TouchPad for the sake of getting Android are in luck! CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread Alpha build, that was demoed extensively through videos on different streaming sites, is now available for public download and installation. Compared with an early Android installation method, the procedure to install CyanogenMod 7 on HP TouchPad is lesser complicated and is do-able by virtually everyone. For those who don’t know, CyanogenMod is a custom Android based ROM that is available for select devices and is intended to enhance and optimize user experience. You can head to our detailed CyanogenMod guide and review posted here to gather more information regarding this ROM.Read More

Download And Install Dark Theme Gingerbread Keyboard On Android

Android is the fastest growing and widely adapted Smartphone OS that is gaining unmatched popularity throughout the globe. The main reason for this popularity is based on the fact that Android is perhaps the only Smartphone operating system that is completely customizable to the core. The customization span of Android ranges from utility apps to modifying internal system flies. Recently the Android Gingerbread keyboard gained immense appreciation due to the fact that it was easier to type and fancier to look-out. Some industrious Android themers have managed to roll out better looking fancier versions of the same keyboard.Read More

Get Circular Battery Percentage Mod On AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] is perhaps the best Android phone that is now available throughout the globe. It is pretty astonishing that this beauty was released in the US only a month back. Since the time of this phone’s US release, users have been either converting to Sprint for their Epic 4G Touch or moving to AT&T for their version of Samsung Galaxy S II. For those who don’t know, Samsung Galaxy S II is an extremely thing, stylish Android phone that comes with a 4.3 Inch display and a dual core processor on board. Apart from general Android users and fans, this phone has also managed to capture a whole lot of developer attention and now there are dedicated development, modding and hacking threads for this phone on different Android portals, forums and blogs.

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How To Enable Overscroll Glow In AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [Guide]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] was released couple of days back and since then the phone has managed to gather huge underground developer support at XDA and other Android portals. Currently the phone stands rooted with a custom kernel via ODIN and ROM developers are hard at work to cook some awesome bacon for this device. And as ROMs are being consistently developed for this device, there are mods, hacks and tweaks that are surfacing to optimize and enhance your experience while using the phone.

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Fix Gradual Ringtone Volume Fade In Samsung Galaxy S II [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II is the hottest phone that has managed to gather a huge fan base in very less timespan. The phone has also managed to gather a lot of developer attention and now there is a sea of custom ROMs, kernels, tweaks and mods to enhance and optimize the phone usage. Like Samsung Galaxy S i9000, there is a small feature or “glitch” in Samsung Galaxy S II that overrides the ringtone volume set by user during an incoming phone call. The call volume then slowly recedes to the volume you have set and that’s very annoying for some of us.

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Use Volume Up Button For Screen Wakeup On HTC Sensation [Guide]

HTC Sensation is undoubtedly the latest “sensation” among Android phones who prefer being loyal to HTC. The phone comes with 1.2 GHz Dual-Core processor and has 768 MB RAM that ensures a powerful, speedy and butter-smooth user experience. Apart from these awesome specs, the bootloader of HTC Sensation is entitled for official HTC Dev unlocking which makes things easier for underground development community. There are scores of custom Android ROMs, kernels and tweaks that are consistently surfacing for HTC Sensation.

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DeepShining: A Custom Windows Phone 7 ROM For HTC HD7 [How To Install]

There isn’t a Chevron-like unlock for Windows Phone 7’s latest update Mango just yet. There are some lengthy and overly complex procedures out there, but a vast majority of users won’t even dream of going near them as Mango is pretty good in itself with a lot of features users have wanted for a long time. However, if you still want something new and improved on your device, and are brave enough to risk your HD7, there’s a new custom ROM out now by the name of DeepShining. You don’t need to have a jailbroken device to flash this ROM, just follow the procedure described past the break. Read More

Install Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread CyanogenMod ROM On AT&T Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] is the thinnest Android phone that comes with a 4.3 Inch screen and packs the power of 1.2 GHz Dual Core with 1.0 GB RAM. The phone, when launched, received an overwhelming response from Android fans and aspiring users. It's quite surprising that Samsung Galaxy S2 made it to US market after it was released in every nook and corner of the globe. Sprint was the first carrier to get a Galaxy S II variant by the name of Epic 4G Touch and AT&T closely followed suit. AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II received some awesome root treatment right after its launch and a modified ODIN-Flashable kernel was produced for this purpose. The development community is already very active regarding this phone which means custom ROMs, kernels, hacks and tweaks are rapidly surfacing to enhance and optimize user experience.Read More