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ICS Custom ROM For Motorola Droid X [Download]

droid_xIf you fancy running the Ice Cream Sandwich OS on your Droid X and don’t mind a broken radio, Camera and GPS, you may want to check out  the new EncounterICS ROM by RootzWiki forum member firstEncounter. According to the developer, it was the disappointment of ICS development on the Droid X that made him whip up this very ROM. Based on Android 4.0.1 we take a look at the ROM after the break.

Here’s what works for now:

  • Radio.
  • Bluetooth.
  • GPS.
  • 2D (hardware accelerated) & 3D (buggy).
  • Wi-Fi (connects to secure networks too).
  • Sensors, including rotation/accelerometer.
  • Audio (DSP force closes rarely, but still works).
  • SD Card.
  • All hardware buttons.
  • Charging.
  • USB (including SD mounting).

image image image image

We already mentioned the stuff that is broken, but aside from that, here are a few bugs and the known workarounds for them.

  • ADB doesn’t work.

Workaround: While booting, go into bootmenu (pressing VolDown when the LED turns blue), go to "Boot" and choose "2nd-init + adb".

  • Market doesn’t install apps.

Workaround: Run the command "drmserver &" AS ROOT in Terminal Emulator or "adb shell drmserver &" from a computer. (Fix will be included in build #2!)

  • Gallery FC’s when gapps is installed.
  • Google Talk FC’s.
  • Sometimes a reboot is necessary for settings to stick/activate.
  • Calendar sync is broken.
  • Keypad while in a call is extremely laggy.

According to the developer the ROM, “does not work in an SD slot in Boot Manager! You’ll have to SBF if you attempt to.”

The ROM I certainly not meant for those who have never rooted their device and installed custom ROMs on it before. The ROM is buggy, and you don’t want get caught with some thing unexpected and unable to recover. The link to the ROM is given at the end of the post, simply flash it via recovery.

Encounter ICS X.

Google Apps.

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