How To Add & Read RSS Feeds In The New Firefox For Android

Firefox 30 for both desktop and Android is out and one of the new features in the Android variant is a way to read RSS feeds from your home page. It's the perfect way to turn Firefox on your Android device into a fairly basic feed reader. The feature is tied to an add-on called Home Feeds which has been developed by a Mozilla developer but does not carry the company name for some odd reason. In addition to allowing you to read a feed from your home page, it also makes it super easy to add that feed to the page. Being basic, it does not have any buttons for marking an item as read or unread. You get the twelve most recent items in the feed. Read More

Blogtrottr Turns RSS Feeds Into Email News Letters & Lets Your Filter Stories

We’re all pretty much familiar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and there a ton of services and apps that provide RSS syndication to let you keep up with your favorite sites. Though there are situations when using a traditional RSS reader just isn’t ideal and an email subscription sounds like a better option. Blogtrottr is one such handy online service that allows you to subscribe via RSS and have those feeds delivered to you by email either in real-time or on a set schedule, for example 2 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours. It quickly churns out an email digest from your subscribed blogs, sites etc., and delivers them as one unified newsletter. Read More

News Hub Adds A Simple RSS Feed Reader To The Chrome Toolbar

Google Reader’s demise is just a few months away and we’ve compiled a list of Google Reader alternatives for the Web, Windows, and Mac. Our web alternatives were all web services (like Google Reader was) but if you’re looking for a browser extension to replace the void Google Reader will leave in your life, News Hub is a Chrome extension with an elegant interface that's worth a try. The extension allows you to add feeds via RSS links or by search for them. The search feature isn't the best we've seen, but it can still help you find new news resources. News Hub works exclusively in a popup and lets you browser the list of new stories as well as read any one of them from the popup. News items can be marked as read/unread and opened in a new tab. Feeds cannot be imported from an XML file though, and they cannot be organized into folders either. Read More

How To Import All Your Google Reader Feeds Into Rockmelt For iOS

It has taken a few days, but the news of Google Reader’s looming demise has finally started sinking in, and people are now coming to terms with the fact that there are other services out there that are more than capable of replacing Reader. As for the data you might have accumulated over time, that can easily be exported to the new service you decide to use. However, most people have discussed desktop-based replacements for Google Reader until now (although Feedly does have mobile clients), but there are also those who are open to the possibility of switching completely to their iPhone to check out all the latest news stories from around the world. The previously covered Rockmelt deals with RSS feeds, and lets users sift through interesting articles using gestures. The team behind the app has taken full advantage of Reader’s end, and has made it possible to import all your Reader feeds to Rockmelt in a few easy steps. Read More

How To Export Google Reader Feeds And Import Starred & Liked Items

Google is retiring Google Reader, and we just don’t know what to do with our lives - well, our RSS feeds actually - anymore. Fortunately, the grace period before Google Reader goes the way of the dinosaurs gives us ample time to back up our feeds in order to jump ship to an alternative, and Google has provided a simple way to do so. This post details how to export and save your current Google Reader subscriptions so that they can later be imported to any RSS service or app. In addition, we'll also show you how you can back up the items you've ‘starred’ in Google Reader for later access. Read More

CleverFeed Is An OS X RSS Reader That Sorts Feeds By Your Interests

Whether you follow them as part of your work routine or just to read the latest posts on your favorite websites, going through RSS feeds can be quite time-consuming. The practical way to go through them and conserve time is to read the posts that seem most interesting from their titles and postpone others for later. This is obviously a manual filtering job and will tax your time daily. CleverFeed is a free Mac app that aims to automate this. As its name implies, CleverFeed sorts your feeds intelligently. It asks you to like the posts that seem most interesting to you and then tag them with keywords. The app analyzes how you tag different posts, scans their content, and finds similar ones that are likely to interest you. Its recommendations improve with time as it learns more about your reading preferences. CleverFeed imports feeds directly from your Google account so you'll still have to use Google Reader to add new feeds or manage existing ones. Read More

Mixtab: View, Create & Share RSS Reading Lists On Any Topic [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few RSS readers in the past, noteworthy of them being Cappuccino and Reeder, both of which are free, and allow you to add any feed that you like. Mixtab is yet another RSS reader app for Mac, but what sets it apart from other readers is that it allows you to visualize your feed items as thumbnails. You can create tabs, name them and add as many feeds as you like. The app isn’t just a great way to visually browse your feeds, but also to keep them organized. When creating a tab, you can add as many feeds to it as you like and group similar feeds like technology sites or different feeds of the same site together. You will have to create an account on Mixtab, but it requires nothing more than entering an email address and a password. Read More

NewsBar: View RSS Feeds & Classify Them By Color On Your Mac [Paid]

Earlier last month, we reviewed two Mac apps, Blotter and Mindful, that put the current day’s iCal events in a translucent display on your desktop. Both apps present a convenient way to always have your daily events on your desktop. NewsBar is a Mac app available for $4.99 on the Mac app store that does the same to your RSS feed. It is feature rich app that allows you to dock your feed to any side of the display, or view it as a floating window. The app supports feed search, marking items as favorites, setting keyword alerts and choosing a unique color for each feed. It lets you add just about any RSS feed, or import your items from Google Reader. Read More

Foxish Live RSS: Get Firefox Live Bookmarks Feature In Chrome

Foxish Live RSS is a Chrome extension that mimics Firefox's live bookmarks feature by syncing RSS feeds with bookmark folders, and updates them automatically at regular intervals. It does this by syncing feed items every five minutes, with folders on the bookmark bar. It shows an icon in the address bar, indicating the web page has RSS/atom feeds. Foxish Live RSS also lets you export RSS feed list, and import RSS in OPML format from other RSS readers. Read More

Q-Sensei FeedBooster: Stylize And Enhance RSS Feeds With Filters [Web]

RSS feeds let us stay up-to-date with our favorite web content, but most of the free feed readers out there come with too much clutter, such as ads, videos, banners etc., that can make reading difficult. Q-Sensei FeedBooster, a web application, changes the way you read and access feeds. With Q-Sensei FeedBooster, you can add custom filters pertaining date, author, tag and folder etc. It comes with an interactive dashboard, which you can fully customize according to your preferences and needs. The service supports login via Facebook, Google, and Yahoo!, or you may simply sign up, after which you can start adding RSS feeds by simply pasting website URLs, or by importing them from your Google Reader account. FeedBooster lets you filters feeds by Source, Date, Author, Tag, Folder and more. In addition to that, you can also subscribe to various categories of feed-sets. Read More

Get RSS News Updates On Your Desktop With FeedRoller RSS Ticker

FeedRoller RSS Ticker is a customizable desktop RSS ticker for viewing your latest feeds. It displays news items from all added feeds from the top or bottom of the desktop (as selected), with auto hide functionality for an unobtrusive display of feed items. You can control ticker features using hotkeys, and change color to customize its look. The default ticker is a bit large in size; however, you can reduce the ticker size, as well as other features (such as font and size, color, speed, layout, transparency etc.) to suit your needs. Feeds can also be imported or exported using an OPML file. Read More

FeedBeater: Create RSS Feeds From Any Website And Get Email Alerts

FeedBeater is a free web app that creates RSS feeds for websites that might not have an option to do so. In addition to that,  you can customize your feeds using only specific content from websites, and filter out irrelevant information such as ads and comments. It organizes your content in a neat, structured format into an RSS feed that you can receive in real-time through emails and alerts, sans the need to log in or register for the service. Read More

MyTVrss: Get Alerts When A New Episode Of Your Favorite Show Airs

How much time do you spend online reading mail, watching videos and laughing at pictures of kittens? Probably a lot. While the internet is now a primary source of both information and entertainment, it hasn’t killed TV. Sure you may now watch most of your favorite shows online instead of in the family room, with the family on the family TV but you still watch TV in a sense. MyTVrss is a web service that lets you receive email alerts or create RSS feed for your favorite TV shows; each time a new show airs, you get an email or it shows up in your feed. The news item tells you what show, what episode number and name and what time is it airing along with which network it is airing on. Read More

Create Android Apps For Your Favorite Websites In Just A Few Clicks!

Disappointed that your favorite website does not have a mobile web variant? Looking for a way to create an app for your own website without having to learn how to code? Look no further. AppYet is a web service that allows you to create, in just a few clicks, reasonably feature-rich and presentable Android RSS feed readers for websites of your choice. All you have to do is specify an RSS feed(s) for one or multiple sites of your choice and enter a name for the app. You can alter the package name and icon of the app as well. AppYet adds all information to an app template, builds your app and mails it to the email account that you used to register with the service. More after the break. Read More

Get RSS Feed Notifications On Your Desktop In Chrome

Google Talk gives you desktop alerts whenever you receive a new email and while you wouldn’t want your RSS feeds to pop-up on your desktop all the time (which is why you get them in Google Reader and not in your mail) you might need a desktop notification for an RSS feed you’re actively monitoring. RSS Alert is a chrome extension that lets you add feeds you actively want to monitor and gives you desktop alerts whenever there is anything new on the site. Read More

BlizzTV – Aggregator For Podcasts, RSS Feeds, Videos, And Live Streams

BlizzTV is a lightweight all-in-one aggregator for managing RSS feeds, podcasts, video streams / channels, and event subscriptions from your favorite sources. It is a compact application that gives quick access to many comprehensive features and allows you to easily add subscriptions, download podcasts and view video streams. With BlizzTV you can easily drag and drop feeds to add them to your subscription and create a subscription catalogue that can be easily viewed within a minimalist interface. Videos can be downloaded from podcasts and from a video stream subscription list within a  few clicks. Please note that BlizzTV is developed for gamers and e-sports fans who want to aggregate everything in one place. However, non-gamers and tech savvy users can also use it to aggregate their favorite feeds, live streams, podcasts, and videos. Read More

Listen To Google Reader Feed Items On Your Android Device

It’s tiring enough to read off a computer screen for long hours, let alone off the much smaller screen of a mobile device. New to the Android Market, GoogleReader Reading is a free app that reads out your Google Reader feed items for you – your very own RSS feed secretary. So whenever you feel like giving your eyes a few moments of rest, launch the app and let it do the reading. The app is in no way meant to replace conventional RSS feed readers, only to increase productivity and allow users to multitask – listening to their favorite feeds while driving or taking a walk. Read More

Liferea – Desktop RSS Feed Reader For Ubuntu Linux

We all use web-based feed readers, such as, Google Reader to manage our news feeds. But some users prefer using desktop applications for this very purpose. Unfortunately, there are not many desktop-based feed readers for Linux. An exception to this however, is Liferea, as it is a desktop feed reader for Linux based operating systems. It aggregates online news feeds by creating libraries for the added subscriptions. Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) has easy to use options for conveniently viewing and managing news feeds. With Liferea, you can import/export feeds as a single file, create and manage subscriptions in folders, view detailed subscription properties from right-click context menu, and refresh feed list with a single click. Read More

How To Generate OPML File From RSS Feeds

If you are switching from one feed reader to another then it is a hectic process to go to each of your feed sites and subscribe again. In order to migrate from one feed reader to another, you need to create an OPML file for your current feed entries and then it is used to import your URLs to the new feed reader. Read More