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FeedBeater: Create RSS Feeds From Any Website And Get Email Alerts

FeedBeater is a free web app that creates RSS feeds for websites that might not have an option to do so. In addition to that,  you can customize your feeds using only specific content from websites, and filter out irrelevant information such as ads and comments. It organizes your content in a neat, structured format into an RSS feed that you can receive in real-time through emails and alerts, sans the need to log in or register for the service.

Usage is as simple as it gets. On the FeedBeater website, just enter your desired URL for which you want to receive feeds, and click the Create button.


FeedBeater offers three options to its users; you can opt for get an email alert, get an RSS feed or use the customize advanced options to load further filters and options. The advanced option needs to be selected when you want to customize your feeds.


The customize advanced options has two further parameters, with the first one allowing you to add or remove selected keywords using the has or has not setting. Add words in the text field, and use the plus (+) button to add them to your list.

keyword filters

The second options allows you to add area filters, allowing exclusion of irrelevant data like banners and ads by marking those areas on your target website. Using both options together enhances the quality and selection of your feeds.


FeedBeater displays RSS feeds in a neat, organized format, and gives you full control over what you want to see/receive, and how you want it.

Visit FeedBeater (This web service has been discontinued)

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