Scroll To Top Or Bottom Of Any Screen On Android By Tapping The Status Bar

Many of us now find it more convenient to browse the internet on our smartphones or tablets than on PC. And that's not only because mobile devices are easier to carry around, but also because you can use them with one hand. The smartphone experience of website navigation comprises of scrolling up and down the webpage via swipe gestures. Sometimes, when you’re scrolling through a huge web page or list and you constantly find the need to scroll straight to the top or bottom, the process can become pretty cumbersome. Enter OneClick Scroll, a new Android app for rooted devices that takes inspiration from the jump-to-top feature in iOS. It lets you scroll through huge pages or lists in a snap by just tapping the right or left corner of the status bar for moving to the bottom or returning to the top.Read More

Completely Customize The Scrollbar For Each Website In Chrome With Rescroller

Over the past few years, Google Chrome has become the default browser for a majority of internet users, and its standard-compliance means websites render on it exactly the way they are coded by their developers. But sometimes, a developer may come up with a somewhat quirky design that actually leaves the experience sub-par for end users. For instance, a few days back, I visited a website that had the least user-friendly scrollbar I had ever encountered, making page scrolling a pain. Though that’s not say that the whole website needed a complete makeover, as the rest of the UI just looked fine. Looking for a solution, I came across Rescroller – a handy Google Chrome extension that allows users to quickly customize the scrollbar on websites the way they want.Read More

Scroll Over Firefox Search Bar & Context Menu To Switch Search Engines

Ever notice that a lot of other browsers don’t have the switch-search-engine function in their search bar, like Firefox does? Chrome, as Google’s flagship web browser, is naturally more inclined toward googling than surfing per se, for example, but Firefox tends to not think that way. Using the search bar next to the URL bar, you can quickly switch to a different engine, from Twitter to Bing and everything in between. Scroll Search Engines, an extension for Firefox, makes this even more convenient. Now you don’t have to click the down-arrow and select a search engine to go with;  simply hover your cursor over the bar, and use the mouse wheel to scroll through the available option till you have the one you want.Read More

Never Lose Where You Were In An Article With Scroll Marker For Chrome

Losing track of where you were within an article or book while reading it is common and can happen to just about anyone. The difference between losing track when reading online, as opposed to reading a book, is the 'Find on page' solution that can help you search for the part of the article you were last at. Of course, when you read online, this problem doesn't only arise when you switch to a different tab for a second or resume reading a lengthy article after a short break. Losing the line you were at is more likely to happen when you scroll the web page down to view the content below the fold. Depending on how you scrolled down, i.e. used the scroll wheel on your mouse, used the Page Down button, or just clicked and dragged the scroll bar, the distance that the page is scrolled will be different. You can’t even train your eyes to follow the content when it scrolls up. Scroll Marker is a Chrome extension that ensures you won’t lose the point in the article you were at. It adds a horizontal line to the web page right at the bottom; when you scroll down, the line sticks to its position and remains there (so long as that part of the web page is visible). After a few seconds, the line returns to its original position at the bottom of the page.Read More

Get Endless Scroll In Paginated Websites & Articles With PageZipper

PageZipper is a JavaScript bookmarklet that can merge together multiple pages of a story on a website in order to provide a seamless browsing experience. This can prove to be really handy while browsing online photo galleries, slideshows, blogs and list pages of websites, where each page is usually loaded upon clicking a Next button. What PageZipper does is gets rid of this annoyance by automatically loading the next page for you, and stitching the related pages vertically to present you with one page. This way, you can browse the whole content of a story on a single page, or browse multiple pages of websites by simply scrolling down - no more clicking Next buttons!Read More

Get Buttery Smooth Keyboard Scrolling In Google Chrome

Scrolling a web page with your keyboard is anything but smooth. Every element on the page begins trembling, making it extremely hard - even for someone with good eyes - to scan the page while it's scrolling. Though this might not be as big of an issue as most users prefer using the mouse or trackpad anyway. For those who prefer to work with the keyboard for navigation, there is Smooth Key Scroll - a Chrome extension that makes scrolling with your keyboard smoother by ignoring the repeat rate of navigation keys, and thus, removing the jitters that we usually see on a scrolling web page. Once enabled, scrolling with your keyboard actually seems smoother than scrolling with your mouse. You can manage the scroll speed - speed it up drastically or slow it down to a fine scroll - by pressing the Alt or Ctrl key with a navigation key. It even makes use of Chrome flags to further improve rendering of pages while you're scrolling.Read More

Scroll Inside Inactive Windows With Mouse Wheel Using Mouse Hunter

People with large monitors or a multi-monitor setup normally have a lot of windows open on their desktop. In order to view information from different sources, we need to switch between different windows and scroll up and down through the information visible on them. If you are a Mac user, you can scroll the inactive windows without first bringing them into focus. Windows on the other hand, does not have this feature. If you want to scroll up, down, left or right, you have to first select the window and bring it to the front. This causes your currently focused window to get out of focus, which you might not want. That's where Mouse Hunter comes to the rescue. It is a third-party tool that simply allows you to scroll the content of even those windows that are not in focus. Instead of clicking a window to bring it to focus, you just have to move your mouse pointer over it and viola! Moreover, it lets you scroll the windows horizontally using the same scroll button. Keep reading to find out more about Mouse Hunter.Read More

Give Windows The Macbook Touchpad Treatment With TwoFingerScroll

You've just been shot back up to the top of an article because you touched the touchpad funny. In an attempt to scroll back down, you accidentally enlarge or shrink the text by 450%. After grumbling about it, you repair it and start again. You never noticed it before, but scrolling down makes huge jumps and leaps like taking steps on a ladder.Enter TwoFingerScroll.Read More

How To Disable Elastic Scrolling In Mac OS X Lion [Tip]

iOS devices have a very neat little trick to their scrolling, known as ‘elastic scrolling’, that is, if you continue to scroll past the end of a page or try to scroll upwards more than you can, there is a limit to which you can do that before the page or app snaps back to the bottom or top of the window. The utility behind this isn’t exactly clear (we believe it to be purely aesthetic), but it has been mimicked in OS X Lion. If you aren’t fond of trying to see just how low you can drag the page before it snaps back, you can disable this feature with a simple Terminal command. Read on for details.Read More

Get iOS-Like Smooth Scrolling With Full Customizations In Chrome

If you dislike the way your Chrome browser moves the pages up and down in little jumps, then Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a Chrome extension that deserves your attention. It makes scrolling webpages a beautiful and smooth experience, implementing iOS-like kinetic scroll. With it, you can fine tune the mouse scrolling and smoothness, so that it becomes more comfortable to navigate lengthy websites. Smooth Scrolling reduces strain on your eyes and prevents you from getting disoriented. The extension automatically becomes active on all webpages, and you can easily change the Step Size, Smoothness, Smoothness (Forepart) and Acceleration Sensitivity options from the extension’s Properties.Read More

Feewhee: Use Mouse Scroll To Resize Windows & Adjust Their Transparency

When Windows Vista came out, the Aero-Snap feature revolutionized the way we resize our windows. It allowed users to quickly resize windows in different sizes to make efficient use of the available virtual work space. You can place windows side by side, place them vertically or automatically resize more than 2 windows horizontally and vertically to be able to access the content from each one. However, the default Aero-Snap feature is somewhat limited. It doesn’t allow you to stack windows in different positions. For instance, if you want to stack four windows on your screen in the form of a grid, you will have to manually resize them, or use a third party desktop manager that allows you to perform automatic window resizing and management of all open applications.Read More

Prevent Tab Overflow: View All Open Firefox Tabs Without Scroll Buttons

When you open ten or more tabs in Firefox, it starts hiding them, leaving you with only seven or eight visible ones, with two scroll buttons at both ends of the tab bar. This is Firefox’s way of dealing with tab overflow. For those of you wondering, tab overflow is what happens when you have one too many tabs open in a single window and you’re exceptionally lazy about dividing them out into separate windows just so you don’t have to be bothered switching between the two. While some people like this feature, others really want to get rid of it. If you find tab overflow in Firefox annoying and want to disable it, then I'm sure you will love Prevent Tab Overflow, an add-on for Firefox that, as the name implies, prevents tab over flow for as long as possible. This simple yet powerful tool shrinks the tabs to a smaller size before tab overflow occurs and lets you view all your open tabs, without having to scroll the tab bar. You can chose the size of the tabs and customize the add-on, according to your preference, from the Options.Read More

Add Custom Notes To Lengthy Articles For Easy Scrolling [Chrome]

Sometimes, while reading lengthy articles online, we scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and tend to lose focus from the last read sentence. In such situations, it can be quite difficult and tiring to skim through articles to find the part where we left off. This is where Annotated Scrollbars, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool remembers the position of your latest browsed articles, so that you can come back to it and continue reading with ease. Annotated Scrollbars helps you navigate through important sections of a lengthy documents by allowing you to mark specific parts of an article, so that you can scroll back to them at a later time. All you have to do is add sticky notes to the scrollbar using the context menu, and navigate between the notes by clicking them.Read More

Click Markers To Scroll To Different Sections Of A Website [Firefox]

Online content doesn’t follow a uniform pattern; some websites choose to distribute a single article across several pages, others prefer to create slide shows of the information while still others will forgo so much as adding subtopics and headings. This makes it fairly difficult to scan a long document for the information you’re looking for when you don’t want to read the whole thing. Wikipedia handles this problem exceptionally well by providing a list of links to topics covered in an article. Unfortunately, not all sites have the forsight to simplify reading content like this and you will often find you’ve read a pointless 500 word intro trying to find the information you were originally looking for. This is where Content Scrollbar comes in handy. This Firefox add-on generates clickable markers for all headings of a page and places them proportionally on the scrollbar, so you can directly navigate to the different sections of an article that you are reading. The slight catch with the add-on is that it only works with linked headings and if the article only contains the HTML Heading tags, it will not work.Read More

AutoPatchWork: Auto-Load Next Pages On Search Results & Websites [Chrome]

AutoPatchWork, a Chrome extension, automatically loads the next page of a website and inserts it at the end of the current page. After installing the extension, simply scroll down a webpage and the extension will load the next page of the current website at the end of your current page. AutoPatchWork eliminates the need to navigate to next pages on websites, such as Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. The extension works by pulling results from all pages and displays them under the first page. This process is repeated whenever a webpage ends. AutoPatchWork is a handy extension that makes it easier to scroll through websites without having to click the next button over and over again.Read More

KatMouse: Configure Application-Specific Scroll Settings In Windows 7

There was a time when there were only two button mice available. Then, a third button was added to extented the functionalty of mouse for scrolling the page and performing other tasks. Nowadays, the number of buttons on a computer mouse have increased a lot with 5 button mice being commonly used, while the ones with more buttons are used in specific applications, like games. A gaming mouse, the Razor Naga Epic, has 17 programmable buttons! If you want to extend the functionality of your 3-button mouse, what you can do is use an application that allows adding and modifying mouse buttons' functions. For instance, universal scrolling is a feature that can be added by using Always Wheel and WizMouse, which let you scroll inactive windows. KatMouse is an application that enhances the utility of the scroll wheel of a mouse. It offers universal scrolling, seperate scroll settings for specified application & app windows, and pushing windows to the bottom of the windows stack on your desktop. Keep reading to find out more about KatMouse.Read More

Scrollbar Anywhere: Click & Drag Anywhere To Scroll A Webpage [Chrome]

If your mouse lacks a scrollwheel or you simply want to click anywhere on a webpage to scroll it, then Scrollbar Anywhere, a Chrome extension, makes it possible to scroll pages as if the scrollbar was right under the mouse cursor, no matter where it is placed. The extension lets you scroll pages without clicking the scrollbar or using the scrollwheel. Just right-click the mouse button (or any other of your choice) and drag your mouse to scroll the page. Moreover, you can set the top speed, friction and grab & drag style scrolling option from the settings.Read More

Desktop Slider: Create Multiple Workspaces & Slide Windows Across The Screen

Although Windows 7 has Aero Snap feature to quickly adjust two opened application windows on the screen, it doesn’t automatically move them when you drag an application window. This compels users to use third-party application windows adjustment utilities such as Asus Multiframe Utility, WindyWinSplit Revolution etc., to quickly arrange opened windows on screen. Desktop Slider is built to slide opened windows across the screen, allowing you to not only focus on currently active window but also snap them to screen borders. What makes it unique from other application window managers is its ability to create infinite workspaces; you select the window and drag it across the screen to start working on other applications. You can view all open windows or select only active one using a hotkey combination. Moreover, it also let you hide the application windows; using the slider feature, you can keep selected application windows at required side of the screen and focus on only important ones.Read More

LionScrollbars: Set Custom Scrollbar Behavior For Each Mac Lion App

Scrollbars in Mac are there when you need them, literally. The default scrollbar functionality in Mac OS X Lion is such that the scrollbars are only visible if you’re actually scrolling i.e., moving the mouse wheel or swiping two fingers up or down. Other than that, the scrollbars remain hidden. This is of course a great way to give you more space particularly if you’re browsing the web but the scrollbars aren’t always a nuisance, many people use them as place markers. This scrollbar behavior can be changed but the changes are applied universally, LionScrollbars is a Mac app that lets you change the scrollbar behavior of only specified app. Instead of having to choose one type of behavior across all apps, you can choose a different type of behavior for each app based on your usage.Read More

Web Scroll Capture For iPhone: Take Full-Length Webpage Screenshots

There are quiet a few people out there whose line of work involves capturing screenshots of webpages (graphic designers, for instance). Now, there may be a lot of extensions for desktop browsers that let you capture the entire length of a webpage but the same functionality is rare for mobile platforms, which is what makes Web Scroll Capture an excellent addition to the iTunes App Store. The app lets you take screenshots of whole webpages, from top to bottom, while browsing on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Read More