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How to get Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10

We don’t really say nice things about Edge often. The browser has little wiggle room in that area but it has a nice smooth scroll that, if you were to use the browser, you’d enjoy. Smooth scrolling isn’t reason enough to switch to Edge however, you can get Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome with an extension called SmoothScroll.

SmoothScroll isn’t meant to just mimic Edge’s smooth scrolling. The extension gives you extensive control over the various factors that impact scrolling in Chrome. You can, for example, set how much or quickly a page scrolls. If you know the right settings, you can use it to get Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome.

Get Edge like smooth scrolling

Install SmoothScroll from the Chrome Web Store. After you install the extension, you need to customize its settings first. The correct set of settings that get you Edge like smooth scrolling in Chrome were posted by Reddit user u/dkepsilon.

Go to the extension’s settings and replicate the values you see below.

For Step size, you want to enter 285. For Animation time, set the value to 700. Acceleration scale should be set to 50, and Acceleration delta should be set at 80. Change Pulse Scale to 10 and leave Arrow key step size to its default value of 50. Scroll down the options’ page and click Save Settings.

Once you’ve correctly configured the extension you need to refresh all the tabs that you have open for the extension to work on them. Alternatively, you can close and re-open Chrome and use the Ctrl+Shift+T keyboard shortcut to re-open all your previous tabs.

The difference in scrolling will be obvious right away but it’s easier to see if you have a particularly long page to scroll. You can test it out on Reddit which now loads more and more posts the further down you scroll. You can also check out a particularly lengthy Wikipedia article.

The above settings appear to have hit the perfect spot for replicating smooth scrolling however, there’s nothing stopping you from changing them. If you find the new scroll too slow, too fast, or too much of something else, you can play around with the settings until you find something that is both smooth and comfortable for you to use.

As great as Chrome is, it’s never really had good scrolling. There are many extensions that aim to fix scrolling in Chrome but Google never seems to want to do anything about it.

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