Share Screenshots & Text From Your iPhone To Multiple Social Networks [Beta Invites]

Almost three years ago we reviewed an app called PolarFox for OS X, Windows, and Linux that allowed users to share screenshots to multiple social networks. A PolarFox app for iOS is now close to launch with the closed Beta live right now (see the end of this article to get your Beta invite). The Beta version supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Facebook Pages, Tumblr, WordPress Hosted, LinkedIn, Facebook Group,, and Webhook. You will be able to connect multiple accounts while the app is in Beta. Once the PolarFox app goes live, you will need to upgrade to connect multiple accounts. In addition to sharing screenshots, the app also lets you share any text copied to your clipboard. It also features a quick share mode that will automatically pick the most recent image you saved or screenshot you took and attach it, ready to share. Update: PolarFox for iOS is now live on the App Store. Read More

Cortex Adds A New, Super-Fast Social Media Sharing Option To Chrome

They say sharing is caring, and in today’s modern society, the internet is the best resource to gather and share information with others. Therefore, people are constantly engaged in sharing pictures, photos, videos and other form of media through social networks and other content sharing services.  But if you still find it hard to instantly share any type of content with your friends and others on social media, and use Google Chrome as your primary web browser, Cortex is probably one of the best extensions to help you tackle this problem. It lets you share photos, videos, news, blog posts, graphics and other type of links to a wide array of networks with a single mouse click. Read More

Share Apps Between User Accounts On Android 4.2 Tablets With AppShare(+)

Exclusively available to tablet owners, multiple user account support is one of the most significant features introduced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This feature enables you to create multiple user accounts on the same Android tablet, providing each user with a virtual sandboxed environment, complete with personalized layout preferences, apps, storage space, security mechanism, and overall system settings. Since no user is allowed access to other users’ apps, they are left with no choice but to install all the apps afresh from the Play Store separately. This, of course, means that Play Store has to be configured for each account with a Google ID in order to install the apps, even if you’re looking to install just a simple doodling app for your kid. What if you could remove this restriction and share your desired apps with select user accounts on your tablet without compromising your personal app data? Say hello to AppShare(+) – a simple solution for sharing apps with other user accounts on a rooted tablet running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher. Read More

Quickly Share Mac Clipboard Over Email, Messages Or Social Media With Wrap

Mountain Lion’s new sharing options and its Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter integration is one of the best ways that social media could have been built into an OS. The only disappointing thing about it is that, for now, it’s limited to the stock apps only. You can use the share options from Finder or Safari only, so if you favor apps like Chrome or have a desktop reader for your RSS feeds, you will find that these options are not as conveniently accessible for you. The integration isn't as deep as one would hope, but that's where third-party apps (such as Eggy) come into the picture. Wrap is a Mac App worth $1.99 that takes these sharing options and puts them in the Menu Bar. It reads the text or images you’ve copied to your clipboard and, depending on the type of data you’ve copied, allows you to share it via email, Messages or Airdrop over Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Read More

Share Links From Menu Bar With Another Mac On The Same WiFi Network

Sharing files between two computers is something users do so frequently that the market for apps that facilitate the transfer of files is growing all the time to keep up with their needs. For Mac users, Air Drop is a simple native file sharing solution that is available on most post 2009 models. Now, assume it isn't files you want to send; it’s links. You have your messengers for this purpose, but should you grow tired of going through your chat history looking for a link shared a day or an hour ago, there is The Great Link. It’s a free Mac app that allows you to send files between two Macs over a Wi-Fi connection, provided you have Bonjour enabled. The app keeps a complete history of links that you've sent and received, it can copy links from an active browser window (Chrome & Safari only), open an incoming link, or copy it to your clipboard. The Great Link runs in the Menu Bar and supports Notification Center if you’re on Mountain Lion. Read More

Facebook For iOS & Android Gets Tagging In Comments, Post Re-Sharing & More Emoji

The official Facebook app for iOS and Android has just been bumped to its next version, only a few days after the gifts and chat update was released. The latest update adds the much-desired Share button to posts on your News Feed, but that’s not the only new thing in the app. You can tag people in posts and comments now, and there are a lot of new emoticons that you can use in messaging. The Android app has been updated with the option to create albums. The tagging works just like in the Facebook website, provising you with suggestions as soon as you start typing a name. The share option has just been enabled for links, so you still won’t be able to share someone’s status update or other posts. Read More

BetterChrome Adds Social Sharing Options To Chrome For iPhone/iPad

Thanks to all the Chrome-related tweaks available in the Cydia store, Mobile Safari won’t be left with any distinguishing feature pretty soon. Until now, you can make Chrome your default iOS browser, add some awesome new features to it and also open any link in Google’s iPhone web browser using the nifty buttons added to Safari by a couple of tweaks (to learn more about all the best Cydia tweaks for iOS Chrome, head to our list post on the subject). Although there is already a nice collection of such tweaks in the Cydia store, BetterChrome is still one that can prove to be useful for a lot of people. This tweak adds a whole new menu to the Settings area of Chrome, and that new menu focuses on providing users with a few really handy sharing options. With BetterChrome, you will be able to share any page or link over Facebook, Twitter and Google+, right from within Chrome for iPhone and iPad! Read More Internationally Available Social Network For Music & Videos [Web]

Popular social network is one of the best ways to share songs online and socialize with music-lovers from across the globe. Unfortunately, it is only available for users in the United States. If you're based outside of the USand want to experience something similar, then is what you probably need. This social network cum web application lets you explore a wide variety of DJs and tracks, create playlists, join DJ waitlists, join online chatting rooms and choose dancing avatars that express your personality. The app is integrated with YouTube and SoundCloud, which means you have a heavy repository of songs at your disposal. Moreover, you can join or switch between any number of virtual rooms, where you can discover or share music, talk to people from different locales using real-time chat translations! Additionally, features a reward system wherein you can earn points by participating in different activities, like joining rooms, voting for different tracks and you can even get points when people add your tracks to their own collection. Read More Lets You Share A Webpage With A Certain Portion Highlighted [Web]

Normally, we share full website URLs with friends even when we want them to see a particular image, link or paragraph on the page. Not only do we have to send them the link, but we also have to describe the particular content in detail, so they know exactly where to look. is a free web application that solves this very common problem by letting you easily highlight a certain part of a website and get a shareable URL for the resulting screenshot. The app offers users with a bookmarklet, as well as a Chrome extension. To start off, all you have to do is click the bookmarklet or the button in the toolbar and a highlight box will pop up, letting you focus on your desired content. Once you have made your selection, you can then hit the Copy URL button to get the URL address that you want to share with others.

Read More

Thinkbinder: Create Study Groups, Share Files & Collaborate In Real Time [Web]

ThinkBinder is a web application that aims to change the way you study with your friends by offering you a study group environment that is built around a set of useful tools designed to increase productivity. The service lets you have group discussions, share notes and provides you with real-time interactions. Creating a study group on Thinkbinder only takes a few seconds and all you have to do is create an account in a few easy steps or login via Facebook. Once you're logged in to the service you will be able to add members, upload files, create events and share ideas on a whiteboard. You can invite friends through e-mail or Facebook and once they are all in, you can collaborate with them through chat, private messages, and more. Moreover, you can share links, files and work on problems together through a whiteboard in real time. Read More

PasswordBox: Secure Online Password Vault & Manager [Chrome]

Passwords are perhaps the sole protectors of your identity in a lot of cases, and even more so when it comes to online accounts. We all have different passwords for our personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts and what not, as using the same password for all services is practically suicide. On top of that, it's recommended that you regularly change your passwords, so they don't get compromised. Managing old passwords and remembering new ones can be a real pain, particularly if you use a lot of different services. This is where PasswordBox can help. This slick Chrome extension simplifies your life by keeping a record of all your login details, all protected by one master password, so in case you forget a password, you can always retrieve it with merely a couple of clicks. It even provides you with the option to set your passwords to be shared to an address of your choice in case something happens to you,. The extension comes with multiple categories, each having an extensive list of popular services. Another thing; if you're interested in giving PasswordBox a try, you should hurry on past the break and to the download link as the password manager will be absolutely free for the first million users. Read More

Bundle This! For Bundlr: Clip, Collect & Share Web Content [Chrome]

If you love to organize your favorite web content in one place, then you might've heard about Bundlr, an online service that allows you to organize web content in one place for easy access. It was basically developed to help users select relevant multimedia content and share it with friends and colleagues. Bundle This! is a Chrome extension that helps you create bundles and share web content using Bundlr. You need to have an account with the service. An account can be created using your Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus account. You need to log in to the service before the extension will start responding, or so it seems as per our tests. Read More

Create, Sort & Manage Text Snippets With This Pastebin Desktop Client

Users use Pastebins to post messages on Twitter, and is very popular among IRC channels. One of the most renowned and earliest example of pastebin is, a web-based application that lets users upload text snippets in order to share them with friends, colleagues and with public.. Most software developers use this online service to paste large chunks of code modules to get help and feedback from other developers and users, making various troubleshooting aspects tad easier. Even though it allows you to store text for a certain period of time, you can paste any type of text and share it with others without worrying about any size restrictions. To use the service, one has to visit Pastebin website or use web browsers' extensions to quickly paste text to If you want to manage your Pastbin account and publish your text snippets from desktop, have a look at PasteBin. It is powered by, the application lets you create, store and manage your Pastebin entries, without even opening your web browser. You can either log in to your personal Pastebin account or use a Guest account to upload the text snippets. More details to follow after the jump. Read More

SnapCrab: The Best Features From Screenshot Tools Shotty & Greenshot Combined Into One

Recently, we brought you a roundup of 5 best free screenshot capturing software that we had previously featured on AddictiveTips. Apart from screenshot taking utilities, we also compiled a list of 6 free photo sharing and screenshot taking tools. Today we found an awesome screenshot taking application called SnapCrab, which is worth adding to both aforementioned roundups. It hosts a huge array of features, screenshot taking modes, along with an option to capture Windows 7 Aero Glass effect. It is a screen capturing tool that combines best features from previously covered Greenshot and Shotty. When capturing a window, just like previously featured Shotty, it retains the Aero-Glass effect of Windows Vista and Windows 7 app windows. You can also configure the application to share the captured images on Facebook and Twitter or save them directly to Evernote. Keep reading to find out more about SnapCrab. Read More

DJ1-Social Player: Listen To & Share Legal Music With Your Friends

Sharing is caring, and we live in an age where sharing has not only become much easier, but also, a lot more fun. Social networks have totally taken control of our lives, and it’s suffice to say that people love spending their time on Facebook and Twitter. At AddictiveTips, we have covered a few different options that let you share what you’re listening to, to your friends on different social networks, ranging from applications like CloudTune to online services such as ListenTo.Fm. DJ1- Social Player is another new entry which lets you share your music instantly with your friends on Facebook. The application has an integrated music player and a Facebook chat box. So when you’re listening to your favorite tune and want to share it with your social community, just drag and drop it onto the chat box to instantaneously parcel it’s link. This is a great new way of sharing your music as the application works on the bases of iCloud messaging, which lets you and your friends to enjoy the same music. Read past the jump to find how it works. Read More

Official Android Client Of Zoho Docs Arrives In The Google Play Store

Headed by Google Docs and followed by the likes of Quickoffice, Documents To Go and OfficeSuite, the online document editing/management app genre of Google Play Store is certainly not short of quality options. Adding to that list is the official Android client of the extremely feature-rich online document management and sharing service, Zoho Docs. While the web client of the service boasts an entire suite of document editing, management, sharing and uploading tools, the just released Android client is currently restricted to letting you only access, search for and share your personal Zoho Documents, and upload images from your device to the Zoho cloud on the go. There is no option to modify existing documents, create documents right from the scratch, or upload anything to your Zoho Docs account other than image files. However, the app offers you with the convenience of accessing your Zoho presentations, spreadsheets, PDF documents, images and other document files from virtually anywhere. For this, all you need to ensure that your device has an active internet connection so that you can connect to the Zoho Docs service to access you personal Zoho content. No need to resort to the Zoho Docs website to achieve said purpose any more! Read More

BeMe: Android IM With Audio Emoticon, Video, Photo & File Sharing

Fresh to the Google Play Store, BeMe is an innovative and fun-filled instant messaging Android app with plenty of exciting features. Using BeMe, you can start chatting with other app users from any part of the world, and share texts, photos, videos, audio clips, conventional emoticons, location, contacts, files, or various audio-based emoticons with them over the internet (Wi-Fi/3G/4G). Whether it’s a freshly grabbed photo, video, voice clip, or an existing one from your device’s local storage, the app lets you share all in an instant right from your Android. BeMe is a welcome addition to list of world-famous instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Viber and plenty of others that allow users to share messages and multimedia content with their mates in real-time over the internet. All you need to start indulging with your friends is a valid mobile number and a nickname that the app will use to create a unique BeMe identity for you. Once an account is created, you can start chatting with your friends, and share virtually anything from your Android on the go. The app maintains a detailed log of all your conversations with your friends, as well as the total amount of data shared with contacts via the BeMe chat interface. Read More

Bitdefender Safebox Gives Free 2GB Of Cloud Storage To Android Users

Joining the likes of Dropbox, Box, CX and the recently reviewed Zoolz, the renowned computer and internet security solution provider, Bitdefender, has announced a brand new cloud storage service of its own by the name of Safebox that allows computer and Android users to instantly upload data from their devices to cloud. Each registered user gets an initial 2GB of free online storage space that can be extended further to a maximum of 60GB per account should you opt to go for the premium account. Using Safebox, you can create multiple folders on cloud and store your computer and/or Android data, regardless of the size of the files that you wish to upload. To access and manage your personal Safebox cloud content from a computer, all you need to do is log in to using a valid Bitdefender account. On Android, however, said purpose can be easily achieved via the recently launched Bitdefender Safebox mobile client, that allows adding/linking multiple devices to the sync mechanism. Data stored on Safebox from all associated devices gets synced in real-time with the cloud data, and can be shared further with friends with utmost ease. If you wish to avail the service on an iOS-powered device, you might have to wait a bit longer, because the iOS variant of the mobile client is still in the pipeline. Read More

Fotobounce: Share Photos & Organize Them via Face Recognition

Digital cameras have allowed us to shoot hundreds of photos without worrying about changing the camera roll, but having a huge amount of photos means that you need to manage them to avoid cluttering up your system, and also to easily access the required photo from the collection. There are a lot of great photo managers available out there that provide you with multiple options to manage large photo collections. Today we have a simple, yet powerful application called Fotobounce, which lets you organize all the images stored on your computer and share them with your friends and colleagues. The application allows creating a private network with your friends and family, letting you choose what is to be shared with others. Additionally, it makes use of face recognition technology to help you easily tag and organize your photos. Using this feature, it automatically identifies friends and family members, and allows you to transfer the tags to Facebook. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Voice Share For WP7: Record & Share Sound Clips To Earn Achievements

At times, the simplest of apps could prove to be really popular among users, as they provide just the right balance between fun and usefulness. Voice Share for Windows Phone 7 just might be one such app. The concept behind the app is nothing really new, but the developer has combined a lot of different features to create a pretty neat product. The app lets users record voice clips, and then share them with friends via SMS or on Facebook. This might sound a bit boring, as there are many other voice recorders available for Mango as well, but Voice Share has the edge over them in the sense that it lets you add graphical badges to your shares, and has an achievements system of its own, giving it a game-like feel as well. Read More