Share Bucket For Mac Offers Quick Screenshot & File Sharing Via Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive

With the default screenshot tool that OS X ships with, along with so many other third-party options that are available for the platform, a new tool in this genre really has to offer something above the rest in order to make any significant impact. Share Bucket is a free screenshot tool available in the Mac App store that boasts an exceptionally good built-in image editor, along with support for uploading screenshots to several cloud service and getting a small URL for them. Once a screenshot has been ‘shared’, the link to it is copied to your clipboard. The app only allows you to capture a select area of your screen but if you want to capture the entire screen or a particular window, you can simply use the default screenshot tool and drag & drop the file on to Share Bucket’s Menu Bar icon to upload it.Read More

A Detailed Look At The Deeper SkyDrive Integration In Windows 8.1

While Windows 8 did come with some SkyDrive integration, it was dismal, to say the least – especially considering how cloud storage is increasingly becoming more of a norm than a novelty in this connected world. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has addressed these shortcomings quite well, integrating SkyDrive into the OS in a seamless manner. Not only can you easily access, sync and save your data to your SkyDrive account, but you can also sync more PC settings and your camera roll, and even set SkyDrive as your default location for saving your documents! To top it off, both Windows 8 and RT now get full native Explorer integration with SkyDrive in Desktop mode, without requiring to install SkyDrive for Desktop app separately.Read More

Cloudii: One App To Access & Sync Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive & Box On Android

Names like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and SkyDrive have become synonymous to cloud storage. Each with their own appeal and distinct features, these services sport their own dedicated apps for both desktop and mobile platforms. If you happen to use more then just one of these services regularly, it is always more convenient to manage your accounts and data through a single app. Cloudii is just that app that allows you to to setup all four aforementioned cloud storage services on your Android device under one roof, and gives you some powerful settings for synchronizing and managing your files. The app gives users the ability to add multiple accounts for each supported service as well, along with some nifty additional features.The app requires Android 4.0 or above. Right after the jump, we take a look at what it has to offer and what makes it worthy of a mention.Read More

Access, Manage & Share Cloud & Social Media Content With CloudKafe

A decade ago, no one probably thought that cloud computing and social network applications would dominate our lives in such a short span of time. Though with so many such services and products at your disposal from the likes of Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, it can become quite difficult to keep a track of all of them in their separate apps. Thankfully, we've seen several apps for many platforms that let you manage them all from one interface, and CloudKafe is the latest to join that club. This web app allows to access, manage and share your content from many major cloud, social networking and image sharing sites and applications from a single window with ease.Read More

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts On Windows 8 With RainbowDrive

Back in January, we came across an interesting Windows Store app named Cumulo. The application basically lets you link and manage multiple cloud storage services under one roof. Although it was the first Modern UI app of its kind, Cumulo lacked intuitiveness due to a somewhat confusing design that showed all the connected cloud service(s) as a single drive, making things a bit difficult to manage for many. Today, we stumbled upon another such app called RainbowDrive that not only overcomes the shortcomings of Cumulo, but also feels simpler and easier to use compared to the latter. The application supports three cloud storage services as of this writing: SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.Read More

Sync Folders To SkyDrive Without Changing Directory Structure

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s native file hosting service similar to Dropbox and Google Drive that allows to upload files to cloud storage and sync them across all your Windows devices. Compared to earlier cloud storage and sync services offered by Microsoft (Live Mesh et al) , SkyDrive has a deeper integration with the latest versions of both Windows and Office. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive, and other popular sync services SkyDrive creates a folder in your hard drive and anything that is copied into it gets automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can access your cloud data using your account information from any computer with an internet connection. While being very useful, there is still a limitation that you need to manually copy the files and folders to your SkyDrive folder in order to upload them. SkyShellEx is an application for Windows that integrates SkyDrive into your Windows shell, allowing you to sync any folder to SkyDrive without changing the existing folder structure. You can also share your SkyDrive files and folders via email and URL. More on SkyShellEx after the jump.Read More

Access & Stream Media From Multiple Cloud Services On Windows 8 With Cumulo

When dealing with multiple cloud storage services together, things can get a little bit confusing. Keeping a tab on apps for each cloud storage service you use can become tedious, no matter what platform you’re using the service on. Most major cloud service providers such as Dropbox have eventually started to release dedicated Windows 8 apps, but what if you could access multiple cloud services under one interface? This is where Cumulo for Windows shines. Cumulo is a simple and intuitive app offering a feature fairly unique to it at the moment: providing you with simple way of accessing your SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync and Box accounts from one place.Read More

Encrypt Sensitive Files Before Syncing Them To Cloud Services

Cloud storage services have become an integrated part of our daily computer use for most of us. I can’t quite recall sending large files using my decade old email account anymore when my Dropbox suffices for the job. It’s both secure and easy to use, and has plenty of advantages over other options, for instance instant file synching across all connected platforms, no attachment size limitation that most email services are plagued with (until Google's recent integration of Drive with Gmail), and not to mention the free cloud space one gets for keeping our files accessible from anywhere in the world. However, for many, cloud storage raises the concern of security. Previously, we covered a Windows application called Cloudfogger that can encrypt any file before uploading it to the cloud. Today, we are bringing you yet another such utility called Secured Cloud Drive, which encrypts files using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption prior to sending them your selected cloud drive. It supports all major cloud services including Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Bitcasa. Read More

BoxCryptor For Windows 8 Adds Security To Your SkyDrive

Cloud storage services have become a part and parcel of our lives. Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud etc., these are services, which, might have come across your way at some point of life – even if you hardly use cloud storage. Suffice to say, manufacturers are now shipping their smartphone and desktop devices with some sort of cloud storage services out of the box. Windows 8 is no exception and therefore it comes packed with Microsoft’s own SkyDrive. Earlier, we covered an application – for both Windows and Android platforms – called BoxCryptor that let users encrypt their cloud drives with AES-256 algorithm for that extra layer of security. The application supports Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. The developer of the app has now let out its Modern UI (Windows 8) variant named as BoxCryptor. Even though the desktop version was up for grab at Windows Store for quite while, the Modern UI-styled app is something entirely new. The application is still in Alpha and supports only SkyDrive at the moment. While integration with other cloud services is currently in the pipeline.Read More

How To Sync Photos From Windows Phone To SkyDrive In Full Resolution

Windows Phone 7 might not have been as successful as Microsoft originally meant it to be, but the Mango platform still enjoys a few perks that no other platform can ever have, simply owing to the impressive number of services owned by MS. WP7’s integration with SkyDrive and Office has earned it a small but loyal fan-base in a world dominated by iOS and Android. There are quite a few problems with Windows Phone 7, but when it comes to SkyDrive integration, things usually work out quite smoothly. However, there are a few minor issues with SkyDrive and WP7 integration, the largest of which is the automatic reduction of image resolution if you want to sync photos from your phone to SkyDrive via Zune. This is actually a feature in WP7, rather than a bug, as uploading full resolution images means using more of your data plan, which can be a big problem unless you are subscribed to an unlimited package, or always use Wi-Fi. Luckily though, it is possible to take matters into your hand, and choose the resolution for photos to be synced with SkyDrive from your WP7.Read More

Official Microsoft SkyDrive Android Client Released In Play Store

It’s been almost nine long months now since Microsoft released the official SkyDrive mobile client for Windows Phone 7 and iOS-powered devices, whereas Android users had to wait in anticipation. However, it all changes today, as the guys over at Redmond have finally landed the official Android client of their cloud storage service on the Google Play Store. Packed with almost the same set of goodies as its iOS and WP7 counterparts, the app lets you access your world of SkyDrive storage right from your Android device. Be it the content that you’ve pushed to your personal cloud space, files shared by your colleagues, or your recently used documents, you can access and manage them all via the app. In addition, it supports batch uploading of photos & videos, and lets you share required content with your mates on-the-go. Sporting a gorgeous blend of Android’s Holo and Windows’ Metro Modern UI, the official SkyDrive Android app also lets you download content from cloud to your Android, stream music & videos, preview common file formats via thumbnails (both online & offline), view images in full-screen, switch between multiple browsing modes, create new folders and upload any required file format from your device to cloud on the move.Read More

Comparison Of Best Free Cloud Storage And Sync Services

With the recent release of Google Drive, along with all the existing cloud storage and sync services out there like Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, iCloud and Ubuntu One, you might be wondering what free cloud storage service is right for you. There are countless such comparisons out there but most of them aren't focused on the free tiers of these services, or simply don't include all these services. That’s why we are bringing you a detailed comparison of the free plans of all major cloud storage and sync services that should make it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best. Read on for the complete comparison.Read More

Picox Is A Third-Party SkyDrive Photo Viewer & Uploader For Android

Microsoft finally released the official SkyDrive desktop client for Windows and Mac (only preview build) yesterday, and with the official mobile clients of the service already available to iOS and Windows Phone users, it’s the Android users who’ve been (yet again) denied an official SkyDrive client for their respective mobile platform. What this means is that Android-using Windows Live account holders still have to look for alternative means to access their SkyDrive cloud content via various third-party apps that are available in the Google Play Store. With the previously reviewed music player, SkyAMP, we’ve already seen a rather satisfactory solution to stream all your SkyDrive audio tracks straight to your Android device. However, what about all those photos that you have saved to your SkyDrive gallery? With Picox, a free third-party online photo viewer for SkyDrive, not only can you browse through all your SkyDrive photos, but upload new ones as well.Read More

Hands-On With The Official SkyDrive Desktop Client For Windows & Mac [Review]

Micosoft's SkyDrive is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files to cloud storage. Previously, one could only access SkyDrive files from its web UI and upload Office documents from Office 2012, however, Microsoft has recently released its desktop client for Mac and Windows to let users easily manage SkyDrive files and sync local files with the cloud, from their computers. The desktop client works just like Dropbox; it creates a folder on your hard drive and anything that you copy into that folder will be automatically uploaded/ synced with the cloud. When you install a SkyDrive desktop client on a PC or Mac, it creates a new section in its web interface, so that you can separately manage files and folders that are uploaded from different computer. It actually turns your PC into a private cloud, letting you browse through your personal files and folders via web interface. More on SkyDrive Windows app after the jump.Read More

remembeReel: Create Notes, Read Synopsis & Other Movie Details [WP7]

If you like watching movies, then Windows Phone 7 is a pretty good platform to be on. Most of the devices have pretty good displays, with support for a reasonable number of video formats. Apart from that, the Marketplace has a nice collection of cinema related apps that ensure your passion for cinema is duly fueled. remembeReel is one such app, and using it you can keep track of all the movies you have watched, or wish to watch in the future. You can search any movie in the app, and remembeReel will present you with a page containing details regarding the title, and it is also possible to add personal notes to the movies you add to your list. The best feature of the app is its SkyDrive syncing, so that you never lose your data and can rely on it completely.Read More

Official Microsoft OneNote Mobile Client Released For Android

Today seems to be a good day for Android fans with a couple of big announcements coming from tech giants. First, it was news of the release of Google’s Chrome browser for Android, and now it’s Microsoft bringing its trusted note-taking and sharing tool, OneNote, to the Android Market. Initially released as an iOS-exclusive app, and then released for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s official OneNote client is now available to Android users with all the note management features it is known for, including remote access to your SkyDrive account for syncing notes and notebooks in real-time (with support for offline access), enhanced text formatting (with built-in spell check tool), in-app photo capturing and attachment, option to add hyperlinks, images and bullets to notes and plenty more. Read More

easyRing&Music For WP7: Stream SkyDrive Music, Download & Edit MP3 Songs [Free For Limited Time]

easyRing&Music for Windows Phone 7 lets you search and download songs in MP3 format, look for ringtones, listen to whole playlists created by other users, and even edit songs to make ringtones out of them. In short, if a thing is related to MP3, easyRing&Music can do just about anything with it. The app also provides a solution to a problem which has hounded Mango users for a long time, namely, SkyDrive music streaming. The app originally has a price tag of $0.99, however, the price is on a “pay if you want” basis for a limited time, that is, if you download the app's trial version right now, you will be able to continue using it without any sort of time limitation.So, why exactly would you want to download easyRing&Music when the Marketplace has so many other good ringtone apps on offer for Mango phones? Well, for one thing, using the app is really easy, and in addition to that it just might have one of the biggest repositories of tones as compared to all its competitors, and the best thing is that the number of ringtone sources in the app is always on the rise.Read More

SkyDrive Browser: Unofficial Dual-Pane SkyDrive Client For Android

While users of WP7 and iOS-powered devices are relishing the arrival of Microsoft's official SkyDrive client on their respective platforms, Android users have been left out in the cold for now. However, as always, the Andriod dev community is quick to deliver an alternative. SkyDrive Browser is a new, free Android app that lets you access your SkyDrive account. The app replicates most of the features that have been offered by Microsoft in its official SkyDrive clients for iOS and WP7 devices. Not only does the app let you browse and manage all the content stored on your SkyDrive account, it also provides you with an effective mechanism for uploading and download files to/from it (with batch selection support).Read More

Microsoft Releases Official SkyDrive App For Windows Phone 7 & iOS

Almost every smartphone these days has its own cloud solution. Google has cloud services for its Android platform, while iCloud exists for iPhone users. Microsoft, however, has gone an extra mile, and has released its official SkyDrive cloud storage service app for both Windows Phone 7 and iOS. With Microsoft SkyDrive app installed on your Windows Phone/iOS device, you can view existing files in your SkyDrive account, upload photos, or create new folders on the go. SkyDrive app demarcates your personal and shared folders in your files collection view. Details after the break.Read More

Microsoft Releases iPad Client For OneNote

Whether you are out shopping for groceries or making a list of the buddies you want to invite for a Friday night bash, you need a handy note-taking tool to store information anywhere and anytime. We don’t have a database with SQL running in our brains, and it's only natural to go blank about even the most important tasks, whether they are of a personal or professional nature. Microsoft's virtual notebook OneNote serves that purpose pretty effectively. The OneNote mobile client for iPhone has been around for quite a while, and now, an iPad version of the app is also available on the App Store. For those of you who aren't familiar with what the app does, it allows you to create notes and checklists, share them via email, attach photos to notes, and sync all with your SkyDrive account on the go.Read More