Dropsync For Android Gives True Two-Way Sync Between SD Card & Dropbox

A good few months ago, we covered Dropspace for Android – a free app that automatically syncs, or rather, uploads files from your SD card to a directory within your Dropbox folder after regular intervals of time and, in addition, syncs back any changes made to them (including deletion). However, the app does not provide true two-way synchronization between your Dropbox folder and SD card (does not sync new files from the Dropbox folder to the SD card). New to the Android Market, Dropsync does just that. As of this writing, the app is perhaps the closest you’ll get to a replica (in functionality) of the desktop app for Dropbox. Link a directory on your device’s SD card to any folder within your Dropbox cloud storage and the app syncs existing files, modifications ad deletions both ways automatically after user-defined intervals of time. Said feature along with a host of options to customize the link between your Dropbox storage and SD card makes Dropsync a perfect alternative to the official Dropbox client.Read More

Sync Browser Bookmarks With Your Windows Phone 7 [Guide]

If you are a big fan of the whole bookmarks concept and your web browser has a whole lot of bookmarks saved on it for later viewing, then you might really miss your precious accumulations while surfing the net on your Windows Phone 7 device. By default Internet Explorer is the browser used in WP7 phones, and it doesn’t allow you to sync the bookmarks from your PC to your phone. Do you wish that you had the ability to import all the bookmarks from your PC to the WP7 device you are using and vice versa? It is possible, and it’s simple!Read More

InstaFB – Import Pictures From Your Instagram Account To Facebook

For those of you who are avid Instagram users and find Facebook one of the best ways to share pictures with friends who aren’t on Instagram, InstaFB might be the perfect way for you to share your photos on Facebook. The web service lets you connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account and import 50 images to it. Once activated, the service continues to sync all new photos that you upload to Instagram to your Facebook profile.

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Syncpad Webnotes – Sync Your SimpleNote Notes Across Chrome Browsers

SimpleNote is a note taking service that allows you to sync notes across different devices and take notes on any web page using independently developed browser extensions. The service itself is good because it provides a simple note taking interface that syncs well but if you’re somewhat concerned with how you’re going to sync your notes across Chrome browsers you can use Syncpad Webnotes extension. The original extension, Syncpad for Simplenote, cited on the SimpleNote website lets you see all notes in a pop-up but with this extension you can see and edit your notes on the website you added them to. The extension also makes it easier to add a note by simply clicking the extension’s icon. The extension requires that you have Syncpad for Simplenote already installed and running in Chrome.

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How To Sync Ringtones With Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango’s beta version has been recently released by Microsoft and is under user-testing and in-depth scrutiny by the smartphone community. Microsoft has promised more than 500 new features coming to Mango. This might look like a marketing strategy or an exaggeration of the facts at first glance, but looking at Mango, doubts have started to evaporate. Features and fixes like multitasking, hardware accelerators, Gyro and instant resume are just a few examples of the true awesomeness Mango has got to offer. But what is a smartphone if it does not allow you maximum customization to make the device truly your own, displaying your signature style on it? A ringtone says a lot about a person’s style and personality and this makes it an important feature for any user. A relatively small feature that Mango offers is the ability to get custom ringtones on your device. Of course things are not perfect for now, and there are limitations related to ringtones on Windows Phone, but still, the basic functionality remains the same and you can now easily flash any ringtone to your device without the need for developer unlock or a third-party app.Read More

Wifi Syncr – Sync Files From Computer To Android Device Over WiFi

In our quest for apps, we’ve found several on the Android Market that let you remotely upload/sync files from your Android device to your computer (Sweet Home, for instance). Today, we found an app that reciprocates said function. New to the Market, Wifi Syncr is a free, easy-to-use tool that establishes a one-way sync from your computer to your device over a shared WiFi network. More specifically, the app remotely downloads files from a user-defined shared directory on your computer to one on the SD card of your device. And unlike most of the device-to-computer apps that we’ve come across so far, Wifi Syncr has proved to be the easiest to set up. More after the break.Read More

Sync Multiple Google Calendars With Windows Phone 7 Mango

In today’s fast-paced world it is imperative to keep track of your domestic and official obligations. But this is not always the easiest of tasks because of constantly changing schedules and a multitude of appointments. Google Calendar was developed to counter exactly the same issue stated above. But now we are living in the era of smartphones. The use of desktop computers is diminishing day by day. It is more convenient to have apps like Google calendar on your phone which stays with you for a predominant part of the day. However there are times when merely one calendar fails to meet your needs, like if you want to keep your work and home commitments separate from each other. These multiple Google calendars can be a pretty useful tool for you, but this usefulness is reduced considerably if you are not able to sync all your calendars with your Windows Phone 7 device, as has been the reported case. There are a lot of problems with syncing more than one Google calendars in WP7. But if you have decided to upgrade to Mango, then all such problems just vanished from your life! Read More

Ubuntu One Files – Synchronize Your Android With Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a cloud storage service for Ubuntu users, much like the critically acclaimed Dropbox. Ubuntu one comes integrated with the Ubuntu operating system upon installation, but that does not limit its functionality to Ubuntu users only. It is accessible to anyone via the cloud. Now you can get the same freedom to carry your files, photos and pretty much everything else on your Android device. Canonical has released an Ubuntu One client for Android known as Ubuntu One Files.  It’s main function is to sync your cloud files with your Android device using your Ubuntu One account and furthermore, publish your files on your favorite social networks.Read More

Flick Note For Android Lets You Create Notes & Sync With Simplenote

Looking for the official mobile client for Simplenote? Well, there isn’t one. Not yet, at least. But we do have for you the next best thing – Flick Note for Android, a free (ad-supported) app that provides a two-way sync between Simplenote and your device and incorporates all major features of the note taking web app. The app allows you to view, create, edit, share and delete notes, add tags to each, filter your notes list based on said tags or search for notes by keywords, pin notes to the top of your notes list and, last but not the least, sync with your Simplenote account. The app saves a local copy of all created notes, allowing you to edit them while offline. Notes that are yet to be synced with your Simplenote account are indicated by a red cross before the title.Read More

Cloud Notes For Windows Phone 7 & PC Creates Notes, Syncs With Dropbox

Looking for a simple way to sync notes from your Windows Phone 7 device and Windows PC to your Dropbox account and back? Look no further than Cloud Notes. The app lets you create notes, share them via email and upload them to your Dropbox cloud storage. Both the mobile client and desktop variant establish a two-way sync between notes stored on your WP7 device/PC and a directory of your choice within your Dropbox folder. That is, any changes made to notes from within the app will be reflected in their Dropbox copies and vice versa. The application is not to be confused with a previously reviewed desktop gadget by the same name that syncs notes with Google Docs. More after the break.Read More

Backup Tabs And Windows And Sync Them Across Computers In Chrome

If for any reason, you have to log off one system and use another one; if you find yourself rushing home from the office on occasion and later trying to resume work from home you might know that it can take anything between 30 minutes to an hour just to get things back to the same point you left them. One of the many things that takes time to get back to what you were doing is getting all your tabs and windows open again. Sesh in a Chrome extension that simplifies restoring tabs and windows for you. It lets you save multiple tabs open in a window or single tabs. It stores them, lets you name them for classification and sorting and syncs through Chrome sync.Read More

Sync Files To Github, Gnome Project And LAN Server With Sparkleshare

Many developers use web based hosting services like GitHub to share codes for their software and to interact with other developers to get feedbacks on developed modules. Such websites allow developers to upload their source codes and software packages to provide them with a convenient code distribution and sharing platform. Sparkleshare is a tool for synchronizing project files with Github, Gitorious, Gnome Project or with a personal server. This open source tool currently has versions for Linux and Mac, however, apps for Windows, Android and iPhone are expected soon. Sparkleshare can be quite handy for developers who might wish to instantly sync their files with their accounts on the aforementioned websites.Read More

Site To Phone – Send Web Pages From Your Browser To Any Phone

There are a lot of ways of sending bookmarks from your computer to your phone; but they usually offer support for select devices or just a few browsers. They can also charge you for adding additional devices and may or may not support your device. Site To Phone is a free web service that lets you send web pages viewed on your browser to your phone over the internet, it supports five different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and Safari) and five mobile platforms (iOS, WebOS, Android, Windows Phone  and Blackberry).Read More

Access And Manage Your Frequently Visited Links From LinkCloud

If you’re trying to push your life to the cloud, you can get started by putting your links up there. Instead of syncing bookmarks to your frequently visited sites from one system to the other, you can put them all on LinkCloud and access them from any system or any browser. In LinkCloud all your links exist as icons in groups called clouds. You can create multiple clouds and add different sites to them, they can be accessed anytime by signing in to the free web service.Read More

Chrome Gets Option To Encrypt All Synced Data For Better Security

Online security is understandably one of the biggest concerns for users; hackers are getting smarter but thankfully companies are fighting back with better ways to keep data safe. Google recently added a new feature in Chrome that lets you encrypt all synced data. Previously the encryption option was only available for passwords but the feature has been extended to apps, auto fill fields, bookmarks, extensions, preferences and themes. The average user may not care about encrypting bookmarks and themes but auto-fill form data can have anything from phone numbers, residential addresses, alternate email addresses, credit card numbers and maybe even your social security number.Read More

Wuala Now Offers Features Of Pro Version For Free [Review]

Dropbox is currently the most famous cloud based data sync service, but if you’re thinking of using more secure cloud based data storage service that provides Dropbox like data sync convenience, have a look at Wuala. For those who never heard of Wuala before, it is a famous cloud based service developed by LaCie for synchronizing data across configured PCs with 1 GB free storage.  If you’ve been using Wuala, you will be glad to hear that all Pro features are now available to free users, which includes, automatic backup, file versioning and time travel, and data synchronization.Read More

Outlook4Gmail Add-In Syncs Unlimited Google Contacts With Outlook 2010

Are you using a separate application to sync Outlook contacts with Google Contacts? Although it becomes fairly easy to sync both Google and Outlook contacts through a 3rd-party application without having to export contacts from one place and to import them to other, it’s quite tiring to bring up a sync app, like, Contact Sync, every time just to sync the contacts.  Outlook4Gmail is a free add-in for Outlook which lets you synchronize Outlook contacts with apparently unlimited Google accounts in real-time. Once configured, it will synchronize complete contact information without requiring any further input from user end.Read More

Synchronize Data Between Team Members With TeamDrive

TeamDrive is a cross-platform data synchronization software, which allows syncing data across multiple computers with friends, family and co-workers. It helps in easily sharing data with other TeamDrive members by specifying a folder for synchronization. TeamDrive makes it easy to manage data sync between groups by allowing them to create a team of members which can receive files from a specified system folder. It provides maximum security and uses AES-256 encryption before transferring data to another system. With TeamDrive, you create a Dropbox like folder, which is shared with other selected users and vice versa. TeamDrive treats your computer as a server to send data using Peer-to-Peer connection with AES encryption, which makes your PC a tunnel from where data is sent to TeamDrive servers and received by specified users. This results in personalized security for synchronizing data.Read More

MiMedia Offers 7 GB Cloud Storage To Sync And Backup Data

Are you running short of Dropbox storage space and looking for a cloud-based service with Dropbox like features and capabilities? You can sign up for freshly released MiMdedia service, which unlike many other cloud based storage services, offers 7 GB for absolutely free with options to watch and stream saved media files, backup multiple PCs automatically, and categorize photos, documents, and music into groups. Just like Dropbox and many other cloud storages, it allows user to share their files with friends and family in simple yet intuitive manner.Read More

Enable Facebook Contact Pictures To Appear In Third Party Apps

Facebook can automatically sync the contacts on your phone be it Android or be it the iOS. However, while the sync is perfect in most cases  the pictures that are synced for these contacts fail to appear in the third party apps such as the popular Handcent SMS, GO SMS and some third party dialers. The apps developers it seems, just don’t bother with fixing this issue. Lucky for us, XDA-Developers forum member My_Immortal has found a way around this mess. More on it after the jump.Read More