Check If Your PC Meets The Windows Holographic App Requirements

Microsoft is one the bigger companies dabbing in virtual and augmented reality. It's headset, the Hololens should be available to consumers some time next year. The Hololens is going to be expensive and it's going to require a fairly decent system to run. If you have the cash to spend on a Hololens headset, chances are you have a system that can handle its requirements. To be on the safe side though, you can run a check to see if any of your hardware components need to be updated. This check can only be run if you have the Windows 10 Insider Build 14971 running on your system. Here's what you need to do.Read More

Secunia PSI 3.0 Brings Interface Overhaul & Automatic Updates

Do you know that any outdated application on your PC lead to greater the risk of compromising system security? Perhaps yes, and that might be the reason you are reading this, anyway. The primary purpose developers push newer software updates of their applications so frequently, is to implement various enhancements. The secondary, on the other hand, is to deal with a number of system vulnerabilities. As viruses and malwares are continuously on the rise (and some are even revamped), many obsolete programs on your computer can easily get infected. If memory serves you well, you might recall that we reviewed Secunia PSI that to update obsolete applications on your PC, which might be compromising system security. Secunia has finally come up with a new version (version 3.0) of Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector), giving it a facelift and a few other enhancements here and there. Should you unaware of the application itself (or you like spending time under a rock), the application is a one-stop-shop for updating all your installed programs from within a single location. It generates a SSS (Secunia System Score), letting you know of the chances of vulnerability, that is, the lower it is, the more cautious you should be. We went ahead to find out what changes have been made to this handsome utility.Read More

WinOptimizer: All-In-One System Optimization Tool To Speed Up Your PC

Most system maintenance utilities are developed to make it easy for you to manage your data and optimize the performance of the PC.  As you use the PC, random data keeps piling up, including temp files, logs, registry values, startup entries etc that slow down the data send and retrieval speed. Therefore, it's recommended to frequently clean the hard drive from junk data to make sure that the system keeps running smoothly. In order to optimize PC performance, one needs to deploy a system maintenance and optimization solution that can automatically scan the disk for junk files, remove invalid registry keys, detect internet tracks and empty cache folders, disable unauthorized data transfers and so on. If you've been looking for one such utility, look no further than WinOptimizer. Read More

Smart RAM Booster Allows One-Tap Android Optimization In Multiple Ways

No matter how much we emphasize on optimizing a mobile or desktop operating system to get the optimum performance out of the host device, the fact of the matter is that in order to achieve said purpose effectively, you need to have a robust, trusted and well-crafted application at your disposal. This is perhaps the exact reason why we see so many different system optimizer tools emerging on to the scene day in day out. Even for the Android platform, we have already reviewed a wide array of different system optimization apps, including Booster, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up, Cosmos by and many others. From the team behind the hugely successful Android app, Root Uninstaller, comes yet another very handy Android optimization app, called Smart RAM Booster.Read More

Cosmos Is’s 3-In-1 System Optimization App For Android

Although Google Play Store is filled with plenty of Android system optimization and performance enhancement apps, few live up to their claims of boosting your device’s performance considerably. As always, we’ve been trying our best to bring some of the best (and mostly free) quality options in this regard, with AirCover, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up, Android Speed Booster and MP Task Manager being some of the noteworthy few. Adding to the long list is’s Cosmos – a 3-in-1 system optimization tool for your Android that supports a built-in battery saver, junk cleaner and privacy scanner. Making a mark among users amidst such fierce competition is not possible unless you bring something relatively fresh to the table, and this is exactly what Cosmos thrives on. Sporting a neat, uncluttered interface, the app helps you analyze and get rid of all the problematic facets of your Android device, and in doing so, lets you resolve most of the issues with a mere tap.Read More

Booster: Timer-Based Task Management & Optimization Android App

Adequate and timely optimization of a mobile or desktop operating system helps the device perform at the optimum level. Perhaps, a mobile device demands a tad more attention than desktops in this regard, because of the fact that these gadgets are meant to run all day long without any respite whatsoever, and when it comes to optimizing an Android device, things are no different. This is where all the different system optimization apps available in the Google Play Store come into play. If, however, you are looking for a simple, effective and well-crafted app in this regard, take a look at Booster – an efficient and neatly designed system optimization and task management app for Android. Apart from sporting sleek and stylish looks, Booster brings the option of performing Android optimization in a couple of different ways. You can either manually set a timer (usually, at the end of the day), or avail the app’s auto-optimization feature to perform the necessary system optimization on your Android to keep it alive and kicking. Not just that; the app also features some very useful tools that can help you monitor the health status of your device’s battery, kill unwanted apps, and toggle various app features from under the same roof.Read More

1-Tap Optimize & Clean Up Your Device With Android Speed Booster

Just recently, we reviewed a couple of very handy Android apps, such as, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up and AirCover, that supported advanced system optimization options along with quite a few other useful features. If, however, you’re looking for a simple and standalone Android performance enhancement and system optimization tool, then Android Speed Booster could be an ideal choice for you. Sporting an easy-to-use interface, and four of the most commonly required system optimization features – Performance Enhancer, Memory Optimizer, Privacy Guard and Application Manager – Android Speed Booster vows to provide you with a fast, fluent and uncluttered Android device to work with in a matter of just a couple of seconds (and equal number of taps). The app supports a 1-tap system optimization option to boost your device’s performance. It achieves said purpose by cleaning up all the junk, and freeing up substantial memory that is being consumed by various apps/tasks. Using the app, you can opt to kill a handful of selected tasks, clean up the cache of all the rarely used apps, wipe your browsing history, text messages, market data, call logs et al, and keep a close tab on all the attention-demanding facets of your device. Each aforementioned utility has several customizable options that the users can avail to optimize their device’s performance accordingly.Read More

Jwansoft Disk Defrag: Defragment Your Hard Disk Using Multiple Methods

Regularly defragmenting your hard disk is necessary if you want your PC to be running smooth at all times. Fragmentation of data stored on the hard disk is one of the many reasons of a PC slowing down. Fragmentation means that data is stored into many pieces, which are not placed close together on the hard disk, resulting is higher read times when they're accessed. Defragmenting your hard drive can speed up a system, as it rearranges the file fragments. As you might have noticed, the default Windows defragmenter takes a lot of time to achieve the said purpose. Jwansoft Disk Defrag is an application for Windows that allows you to defragment your hard drive better than what the native utility has to offer. The application also supports Master File Table defragmentation on systems running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.Read More

Bitdefender Power Tune-Up: Superb System Optimization Tool For Android

First Avira, then Trend Micro and now Bitdefender, seems like all the major computer/internet-related security solution providers have eventually realized the importance of covering the smartphone & tablet bases, too. In a short span of just a couple of days, all said companies have launched their own solutions in the Android Market with a view to providing Android users with reliable and effective system protection/optimization tools. While Avira came up with its remote device tracking and controlling tool, the recently reviewed Longevity by Trend Micro offered a reasonably sound battery optimization feature.Fresh to the Android Market, Power Tune-Up by Bitdefender, however, features several very useful system and battery optimization options that would otherwise be found in, at least, a couple of different apps. Options supported by Power Tune-Up include, a system cleanup tool to help you get rid of all the junk from your Android’s system as well as SD card storage, a feature-packed RAM, CPU and battery optimizer, and an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-style data monitoring tool to help you keep your mobile data usage under control. In addition, the app offers the all-important 1-tap system optimization option to enhance your Android’s performance in one go. It also boasts ample customization options so that you can get the most out of your beloved device, and last, but not the least, it lets you take a quick glance at the remaining battery time right from the homescreen via a nifty little power widget.Read More

System Stability Tester: Stress Test Your Computer With Multi-Threaded Pi Calculations

System Stability Tester is a a cross-platform system stress testing application for determining the true potential of your computer’s stability. During the testing process, the tool creates two or more threads. Once the calculation step is complete, the result of all the threads are compared, which enables analyzing the differences between them. You can select Pi digits to calculate the number of threads to use to suit your testing needs. It must be noted, however, that selecting higher values takes longer for the test to complete.Read More

How To Repair Virus-Infected PC When Windows Fails To Boot Up [Guide]

Although Antivirus suites including MS Security Essentials, Avira, Avast, Norton AntiVirus etc., help us protect the system from malwares, viruses, spywares, keyloggers and other like potentially harmful programs, sometimes malware infected applications manage to slip through deployed antivirus security cracks and attack the system booting process. In such a case, anti-virus suites can’t identify and remove the infected application/processes unless the you repair the infected system boot sectors, and then boot into Windows to perform the virus removal operation over entire disk. In this post, we will show you how to clean your system from viruses when you can not boot into Windows.Read More

Free Disk Defrag: Exclude Folders From Defragmentation Process

Fragmentation of data stored on the hard disk is one of the many reasons of a PC slowing down. Fragmentation means that data is stored into many pieces, which are not placed close together on the hard disk. Defragmenting your hard drive can speed up a system as it rearranges the file fragments. As you might have noticed, the default Windows defragmenter takes a lot of time during the defragmentation process. WinUtilities Free Disk Defragmenter is a Windows defragmentation application that can defragment hard disks efficiently, and at a much faster rate. The application lets you choose the desired disk drives, and provides a detailed report after the defragmentation process. It allows you to choose the speed of the process, and exclude files and folders from the defragmentation process.Read More

ControlPlane: Auto-Change Mac Configuration Profiles By Defined Rules

Configuring the system according to location or situation is arguably a difficult task, as one needs to change all the major system elements’ settings ranging from network settings, CPU and memory usage, connected peripherals, audio output devices to Wifi adapter, display monitor and so on. If you often have to configure your Mac according to location i.e for home and office, we recommend using ControlPlane instead of configuring system elements manually. It’s a comprehensive yet easy-to-use context-sensitive utility for Mac OS X that caters to all configurable system components including display monitor, Bluetooth, Wifi, network settings, instant messaging apps, sound devices, chat clients and so on.Read More

OsTrack: Monitor Mac OS X System Resource Usage With Complete Overview

Unlike Windows, where one can easily find out CPU, Memory and Network bandwidth usage of installed applications, Mac OS X users often struggle to get such information out of their systems. Although, the built-in Mac OS X Activity Monitor displays all the currently running applications and other system and user processes along with their CPU and Memory usage, it doesn’t include an option to easily sift through the list or to filter the details. OsTrack is a freshly baked, advance system monitoring full-screen application for Mac OS X which lets you inspect CPU, memory, and network bandwidth usage for all the currently active applications and analyze the extracted information for 4 major time intervals; 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days. OsTrack keeps a track of applications which consume much of your CPU and RAM while allowing you to find out all those programs and services which surreptitiously utilize network bandwidth.Read More

IceClean – Optimize, Repair & Cleanup Files In Mac To Keep It Stable

Similar to previously featured OnyX for Mac, IceClean is multi-featured system optimization and maintenance tool which provides front-end for numerous Unix built-in system tasks. IceClean has been optimized for Mac Snow Leopard, offering all the basic and advance tools and maintenance functions to keep your system clean and safe from native conflicts which may disrupt core system functions. For those who never tried it before, IceClean enables you to easily execute various Unix system tasks, System cleanup, Finder customization, Screen lock, Force empty Trash, Secure deletion, Show hidden files/folders, and System maintenance process, just to name a few.Read More

Android Partitions Explained: boot, system, recovery, data, cache & misc

Unless you have been using your Android phone just for calls, SMS, browsing and basic apps, you should know that Android uses several partitions to organize files and folders on the device. Each of these partitions has a distinct role in the functionality of the device, but not many Android users know the significance of each partition and its contents. In this guide, we will take you on a tour of Android partitions, what they contain and what can be the possible consequences of modifying their content.Read More

Inspect Mac System Components, Clean System Files And Apply Fixes With OnyX

Many Mac users use OnyX (a system optimization tool) to inspect their system for generic startup anomalies and other performance specific issues. OnyX has come a long way since its first release for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). The latest version of OnyX supports Mac 10.6.6 Snow Leopard. Today, we will be putting some light on the latest version available for Mac 10.6. The very first change you will notice is that it can check some system components without requiring administrative privileges. Along with usage pattern, cleaner, for removing web history from installed browsers, has been significantly improved. You will also be to completely remove installed application caches as well as system caches without encountering any problems whatsoever.For those who never tried it before, OnyX caters to all the important components and applications of Mac, including, Finder, Dock, iTunes, etc. It allows you to check disk S.M.A.R.T status, run several tasks to perform system performance, tweak with Finder, Dock, iTunes, Login, Safari, and Spotlight parameters, clean logs, font cache and so on.Read More

WinMate Is All-in-One PC Performance Optimizer And Tweaker

WinMate is a Windows optimization utility which is developed by to enhance and speed up overall PC performance by tweaking with various Windows native functions. Since the application developer has attempted to address all known PC-related problems and issues in this product, it comes with a wide range of system-specific repairs which you can select either manually or let it choose the best repairing package to boost yours PC performance. As per its main functionality, it caters to those users who experience slow processing speed with many other problems which eventually take down the CPU and memory performance. Apart from handling CPU and physical memory exorbitant usage, it lets user diagnose known performance-specific problems, trace and clean junk off the system with an option to find out duplicate files, run registry optimization, etc.Features list doesn’t end here, it carries a set of tools to optimize your system, optimization can be done by tweaking with OS-related options, physical memory settings, startup items and services, scheduled tasks, and so on.Read More

Launch System Admin & Windows Tools From System Tray With All-In-One Tray

All-In-One Tray is a portable application to launch Windows build-in tools and functions right from the system tray. It is built on very simple yet interesting idea of having all the shortcuts of important system elements - catering to generic system management and administration along with Windows build-in network tools, system controls, etc., in system tray, so users can launch them anytime without having to roam around and search through different locations. The application encompasses more 50 different Windows tools and functions which can be accessed from their respective menus and sub-menus, be it system tools & security tools, Maintenance tools, Device controls, utility manager, anything which you possibly need can be brought up through its application’s menu.Read More

MultiMon Lite Brings Real-Time System Monitoring To Windows 7

MultiMon Lite is a real-time system monitoring tool for power users who need to check highly detailed outputs of an extensive range of system activities. The application is designed to know the running instances, system-related activities and to find out the their details. It is capable of monitoring File system, File API, Registry, System devices, Keystrokes, Mouse clicks and Clipboard. The Lite version has apparently one drawback, it lacks exporting of information, however you can buy Pro version to use the full-featured application. The latest version now supports both Windows 7 and Vista Service Pack 2.Read More