Install CyanogenMod 6 ROM On Advent Vega Android Tablet

While it may not be the iPad killer or the best Android tablet on the market, the Advent Vega is definitely an impressive device for its low price, and now you can install CyanogenMod 6 on it to get rid of its heavily limited stock Android installation and get all the awesome CyanogenMod features that we all love.Read More

Install XBMC Remote Modified For Viewsonic G Tablet

Due to their large screens, Android tablets like the Viewsonic G Tablet can benefit from redesigned applications a lot, and one such redesign for the XBMC (Xbox Media Center) Remote app has just been released by XDA-Developers forum member WickedStyx. If you own a Viewsonic G Tablet and want to remotely control your XBMC with it, read on for details.Read More