HomeDisplay Adds Date, Weather & Music Info Below iPhone Status Bar

There are often multiple ways of doing something, but the key to success is finding the way that balances efficiency and convenience in perfect measure. There are already Cydia tweaks available for iPhone that can be used to add additional information to the status bar. WeatherIcon used to have a status bar option prior to iOS 6, while adding information of the currently playing song to the status bar has been possible for users of the NowPlaying tweak. HomeDisplay is a new release that combines both these features, but without cluttering the default status bar of your iPhone. The bar, after all, is pretty narrow to begin with, and if you are using a custom carrier name or logo, things can get a bit too messy. HomeDisplay solves this problem by adding a new status bar just below the existing one. The second status bar is reserved just for information like the current date, the name of the song you that is being played and the current temperature in your area. Read More

Farensius Puts Weather In Your Preferred Unit On The Menu Bar [Mac]

You can find a lot of great widgets for the Mac Dashboard; calculators, calendars, dictionaries and more of the like. The only thing is, how often do you switch to the Dashboard to do something? To interrupt your work on any one of the desktop spaces and switch to the Dashboard for a widget isn’t convenient, and that is probably why you’ll find a lot of apps that do what a widget does. Farensius is a free Mac app that puts the local weather on your menu bar and makes it more accessible compared to the weather widget. It lets you pick which unit you want to view the outside temperature in, lets you define how frequently the app should check for updates (as opposed to giving a single reading for the entire day), and you can even force the app to check for an update.Read More

Weather Stats For WP7: View The Climate Data Of Any City In the World

After reading the title of this post, you might be thinking along the lines of “Here comes yet another weather app for Windows Phone 7”, but think again - Weather Stats is not just any weather app which will tell you if it will rain in your city today or not - there are many other apps for that (like AccuWeather and Weather Channel). Weather Stats is all about information, and detailed data. This useful Mango app showcases the climate data from just about all the weather stations in the world. Not only that, the app is also really useful if you want to learn the average temperature and rainfall values of any part of the world.Read More

DiskAlarm Monitors Hard Drive Temperature & Alerts When Limits Exceed

Heat kills and one of the greatest foes of your PCs' hardware components is probably heat. Excessive heat can kill them within minutes and without you even knowing it. Akin to temperature rise of CPU, GPU and motherboard - amidst certain system heavy loads, temperature of hard drives also increases significantly during heavy processing and read/write operations, and can even damage the hard drive (which though is rare the case) if no proper care is taken. For instance, your hard drive will start heating up if you’re running a virtual machine on your computer and might act abnormally. Likewise, hard drive temps go considerably high during summer seasons due to high ambient temperature, or in adequate system airflow. Manufacturers design each hard drive with temperature thresholds that they need to run within to function properly, and avoid damage to data and hardware. That is why it is important to monitor your hard drive temperatures while performing operations that require heavy processing or you might end up breaking one and then expect a long wait for the RMA process. Today, we have an application for you called DiskAlarm, which allows you to view the hard drive temperature, and sounds an alarm in case the temperature exceeds the specified limit. Read past the break for more details pertaining to its usage.Read More

Monitor CPU Temperature From Windows 7 Taskbar With Temp Taskbar

Temp Taskbar is a portable tool for Windows 7 that allows monitoring system temperature from the taskbar. You can assign custom colors and temperature levels for easy monitoring. These colors change your taskbar color according to CPU (average of all cores) temperature. This can be quite helpful for keeping an eye of the system temperature that can randomly increase due to the usage of a specific software, high room temperature and fault wiring that may cause issues with the system wiring and power supply. By receiving a constant temperature display on your taskbar, you can easily monitor the system temperature and identify the cause for system heat up (e.g. a software that may be consume a lot of resources of your computer may be causing heat up issues).Read More

Windows 7 System Temperature Monitor

We have reviewed apps, such as, Speccy that give detailed information of the system. But what if you want check the hardware after building your own custom Windows 7 system?  HW Monitor is a portable tool which lets you monitor your computer’s hardware. It is a monitoring program that reads the systems main health sensors like voltages, temperatures, fan speed, etc.Read More

Monitor Your PC Or Laptop Temperature – Windows 7,Vista,XP

Is your computer restarting itself more than often or is shutting down without any notice? One of the reasons might be that your computer has overheating problem. One of the best ways to monitor is to install temperature reading software that might help you actually know if the problem is causing by overheating. Coretemp is a tiny application which is low on resources and is surprisingly accurate. Intel and AMD's new technology known as DTS(Digital Temperature Signal) let these applications help monitor the temperature accurately.Read More