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Monitor CPU Temperature From Windows 7 Taskbar With Temp Taskbar

Temp Taskbar is a portable tool for Windows 7 that allows monitoring system temperature from the taskbar. You can assign custom colors and temperature levels for easy monitoring. These colors change your taskbar color according to CPU (average of all cores) temperature. This can be quite helpful for keeping an eye of the system temperature that can randomly increase due to the usage of a specific software, high room temperature and fault wiring that may cause issues with the system wiring and power supply. By receiving a constant temperature display on your taskbar, you can easily monitor the system temperature and identify the cause for system heat up (e.g. a software that may be consume a lot of resources of your computer may be causing heat up issues).

After launching Temperature Taskbar, you can configure the warning and critical temperature levels for changing the taskbar color. For example, you may set the warning level at 60C and the Critical level at 80C to identify system heat up in time.


By clicking on the Colors button, you can set custom colors for identifying system temperature. By default the temperature for normal temperature is green, the warning color is orange and the critical temperature color is red. To change any of these colors, click on the display color (e.g. click on the green color image).


The taskbar will remain colored according to your defined color format and the system temperature. You can configure settings from Options (from system tray) via right-click context menu.


It works only on Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

Download Temp Taskbar for Windows 7


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