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Find Large Files On Your PC With DiskFerret Lite

DiskFerret Lite is the free version of the Java powered DiskFerret software. It is a disk analyzing utility which runs inside your browser and therefore does not require installation. With DiskFerret Lite You can get a comprehensive overview of the files that are consuming the most space on your hard drive and hence identify and remove unwanted files. The information of a selected drive is displayed by size, user, top files (according to size), file type and duplicate files. This information can be viewed in a number of ways including pie charts, bar charts, tree map chart, ring chart and a text based table.

Since DiskFerret does not require installation on your computer, therefore, running it begins the process within your default browser.

DiskFerret Lite - A Free Disk Space Utilization Analysis Tool - Mozilla Firefox

Once launched, it provides an overview of all the system partitions, folder and sub-folders and allows selecting a disk or folder to be scanned. Just select a disk, folder or sub-folder to initiate the scanning process.


Once the scan is complete, you will get an overview of the disk / folder consumption according to size, file types, distribution, top files, duplicate files and owner of the files. The Size tab displays most space consuming folders are instantly shown with tags that display the name and size of the folders.


You can also get an overview of the Top space consuming files from the Top Files tab. You can use multiple ways of displaying this information, including a pie chart, ring chart, bar chart, table and so on.


If you wish to view the files in a separate format (other than charts), you can always switch to a table view. This might be handy for certain evaluations, e.g. to check out the file distribution according to file size from the Distribution tab.


Unlike other disk analyzing utilities such as FolderVisualizer, DiskFerret allows instantly opening, deleting, moving or compressing files and folders. This can be done by selecting a file or folder from any of the available tabs and selecting a desired option via right-click context menu. You can also open, print refresh, delete and save the scanned information from the buttons on top of the main interface.

Delete File

DiskFerret Lite is a comprehensive disk analyzing utility that provides multiple options for easy scanning, viewing and management of local disks and folders (including sub-folders). It must be noted that it is a Java powered app, therefore, it does consume a lot of system resources.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download DiskFerret


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