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Create Bootable USB From Windows Installation DVD Using WinToFlash

WinToFlash is a powerful utility to copy Windows installation files from DVD disc to flash drive, SD Card, or external HDD, so you can install Windows faster on your system without a DVD disc. It not just copies Windows installation DVD content to any location but makes the external storage medium bootable as well. While supporting a wide range of OS, including, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7, it allows you to transfer live CD/DVD, such as BartPE, to flash cards with a single click.

Unlike other Windows installation cloning software, it comes with extremely simple usage. The wizard includes just 2 steps to select the source and target location to copy Windows installation files and to make the USB drive bootable. Along with easy wizard mode, it has an Advanced Mode for power users to customize the cloning process with a slew of options. The Advanced Mode allows you to change different options for transferring Windows XP, 2003, Vista, and 7 to USB drive and create Windows XP/2003 emergency bootloader, MS-DOS USB drive, and Windows XP/2003 recovery console.

The main screen encourages user to start off with Wizard. If you need to simply copy the Windows installation content from optical drive to USB drive and make it bootable, hit ‘green tick’ button to follow the wizard steps.


Read the instruction on first step window and click Next to specify source and target path. Once done, click Next to begin the process. Once the process is finished, safely remove the external storage medium to avoid any data loss issues.

Wizard 41

To customize any installation file transferring options, switch to Advanced mode from main screen, choose the task from pull-down menu, and click Run.

advance mode

For each task, there are 3 sets of options which you can configure – Basic Parameters, Format, and FAT. Before executing the specified task, do check all the provided options and configure them prior to acquiring complete understanding.

advace mode 2

The application is free but comes with one catch – It displays advertisements while performing the task. However, if you want to check out a completely nag-free variant, we recommend Koala.

Download WinToFlash


    • Definitely not. It’s a official Windows 7 installer for God’s sake, not a multi OS guzzler for OS junkies.

  1. What about Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool from Microsoft itself? It’s the official way to create a bootable USB HDD for installing Windows 7 from an original Windows 7 disc image.

    •  ya man..! but Windows 7 USB/DVD Download is only for .iso.. while WinToFlash will make a bootable windows from windows installation files or from windowsCD/DVD.. hope u get it..

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