Get iOS 7 Control Center Toggles & In iOS 6 Notification Center

You might not agree with Jony Ive’s design choices for iOS 7, but there can be no denying the fact that in terms of features, the upcoming version of iOS is going to be the best yet. Things like AirDrop, Control Center and improved multitasking have the potential to improve an average user’s experience on an iPhone. Having said that, most Apple fans have to wait a few more months before they can get their hands on iOS 7 and until then, the jailbreak community is busy bringing different features of the update to older versions of iOS. We have already covered a theme that replicates the iOS 7 lock screen, and another one that modifies just about everything else to give you a taste of the update right now. When Control Center was first introduced, every Cydia user must have thought of SBSettings or NCSettings, and maybe that is why no developer has bothered with a full port of the feature to iOS 6. However, almost all the components of Control Center are available in the jailbreak store; you just have to know where to look.Read More

Check Your iPhone For Notifications Without Taking It Out Of Your Pocket

It might seem difficult to even imagine that now, but not too long ago, iOS didn't have a Notification Center. We have come quite a long way since then, but some basic problems still stand unresolved. While you can easily view missed notifications by heading to the Notification Center, some alerts are really time-sensitive and require the user’s attention immediately. This is why LED notification alerts have been in such hot demand for a long time. Vibration patterns can also be greatly helpful in making sure you never miss an important incoming notification even for a few minutes. The Cydia store now has a third and brilliantly simple solution on offer in PocketNotify - new tweak that can be used to check if there are pending notifications even without looking at your phone. You can check for new notifications even if your iPhone is in your pocket or purse, without the need to whip it out every few minutes to do so. So, how does it work? Let's find out.Read More

Quickly Toggle Autocorrect On iPhone With An Activator Gesture

Almost everyone has a love-hate relationship with autocorrect. There are times when you simply can’t live without it, but it also has the potential to go completely out of hand and start messing up everything you type on your iPhone. Having an autocorrect bar above the keyboard can be a nice tradeoff, but the way iOS autocorrect works in the background certainly has its merits as well. Whenever you are typing something that's more formal, it is probably a good idea to keep the feature enabled, while during casual texting, it can be a pain in the neck. However, continuously toggling autocorrect is no mean feat, since the option is buried quite deep in the Settings app. Auto-Correction Switch can prove to be the perfect solution to this problem, as it makes it possible for users to turn autocorrect on and off using an Activator gesture of their choice.Read More

Take Screenshots Of Selective Screen Areas In iOS With ScreenshotPlus

Tweaks like IsMyFlash and Capture View have already shown that something as simple as screenshot capability can be enhanced a great deal in iOS, but no screenshot-related tweak has ever been as useful as the new ScreenshotPlus. People rarely use their captured screenshots without first editing them to some extent. Although the stock Photos app offers basic editing options like enhancement and cropping, why bother using that when now there is a way of cropping screenshots even before you capture them. ScreenshotPlus is an Activator-based tweak, which displays an adjustable frame with a capture button that can be used whenever you want to take a screenshot of only a part of the screen. The tweak even shows the exact dimensions of the selected area so that users can grab accurate screenshots in a quick and efficient manner.Read More

Add Call Shortcuts For Contact Names In The Stock iOS Reminders App

When Astrid started offering syncing with the stock Reminders app, a lot of people were quick to switch to it. Though the app became too famous for its own good and was acquired by Yahoo! a few months back. This means that Astrid will soon be shutting down, forcing people to look for other task management apps. Although there are plenty of decent third-party reminder apps available for iOS, many users might switch back to the stock Reminders app, as it doesn't have any glaring flaws and comes with a few pretty good features. Another benefit of using stock apps is that the jailbreak community always keeps striving to make them better. A great example of this phenomenon is the new CallReminders Cydia tweak, which adds a seemingly minor but very useful feature to iPhone’s Reminders app. With this tweak, users get to create reminders that have a contact’s calling information embedded within them, which means you can place a call without even having to leave the Reminders app.Read More

Get The Flat iOS 7 Look On iOS 6 Lock Screen With This Theme

After all the mockups and speculation, when it was finally released, iOS 7 turned out to be rather close to what everyone was expecting after the “black, white and flat” revelation. There has been no shortage of criticism on the new iOS 7 design, and there are already some rumors suggesting that Apple might consider reverting back to a more conventional look before the final release this fall. Whether the OS remains flat or not, you can't deny that there are parts of the update that look good enough to eat. Very few people have criticized the lock screen, for instance, since it offers an exciting new UI along with features like support for NC and dynamic wallpapers. We are sure there will soon be tweaks that bring the update's lock screen features to older versions of iOS, but if you are just interested in looks, iOS 7 Lockscreen Theme is a pretty decent Winterboard package for that purpose.Read More

Get iOS 7’s Wallpaper Parallax Effect In Older iOS Versions With 3DBoard

It is not really a secret that Apple often looks to the iOS jailbreak community for inspiration. iOS 6 offered Cydia-inspired features like Do Not Disturb, and the recently unveiled iOS 7 has an alternative to the famous SBSettings in the form of Control Center. It will be unfair to say though that only Apple copies features from jailbreak tweaks, as many tweaks are also inspired by existing or upcoming features of iOS. As iOS 7 is such a major update to the platform, it makes sense that a lot of developers are itching to bring the promised awesome features to users much before this fall, which is when the update will officially come out. There are already a number of Cydia packages that can turn your iOS 6 device into something much closer to iOS 7. 3DBoard is one such tweak, adding the newly introduced parallax effect to the SpringBoard of your iPhone.Read More

QuickCall Adds A Global, Gesture-Triggered Dashboard Of Call & Message Shortcuts To iPhone

The idea of a shortcut collection appearing over the SpringBoard whenever a certain gesture is performed is nothing new. In fact, Cydia tweaks like Speero and SubIc0ns have offered pretty good implementations of the concept. While you might not need any other tweak of this kind if your interest lies only in app shortcuts, the idea still has some room for expansion. The newly released QuickCall tweak does not deal with app shortcuts, but what it does offer can be very useful in its own right. With QuickCall, it is possible to invoke a beautiful overlay of your contacts, and then call or text them without ever leaving the app you are currently using. The contacts displayed by the tweak include all of your favorites, and some that you have interacted with recently. QuickCall can also be used to quickly perform a search, or go to a particular website.Read More

Swipe To Open & Tap To Dismiss iOS Notification Banners With Cybernetic

Not everyone might use their iPhone this way, but I rarely feel the need to use notification banners in order to jump from the current app to a new one. Thanks to Notification Center, there is no need to hurry in responding to notifications, so you can keep on playing Temple Run a little more before checking what exactly your friend has said on Facebook. One course of action is to wait for the banner to go away on its own but if you are too impatient, a simple swipe is all it takes to make the alert go away. Alternative methods of quickly dismissing notification banners include Cydia tweaks like NCQuickDismiss and Sticky Icky. All these tweaks, however, fail to solve a very basic problem, which is the accidental tapping of the banner that launches the notification's app, taking you away from the app you are currently using. Cybernetic might just be the perfect solution for this problem, as it makes the default launching gesture dismiss the app, and comes with customization options as well.Read More

How To Enable Push Notifications For Gmail In Stock iOS Mail App

Being a Gmail user on iOS, I never realized the importance of push notifications until Google turned evil a few months back and took away these nifty alerts in a bid to get more iPhone users to switch to the official Gmail app. The Gmail app is pretty good, specially after its recent tabbed inbox update, but it can get a bit cumbersome trying to use multiple email apps on your iDevice, which is bound to happen if you are using services other than Gmail as well. You can try living without push notifications, but getting mails 15 minutes late is never fun and bothers a lot of people. Thankfully, a developer over at the Cydia store has finally taken note of the situation, resulting in the release of a tweak named Push for Gmail. The jailbreak community has come up with solutions to fix other push notifications in the past, but this tweak is a little more specific. As much as we would have loved to see the tweak do all the dirty work automatically, this is not the case and you have to do some manual tinkering before the push notifications start working.Read More

Wallpaper Cyclr Periodically Changes iPhone Background Using Tumblr Images

For quite some time, PCs have had the ability to automatically cycle through wallpapers to keep things fresh on your desktop without any hassle. The feature has seeped through to smartphone platforms as well, as Android has some third-party apps that are capable of changing wallpapers automatically, whereas Windows Phone 8 came out with support for such apps as well. Strangely though, not many similar options have yet come to light for iOS, and the new Cydia tweak Wallpaper Cyclr is certainly among the pioneers of this genre. The tweak doesn’t cycle through images stored in your camera roll; it does something even cooler instead. With Wallpaper Cyclr, you get to define any number of tags, and the tweak then loads images related to these tags automatically and sets them as the background for both your iPhone’s lock screen & SpringBoard. It is even possible to make the tweak look for photos that fit a combination of the defined tags. Read More

FlipSwitch Adds Activator Gesture-Based System Toggles To iPhone

Activator is among the most popular and useful tweaks available on the Cydia store. With the passage of time, it has grown in stature and is now almost a full platform for which many developers have come up with additional extensions and toggles. FlipSwitch might seem like just another Activator extension at first glance, but actually it is an entire toggle system in itself. Admittedly, it relies on Activator to work, but Ryan Petrich, the tweak’s co-developer alongside A3Tweaks, has made it clear that it is pretty easy to make new tweaks and toggles that are based on FlipSwitch. As a proof of this claim, SwitchIcons is a tweak that you can take for a spin. Ryan Petrich has recently developed some pretty decent tweaks like Topography and Memo Toggle, but FlipSwitch looks like a release that has the potential to really gain huge fame among the jailbreak community. It basically adds a set of system toggles to Activator, which are capable of changing a number of settings with a single gesture. You won’t see a physical manifestation of the toggles, as performing the gesture is enough. If you want to actually see the toggles, that’s where SwitchIcons comes into the picture.Read More

AltKeyboard Adds Quick Gestures For Symbols & Caps To Stock iPhone Keyboard

Keyboard alternatives like Swype and TouchPal have always been popular among the smartphone community. These replacements are associated with Android most of the time, but they have maintained a presence in some form on iOS over the past few years as well. While Apple hasn't provided an official way to replace or make changes to iPhone’s stock keyboard, the Cydia store often comes up with ways to achieve the seemingly impossible. We have already seen other tweaks that deal with the iPhone keyboard, but it might not be too much of a bold statement to say that AltKeyboard is among the most useful keyboard-related tweaks to be released in the jailbreak store for a long time. The tweak does not change the overall method of input used by the stock keyboard in iOS. This means that AltKeyboard is not another Swype-like keyboard for the iPhone. Instead, this tweak makes a very subtle change, which is the addition of gestures to the keys. You just have to flick a key to input the corresponding symbol mapped against it, eliminating the need for repeatedly changing the keyboard view, and resulting in faster typing.Read More

Enable Auto-Repeat For Videos In Official YouTube App For iPhone

Continuous playback and automatic looping of videos are features that have been in popular demand for YouTube on all platforms. The service itself still doesn't offer the feature by default, but we have seen a few third-party solutions to the issue. YouTurn for Chrome allows users to put videos on auto-repeat in their web browser but if you are using YouTube on your iPhone, there aren't many available alternatives that can do that. If you have a jailbroken device though, not many problems are impossible to solve. iYoutubeReplay adds the replay functionality to Google’s official YouTube app for iPhone, which means you don’t need to install an entire app on your device just because the official client lacks a single feature. Admittedly, the tweak is in its infancy and doesn't offer too much control over the feature it offers, but that is surely better than having no ‘replay’ for videos at all.Read More

Toggle Viber Online Status Visibility On iOS Unlimited Times In A Day

A discussion of iOS messenger apps can never be complete unless you mention Viber. The app is truly cross-platform, and is well-known for its great quality voice calls and other features. A testament to Viber's popularity are the tweaks that have come out in the past to make the app even better. Previously we covered Quick Reply for Viber, which allows users to reply to messages without actually launching the app, thanks to the power of interactive notifications. Such tweaks are great if you just want to make the existing app fancier, but there is one problem with Viber that needs to be fixed before thinking about adding new features. A bit annoyingly, Viber doesn't allow its users to change their online status visibility more than once each day, which might seem problematic if you have a lot of Viber contacts that you wish to avoid. Thankfully, the Cydia store finally has a convenient solution for this problem. ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit removes this limitation from Viber for iPhone, letting you change your online status as often as you want.Read More

How To Increase In-Call Volume Up To 200% On Your iPhone 5

Quite a long time ago, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of Volume Booster, which did a pretty good job of enhancing the maximum volume level of iOS devices. iOS has come a long way since then, but some things haven’t improved a great deal. While the bottom speakers in iPhone can play sounds at a pretty high volume, many people still complain that the in-call volume could have been a lot better. Since iPhone 5 comes with hardware that is different from any of its predecessors, a lot of users assumed that the call volume issue won’t rear its ugly head in it. Sadly, this isn't the case, and in even slightly noisy environments, users are hard-pressed to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying, no matter how much they crank up the volume. Volume Amplifier is a new tweak that doesn't tinker with the bottom speakers on an iPhone, but only deals with increasing the in-call volume, making it possible to increase the volume by up to 200%.Read More

Get A Minimal, Two-Way Unlock Slider On iPhone Lock Screen With FXOSLock

Anyone who is really into UI customization and wants to get the most out of a jailbroken iPhone is likely to appreciate Cydia tweaks like SliderCustomizer and Axis, since they focus on very particular parts of iOS. This is why such tweaks have fared pretty well in the Cydia store. FXOSLock is the latest alternative to the stock unlock slider you get in iOS. The tweak doesn't just make minor changes to the slider; it revamps the way it works, and gives it a completely new look. The minimalists among us are also sure to appreciate FXOSLock, since the slider it offers doesn't occupy the entire bottom half of your device’s lock screen. Despite that, no existing feature is taken away by FXOSLock, and you can use the tweak’s unlocking slider to unlock your device or launch the camera straight away.Read More

Add A “Flash” To iPhone Front-Facing Camera With FrontFlash

Rumors about iOS 7 and the next iPhone are pretty abundant these days. Of all the wild ideas that have been thrown around the blogosphere, one that has particularly appealed to me is the possibility that the next iDevice might have a dedicated notification LED on its front. The mention of an LED on the device's front also brings to mind the idea of having an LED flash for the front-facing camera under low light conditions. For now, there are no mainstream smartphones that come with a front-facing camera flash. App developers are clever folk though, and they usually come up with ways to overcome any obstacle. Last November, Camera+ introduced a neat way of adding a sort of flash to the front-facing camera. It has taken some time, but a developer has finally thought of adding a similar feature to the stock Camera app. As you might have guessed, we are talking about a Cydia tweak. FrontFlash increases the screen brightness and turns the screen white momentarily while shooting a photo or video, resulting in improved lighting in dark conditions.Read More

Browse & Upload To Instagram From iPhone Home Screen With InstaVelox

As we predicted in our compilation of the best add-ons for Velox, the steady flow of the tweak’s amazingly useful widgets isn't looking to dry up any time soon. Velox offers a great way of controlling different iOS features from the SpringBoard, but it can also go beyond that and let you use almost entire apps without actually going away from your phone’s Home screen. These app-related Velox add-ons have managed to attract a lot of users and for that reason, the release of InstaVelox is pretty big news. This widget focuses on one of the most popular apps available in the App Store: Instagram. With InstaVelox, you get to access just about any part of your Instagram account right from the app’s icon. It is not even necessary that you use the account configured on the Instagram app itself, as InstaVelox works independently from that. You cannot upload new images using the widget, but everything else is possible with InstaVelox.Read More

Get App-Specific True Multitasking On iOS 6 With Background Manager

True multitasking has been the Holy Grail of iOS for quite some time now. Among all major smartphone platforms out there these days, Android is the only OS that offers true multitasking. In iOS, you get the impression of multitasking, but the apps restart from scratch if they stay in the background for too long, or if the App Switcher has too many apps in it. In the past, we have seen tweaks like Backgrounder and InfinityTask that bring true multitasking to iOS, but the new Background Manager has clearly demonstrated that there is still room for a tweak that refines the concept and offers a certain level of control over true multitasking. Background Manager lets you choose different settings for each app, or configure true multitasking for all apps at once. The tweak even has options to let users keep an app running when the phone is rebooted or the app is manually killed from the App Switcher.Read More