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Toggle Viber Online Status Visibility On iOS Unlimited Times In A Day

A discussion of iOS messenger apps can never be complete unless you mention Viber. The app is truly cross-platform, and is well-known for its great quality voice calls and other features. A testament to Viber’s popularity are the tweaks that have come out in the past to make the app even better. Previously we covered Quick Reply for Viber, which allows users to reply to messages without actually launching the app, thanks to the power of interactive notifications. Such tweaks are great if you just want to make the existing app fancier, but there is one problem with Viber that needs to be fixed before thinking about adding new features. A bit annoyingly, Viber doesn’t allow its users to change their online status visibility more than once each day, which might seem problematic if you have a lot of Viber contacts that you wish to avoid. Thankfully, the Cydia store finally has a convenient solution for this problem. ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit removes this limitation from Viber for iPhone, letting you change your online status as often as you want.

ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit Before ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit After

Rather than putting ads in the tweak’s menu, the developer behind ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit has chosen the route of displaying a one-off donation plea on the SpringBoard, which shows up right after you install the device. If you don’t want to donate, simply hit ‘Cancel’. The tweak’s menu is not too complicated and features nothing but a single toggle, the sole purpose of which is to enable and disable the tweak. There aren’t any instructions written in the menu either, since you are not likely to need any help in using ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit. There is not even any need to respring your device after toggling the tweak, so one might wonder if it won’t have been better if VOSU worked without a menu in the first place.

To see ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit in action, simply head to the Viber app after enabling it. If you don’t already know (and have been reading this post just on a hunch), the Online Status button is located in the ‘Settings’ menu inside the ‘More’ tab of the app. If everything is working properly, there should be a message telling you that you are now free to change your online status.

ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit is a free tweak, and fixes an issue that has been around in Viber for a long time. So, until the service decides to change things itself, you can give the tweak a shot for the purpose. It can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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