Nitro Is A Simple OS X To-Do List App That Syncs To Dropbox & Ubuntu One

Task management, at times, gets so complex that you need a better way to keep track of the things you have to get done, other than just taking a mental note of them. Not doubting the use of a stack of Post-it notes, but you might want to use a more sophisticated method for creating  lengthier to-do lists or reminders. Nitro is a free Mac app that lets you do just that. Besides an aesthetically pleasing interface, the app is very well written in terms of functionality. Tasks can be grouped into lists, you can set a due date for a task and add tags and notes to it. It supports keyboard shortcuts, allows you to control how the week and date are laid out, comes loaded with five UI skins to chose from and last but not the least, syncs with Dropbox and Ubuntu One. Read More

Comparison Of Best Free Cloud Storage And Sync Services

With the recent release of Google Drive, along with all the existing cloud storage and sync services out there like Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, iCloud and Ubuntu One, you might be wondering what free cloud storage service is right for you. There are countless such comparisons out there but most of them aren't focused on the free tiers of these services, or simply don't include all these services. That’s why we are bringing you a detailed comparison of the free plans of all major cloud storage and sync services that should make it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best. Read on for the complete comparison. Read More

Ubuntu One Indicator Displays Synchronization Stats From System Tray

Ubuntu One, despite being the premium synchronization service for Ubuntu, does not have an app indicator. That's the reason why one requires resorting to third-party programs, such as Magicicada, to view synchronization updates in real time. Ubuntu One Indicator is an app-indicator menu applet which displays Ubuntu One synchronization stats, providing a Dropbox-like synchronization overview. Read More

Marlin: File Browser With Dropbox & Ubuntu One Integration [Ubuntu]

Marlin is a sleek and fast GTK3 based file browser that provides a number of unique features such as Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration, color labels for files and folders and more. To acquire Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration, Marlin requires installation of separate plugins which are used to enable the functionality to publish, share and synchronize external folders in Ubuntu One and to fetch previous versions for Dropbox files. Marlin is available in the elementary OS daily PPA, thus it can be installed in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10. You can install it on both GTK3 and GTK 2 provided you have a compatible theme for both of them (GTK2 and GTK3). Read More

Ubuntu One Is Now Available For Windows [Review]

Ubuntu One is a famous cloud storage service similar to Dropbox, with applications available for Linux based OS,  Android, iPhone, and now Windows. Ubuntu One comes pre-installed with Ubuntu and is considered as the premium cloud storage service for Linux users. Ubuntu One has launched the beta version of their Windows client for Ubuntu one users. While Ubuntu One is widely used on Linux and Android, it seems to be stretching its wings towards wider market comprising of Windows users. The Windows client is quite sleek and stylish and the available options for synchronizing files seem to be much simpler than the native Ubuntu user interface of Ubuntu One. Having Ubuntu One installed on a Windows machine is also likely to help users sync files conveniently across their smartphones, Ubuntu and Windows operating systems. Read More

Tomboy Is Simple Note Taking Application That Syncs With Ubuntu One

Tomboy is an open source cross-platform note taking application available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. Tomboy provides the option to synchronize notes with Ubuntu One and Snowy, which enables viewing and managing the notes from a mobile device such as an Android or iPhone. Tomboy has a simple interface for quickly creating and managing notes within separate notebooks (which are more like folders for organizing multiple notes, similar to Evernote). Notes can be created either in plain text or with highlighted text, along with the utility of inline spell checking. Moreover, it provides hyperlinking of web links and email addresses, as well as other small but useful options such as font styling, bullet lists, undo/redo and support for note synchronization over SSH, WebDAV, Ubuntu One, or Snowy (web application). Read More

Manage Files And View Stats For Ubuntu One Using Magicicada

As we all know that Ubuntu One is a Dropbox like cloud storage service with applications for Ubuntu, Android and iPhone users. Magicicada is a GTK+ frontend for Ubuntu One to help you manage the file synchronization of the Ubuntu One cloud storage service, effortlessly. It displays synchronization stats in real time for Ubuntu One  files. Moreover, users can also view information about their shared files/folders and their meta data. Since this functionality is not available in the default Ubuntu One GUI, Magicicada provides Ubuntu users with in-depth information about their shared content instead of having to visit the Ubuntu One website to login and view their file sharing stats. Read More

Encrypting Ubuntu One Files With Ubuntu One Encrypt / Decrypt

Ubuntu One is a web service similar to Dropbox which comes pre-installed with the Ubuntu operating system. It allows users to store and sync files between computers and mobile devices using it's cloud storage service. We told you how to encrypt Dropbox in Ubuntu using ENCFS. This time we have Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt which is a script for encrypting and decrypting Ubuntu One data before uploading it. According to the developer, he made this script keeping in view the weak security provided by Ubuntu One (reminds us of Dropbox), which does not provide encryption for uploaded data from your Ubuntu computer to the cloud. Read More

Ubuntu One – Cloud Storage Service For Ubuntu, iPhone And Android Users

Ubuntu One is a personal cloud storage web service for Ubuntu users, much like the widely used Sugar Sync and DropBox. However, unlike the aforementioned services, it provides synchronization of not just files and folders but also syncs bookmarks (via Firefox extension), allows bandwidth restrictions (for downloading and uploading files) and has an application for iPhone and Android phones which can also be used to stream music. Every user gets up to 2Gb of free storage with an option to upgrade for a charge. It also has a cloud-integrated music store where users can purchase songs and get them delivered to their personal cloud to be synced with their devices. Read More