SiteVerify Displays Visited, Non-Visited And Dead Links In Website

Validating each anchor tag in your website is a cumbersome job, especially when you're maintaining huge content over your blog or even on a simple static website. SiteVerify is a simple application to check anchor tags, which are referring internally to other pages/links of the websites. The main usage can be observed in an instance when you’d need to validate all the links and find out the dead ones.Read More

Add More Photo Sizes And Options To Picasa ‘Embed Image’ URL Code

Picasa is one of the most popular places to store images online but there are few limitations when it comes to sharing photos. One such annoying feature is that while embedding the image, you can only choose between one of the four sizes: Thumbnail(144px), Small(288px), Medium(400px), or Large(800px). Bloggers and Webmasters prefer different sizes when embedding an image, one of the most common size being 512px.

Get Picasaweb Image URL is a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox that adds 19 more sizes to the list(making a total of 23 sizes), from 32px to 1600px, thus enabling webmasters to use Picasa as a destination for sharing their photos more easily.

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How To Navigate Images Based On URL Sequence In Firefox

Making it easier to navigate through images is one thing all browsers fail in. Suppose you find a directory full of images, what you will do is click the first image, go back, click the second image, go back and so on. This shows the lack of usability in every browser, can’t  they make it easier to navigate between images? Thanks to Image Navigator, the experimental add-on for Firefox, browsing images is now a piece of cake.Once the add-on has been installed you will find a toolbar on the top-right side. This toolbar will help you navigate between images and moving between folders easily.Note: Image Navigator for FireFox has been discontinued.Read More

How To Share Files In Your Amazon S3 Account By Creating Public URLs

Many developers use Amazon S3 to store data, but you can actually use it for sharing large files with your friends and by large I mean, file of any size. S3 Browser is an Amazon S3 client which you can use to download and upload files from your account easily.  It also allows you to organize your Amazon S3 buckets and files, apart from that you can also set access controls. One great feature is to automatically create public URLs to share files, this can come handy if you use Amazon S3 frequently.

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How To Preview A Small Portion Of Any MP3 Or AVI Video File Before Downloading It

In my last post I discussed about downloading specific files from inside zip or rar archive with LoadScout. Another useful feature of this app is that it lets you download and play a small portion of any mp3 or avi file for free.

Suppose you want to download a high quality audio podcast in mp3 format that is of 100mb. You can download and play a small portion of this podcast and decide whether you like it or not. If you like it then you can go ahead and download the whole podcast or just find the next podcast. In similar way, suppose you want to download a video(in avi format), instead of downloading the whole video, you can download a small portion and play it to see if it’s the right video for you.

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5 Online Services For Creating Short URLs That You Probably Don’t Know About

I have been using Tinyurl for making long URL short because it is among the first one to come up with the idea. After much research I found 5 new services that I didn’t know about, to my surprise all of them came out to be unique, with bunch of great features. I have compiled the list in random order, because each one has advantage over other due to their uniqueness.Read More

How To Combine Multiple Links Into One Shorter Link Using Shrink2One

How many times did you send friends or family a couple of links to various sites like your online photo album, a YouTube video, a funny news article, etc? It’s a pain having to copy and paste multiple links in email or in Instant Messenger. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could convert all of those links into just one simple link! If you are sick of pasting multiple links like me, then you should try definitely Shrink2One. It is a free web service that allows you to convert multiple URLS into one smaller URL.Read More

How To Compress and Optimize Images Online With Smush-it

Images can give decent look to your Blog or Website. An average Professional Blog theme/design uses some where around 5-10 images. If these images are not optimized and are heavy in size, then your blog might load too slowly. This is not just with blogs even website do face this problem. It has become extremely important for us to Optimize And Reduce Images Size before using it in blog theme or on website. However most of Bloggers might not be professional in using Photoshop or any image editor or they are clueless on how to optimize or reduce image size. Yahoo recently introduced a web based tool called Smush -itto help you optimize the size of web images without affecting visual quality.Read More

How To Add Website Shortcuts To The Windows Start Menu Easily

You must have added Program Shortcuts in Start menu. But have you thought of adding a Website Shortcuts to the Start menu?. Instead of opening your Internet browser and navigating to the website link, you can just click on one icon to open it automatically. This can often save a lot of time and is useful if you access your email online frequently like Gmail or Yahoo mail, like I do. The below steps will show you how to add Websites to the Start menu so you can quickly access them.

If you are addicted to AddictiveTips blog, you can add a shortcut of this website on your Start menu too.  ;)

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