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Learn English Assistant: Easily Access Useful Language Resources [Chrome]

Learning a new language can be exhaustive and requires a lot of effort. Then, even when you know a language, at times you are just not sure about the grammar, punctuation, or the right words to use. Learn English Assistant is a chrome extension that aims to change that by gathering all your online English-language resources in one place, and provides you with access to them through a single click. You can now improve your English language skills while browsing the internet.

Once Learn English Assistant is installed, a button is added right next to the URL bar. Clicking the button opens a panel full of helpful links. The links provide help for creating a good resume, learning some basic grammar and punctuation rules, dictionaries, Translation tools, forums where people discuss the lingual problems, tutorials for the correct use of the apostrophe, TV and Radio in English, guides on letter and academic writing, grammar exercises and language exchange sites.

Learn English Assistant

The resources are available in different forms, some are video tutorials while others are instructional text. You must be able to read English and understand it at a beginner’s level to be able to comprehend and make use of these resources.

BBC iplayer

Remember that these resources alone will not help you master the language and you can’t hope to grasp the basics from them They will assist you when you need quick reference on how to use a word, or how best to punctuate a sentence. The resources do not make allowance for people who speak languages that are not even written in the English alphabets like Arabs or China nationals.

Some items are from excellent sites like the resume help redirects you to employment help on the UK website. Other helping material like the video tutorial will take you to a group of helpful YouTube videos that teach you the basics of the language. The Dictionaries will direct you to either the Cambrdige or the Merriam Webster dictionary. Translation tools use Yahoo Bable Fish or Google Translate.

Not only does it provide you with reading material, it also has a number of links that can help you improve your listening and speaking skills. You may choose to watch TV shows or listen to news channels to improve your language abilities.

Learn English Assistant can be a handy Chrome extension for both English language teachers and students, as well as writers and bloggers, among others. You can find it at the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install Learn English Assistant For Chrome


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