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Evoqu’s ShopAdvisor Brings Its On-The-Go Shopping Assistant To Android

Say hello to ShopAdvisor – a handy shopping assistant for smartphone users that lets you search for your favorite brands/products across renowned local/online retailers all across the globe, and keeps you informed of the latest price updates of all the products that you’ve added to the app’s Watch List. Using ShopAdvisor, you can find more-than-useful online expert reviews, complete with detailed guides, pros/cons and ratings, as well as browse online image galleries of various products that you’re looking to purchase. Keep a close watch on the recent price history of each product and get useful advices for your purchase decisions. Using the app’s native barcode scanner, you can also scan barcodes of various products and check their availability status across different retailers on-the-go. You may also share all the interesting findings/deals via emails, Facebook, or simply store them as notes to your Evernote account.


ShopAdvisor app was initially released to the iTunes App Store, while its Android variant has just recently hit the Android Market. The app, through its extensive online search, price comparisons, watch list filters, barcode scanning, price history comparison (through graphs) and support for a plethora of popular brands/products/retailers, ensures that you never miss out the best shopping deals in the town, whether you’re walking down the aisles of your favorite shopping mall or looking for cheap online deals while browsing the app from the comfort of your couch.

Ranging from Peppe Jeans to HP Pavilion Notebook to HTC’s latest wonder gadgets, ShopAdvisor successfully fetched all the searched products along with updated price information/availability for each during out brief test run.


The best part about ShopAdvisor is that it does not require setting up any user account or filling up extensive signup forms. Instead, once you fire up the app on your device, it straightaway takes you to its Search tab from where you may easily search for products via keywords or hit the Scan button to instantly scan barcodes. To fetch optimum results based on the products/stores in your particular vicinity, it is advised that you enable GPS on your device or feed in your area/zip code. Another interesting and handy facet of ShopAdvisor is that, based on your searched keyword(s), it automatically detects the relevant product’s brand/category and hence, suggests appropriate filters to refine your search as per various items that fall under that particular category. You may also sort search results by relevance as well as by price range (from high to low or vice versa).


Once you find a product of your liking, you can simply tap on it to find out all the useful details such as updated price, purchasing criteria and the stores where it’s available, either locally or online. Another admiring feature of ShopAdvisor is its Watch List that lets to keep a tab on any product of liking, and alerts you of updated price information on a specified date, or when the followed product’s price drops below a specified level. The app’s Advisor feature is worth mentioning, too. The more common item you search for, the more helpful suggestions you get for your purchases, thereby enhancing your chances to find a more desirable deal and/or a better alternative. You can easily find all your recent searches as well as items that are placed on the Watch List by tapping the History tab on the app’s homescreen.


Download ShopAdvisor for Android

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