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‘Prevent Duplicate Tabs’ Keeps Chrome From Opening Pages From Same URL

The number of tabs you have open in a window can quickly get out of hand; the number of tabs might get particularly out of control if it’s early morning and you’re going through your feeds and feeling all trigger happy or click compulsive. Prevent Duplicate Tabs is a Chrome extension that prevents you from opening multiple tabs of the same site. The extension can ensure that there is only a single page open of a particular domain or that there are no duplicate URLs open across any one window.

Prevent Duplicate Tabs

The extension works in two modes; one ensuring no duplicate URLs are open and the other preventing duplicate tabs open from the same domain being open. The extension adds an icon next to the URL bar that can be clicked to toggle between the modes or to deactivate the extension. When the icon arrow is green, the extension will prevent duplicate URLs from opening. i.e. you can open different pages from AddictiveTips but you can’t open the same page twice.

Prevent Duplicate Tabs blue

When the arrow on the icon is blue it will ensure that only one tab is open from the *.addictivetips.com/* domain. If you already had two pages from the site before switching to this mode, the previous tabs will not close, however, if you open a new link from the same site, the new link will open and all previously opened links from the same domain will be closed.

Prevent Duplicate Tabs inactive

When the arrow on the extension icon is red, it indicates the extension is inactive and you can open as many pages of the same site as you want.

Install Prevent Duplicate Tabs Extension For Chrome


    • The Gmail sign-in is there because of a new Chrome feature called Multiple Profile that I use. It’s detailed here https://www.addictivetips.com/internet-tips/chrome-13-tile-tabs-to-side-multiple-profile-support-tab-grouping/

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