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Forkly For iPhone – Food Discovery & Sharing With Twitter Integration

iOS is a pretty well-populated platform when it comes to apps (and users). Think of anything, and there’s the likelihood that there’s an app for that. Not only that, there’s probably more than one app for a similar function in the App Store. So, it’s up to the user to choose which app best suits his or her needs. Food-related apps are pretty common too and you have giants like Foursquare offering food finding services. A new addition to this field is Forkly, which not only lets you find the food you want, but also allows you to stay in touch with your Twitter followers by sharing what you are currently eating. The app serves the dual purpose of letting you find the best place to eat, and sharing all your culinary updates over your social network. In addition to all that, you can also use Forkly as a food journal!

ForklyFeatured Foods

You don’t need to sign up separately for Forkly, your Twitter account would suffice to login. Following are some of the most significant features of the app.

Forkly Places NearbyForkly Ratings


Once you sign in with your Twitter account, you will be able to see the Featured foods for the day. Also, this sections lists all the food items you and your Twitter contacts have posted.

Rating System

The ratings system this app employs is pretty unique. Usually food apps use stars to rate the food item, but Forkly comes up with a more intuitive method of doing this. You can choose ratings to be “Loved It”, “Like it”, “It’s Okay” or “Not for Me”. All this comes with the option to add custom comments.


The name’s pretty self-explanatory. You can view trending (or searched) food items in your area under the Discover tab. Suggestions make use of the taste you have developed so far in the app.

Forkly CategoriesForkly Influence


If you are first to discover an eating place or food item, you will have the influence tag on it, which means every user who comes there after you will be able to see who discovered it. This features comes integrated with maps.


Lists all the influences and other Forkly rewards you have earned so far.

That’s pretty much it. The interface is pretty simple (which is a good thing, in our opinion) and the app is free, so follow the download link given below and give Forkly a try.

Download Forkly


  1. All nice and good, but where is this going to? My friends (or “friends”) know where I am thanks to foursquare, know where I have been, know what I like etc. Now they know what I drink and eat. What’s next? They know when I go to toilet, have an intimate moment and have a hangover (not necessarily in that order of course).

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