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Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia – Android App For Aviation Enthusiasts

Ever since the Wright Brother took off their first flight, to the inception of modern-day jets, there has been a burning desire in avid aviation fans to learn about the art of flying, as well as the hard work that is put in getting these flying entities ready. In the prime days of computers and laptops, there used to be the highly informative CDs and DVDs covering the art and crafts of aviation that provided users with the audio-visual content of interest. Then emerged the era of high speed internet and smartphones that changed the way most of us were used to accessing required information. Thanks to the highly competent developers, we now have mobile apps for our devices that are well capable of doing the job that the aforementioned destop apps used to do back in the old days. Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia, as suggested by its name, is a free, informative and extremely useful Android app for users who are interested in or are studying aviation and love exploring information about models and designs of various aircrafts. From Boeing Airbuses to Monocoupe Aircrafts and from sonex planes to jet fighters, Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia has got everything in its rich repository along with detailed information for each. The app provides Technical Data, Climb Performance, Descent Performance and other useful info taken directly from Doc 8643 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Apart form sporting a rich graphical interface, Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia contains in-depth technical information about some of the most popular (and some rare) aircraft, airbuses and helicopters etc. The app also contains a rich photo gallery containing a huge collection of high quality aircraft pictures. The photo-filled Gallery section of the app is a perfect testimony to the users’ intense interest in taking a look at these amazing flying creatures from every possible angle.

Tap the Aircraft List button on app’s homescreen to enter the aircraft encyclopedia. Advanced manufacturer information such as name of the aircraft, its model, ICAO Code, classification and category is provided for each item along with physical attributes and performance-oriented technical data (speed, rate etc.). Tapping the 3D button displays aircraft sketches so that you can check out its design from various angles (front, top and side).

The entire encyclopedia is downloaded on your device at once and there is no option to update app’s content or search the internet for unlisted aircraft. Still, Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia carries enough data to keep you busy for hours.

Download Mobile Aircraft Encyclopedia for Android

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