How To Start A Conversation With Firefox Hello

Firefox 34 was released just a short while back and where it wasn't big on features in terms of numbers, there was one huge feature that was introduced in the release; Firefox Hello. Think about Google Hangouts; a chat service that is restricted to your Gmail account and the Chrome browser. Remove those restrictions and you have Firefox Hello. You are restricted to needing Firefox to initiate a conversation but neither you nor your recipient need a Firefox account and they also don't need to use Firefox. Here's how you can start either an audio call or a video call with Firefox Hello.Read More

Hands-On With The Official Viber App For Windows 8 & RT

Popular free mobile messaging and VoIP platform, Viber, extended its roots to the desktop back in May with the release of Viber for Windows and Mac, though the Windows app was desktop-based, meaning those using Windows RT tablets were out of luck. After a lot of speculations and wait, this week marked the availability of the popular VoIP service in Modern UI flavor at the Windows Store, boasting everything you would expect from an official Viber app, coupled with an exquisite interface that is both simple and intuitive. Viber for Windows 8 and RT offers all the functionality found on the mobile and desktop variants sans voice messaging and video calls. Read on for our hands-on review.Read More

Razer Comms For Android Is A Text & Voice Chat Companion For Gamers

Razer is a well-regarded brand in the world of video gaming accessories. Known for its high-end gaming peripherals targeted at PC and console gamers, the US firm has been in the business for quite some time now, and primarily manufactures keyboards, headphones, game controllers etc. A few days ago, Razer released Razer Comms – Gaming Messenger on Android, which brings its gaming-oriented VoIP service - which was previously only available on Windows - to Google's mobile platform. The app, which allows users to stay connected to their Razer Comms friends even when they are in the middle of their multiplayer gaming session, is basically an extension to the Windows desktop client, and not just a standalone app. What’s good about it is that instead of having to flipping windows back and forth on your computer, you can simply use the mobile app as an easier solution to communicate with your gaming pals whether you’re playing games or not. Read on for more details.Read More

Hands-On With The New WhatsApp Voice Messaging For Android, iOS & Windows Phone

The mobile messaging smash hit WhatsApp has become synonymous with instant messaging thanks to its 300 million strong user-base. The four-year-old service, which has expanded to several mobile platforms since its inception, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian OS, is used to share 325 million photos and 31 billion messages around the globe per day according to its makers. To celebrate their achievement, WhatsApp has now rolled out an all new voice messaging feature that will enable users to send quick voice memos to one another. If you haven’t used WhatsApp before, it seems now is a good time to take the plunge. After the break, we'll be taking a closer look at how the new voice messaging works.Read More

Viber For Windows Phone 8 Gets HD Voice Calls & Better Live Tiles

When we first covered Viber for Windows Phone a year ago, the app was quite disappointing. For some reason, the team behind the famous messenger didn’t add VoIP calling options to the WP7 client, and even when the calling capabilities did come, they were limited to Nokia devices. On Android and iOS, Viber is used almost exclusively for its free calls, since a lot of other text messengers (like WhatsApp) are already more popular. So, it is nice to see that after a considerable wait, Viber has properly arrived on Windows Phone. The app’s WP8 version has just been updated with several new features, and the most important among them are voice calls (that too in HD quality). Apart from free VoIP calling, the update makes better use of the WP8 Start screen by letting users pin individual conversations as live tiles.Read More

GroupVox Is A Virtual Walkie Talkie For Facebook Groups & Events [Android, iOS]

The latest update to the official Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS might have brought the support for voice messaging, but it cannot be deemed as a true walkie-talkie app. That is because the app only lets you share recorded voice messages with your friends rather than offering real push-to-talk (PTT) functionality like the previously-reviewed Rallee, which impressed us with most of its features but left much to be desired in terms of the interface. If you’re searching for a cross-platform Facebook walkie talkie app that sports a design similar to the official Facebook apps, take a look at GroupVox. Released recently for Android and iOS, GroupVox lets you communicate with select Facebook friends, Groups and Events in walkie talkie style via push-to-talk voice messaging. In addition, you get the option to switch to conventional text-based chatting from the same screen.Read More

talkbits Is A Location-Based Social Walkie-Talkie For Android & iOS

The resounding success of the likes of Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud et al has inspired many new startups to launch a themed social network of their own that's specific to a certain niche. There are quite a few such services out there based on the concept of voice messaging and audio clip sharing such as AiretalkVoiceBo and Hallo, and the latest addition to the list is talkbits. Fresh to the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, it’s a free, location-based social walkie-talkie app for iOS and Android. Unlike most similar services, talkbits offers location-based channels to let you indulge in conversations with nearby users by sharing audio streams and short voice messages. This way, you can discover like-minded people or stay informed about a live event taking place in or around a location of your interest. Be it a sports event, a public gathering, a musical concert or a traffic jam , talkbits lets you listen in on any activity of concern through other users’ voices.Read More

Rallee Is A Walkie Talkie & Voice Chat Android App For Facebook Users

As long as you’re content with interacting with your Facebook friends via text chats, the official Facebook Messenger Android app has you covered, but what if you wanted to communicate with them through voice? How about an app that can be used as a walkie talkie to allow you real-time voice messaging with not just one friend, but with an entire group comprising select friends? That is what Rallee Walkie Talkie is all about. This free Android app puts the Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication mode to good use by converting your device into a handy walkie talkie, allowing real-time voice chat with your individual Facebook friends as well as public and private Rallee groups. Feeling bored? Just find someone to have a voice conversation with by using the app’s Random call feature! Continue reading past the break to find out more about Rallee.Read More

Official Android Client Of Video Chatting Service Camfrog Released

Back in the ‘good old days’ of dial-up connections, when the concept of modern-day social networks and micro-blogging sites barely existed, instant messaging was considered to be the prime medium of connecting to worldwide internet users. Those were times when the likes of AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, ICQ and several other similar services that hosted public/private chat rooms ruled the roost. As time progressed, and high speed internet became mainstream, numerous other big players stepped into the foray, providing the facility of video chat. Camfrog is one such service and is renowned for boasting an overwhelming number of registered users courtesy of its high quality audio and video chatting service, easy file sharing , and more importantly, its availability across almost all renowned desktop and mobile platforms. It has been available on Windows, Linux & iOS for quite some time, and now, a beta version of the app has finally been released for Android users as well.Read More

Skype Auto Recorder: Automatically Record Voice Calls From Defined Contacts

In our guide to supercharge your Skype experience, we recommended CallGraph Skype Recorder to capture voice calls and save them at defined output location. The application comes handy in situations where you need to control voice call recording from an on-screen recorder, as it allows you to start, pause and stop the recording with a click. It records all the voice calls that you accept, and doesn’t allow specifying Skype contacts whose calls are to be recorded automatically. Today, we came across an open source extension for Skype, namely Skype Auto Recorder, that lets you apply voice call recording filters, so you can record voice calls of only specific contacts. Moreover, the application starts recording voice calls as soon as you accept them, and saves the recording in MP3 format.Read More

ooVoo: Cross Platform Application For Free Text, Voice And Video Chat

ooVoo is a cross platform communication tool that can be used for voice calling, video calling and instant messaging on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS based systems. It allows you to connect with anyone at anytime using video calls, video messages, voice chat, phone calls, text etc. If you cant meet with someone in person, don’t worry, ooVoo lets you have video chat with multiple people at a time. Due to the application being cross platform, it doesn’t matter if you or your friends are using Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or any Android based tablet or phone. More on ooVoo after the break.Read More

RaidCall: Cross-Platform, Low Latency Voice Chat Client For Gamers

Being a die-hard DOTA fan myself, I know that lag-free voice chat is a must for gamers when playing multiplayer online games, such as DOTA, Ghost Recoon and Call of Duty, just to name a few. Such games require a lot of precise teamwork and coordination among the players, in order to take the lead. While a few games come with an integrated chat client, a common scene in game consoles, PC gamers also have the ability to use other chat clients, such as Skype is used by a lot of casual gamers for voice chat when playing with friends, and then there is TeamSpeak, as well as Ventrilo by others. Another one i recently came across is RaidCall. It is a voice chat application for Windows that allows gamers to have a lag-free group voice chat while gaming online. It allows you to set up multiple groups and add players to the groups, enabling you to communicate with everyone from within your gaming session. The application supports Push to Talk and free chat mode, letting users speak at any time. More on RaidCall after the break.Read More

OctroTalk: 2-In-1 IM Client For Gtalk & Jabber Available For Android

OctroTalk is a handy cross-platform IM client for mobile/smartphone devices that connects you to your Google Talk (Gtalk) and Jabber buddies. Using OctroTalk, not only can you start chatting with your friends via text, but can also start free voice calls with the online ones. That’s not all; the client also lets you make free calls to any phone number of your choice using a preferred SIP. Although OctroTalk supports two of the most widely used IM services, it does not allow logging in with multiple accounts at once.Read More

Voxer Brings Its PTT-Based IM Client To The Android Market

Looking to instantly share your texts, photos and location with friends, supplemented by real-time voice/audio messages? Why not do it via Voxer – a PTT-based instant messenger for iOS and Android that lets you quickly share voice messages with friends in real-time (just like a walkie-talkie), or record your messages to send them automatically upon connecting to the internet. In addition, the app lets you pick multiple contacts to initiate a group chat, and alerts you of all your new messages and friend requests via notifications.Read More

Enable Google Talk Voice And Video Chat On Motorola Photon 4G [Guide]

Motorola Photon 4G is a high-tier Android phone that was able to score a huge fan base right after developers were able to achieve root and a custom recovery. It was, however, ironical that Google Talk version that came pre-installed on Photon 4G didn’t have video and voice chat support. Ballerx43, Senior XDA member, after spending a whole lot of time with Atrix 4G Dev community finally figured out the method to enable voice and video chat on Google Talk installed on Motorola Photon 4G. The method, for now, isn’t an easy single click one and requires the user to have ample command over ADB etc.Read More

TS3 Remote For Android – Monitor TeamSpeak 3 Desktop Client Over WLAN

In the beginning of the current month, the guys over at TeamSpeak Inc. released the Android variant of their group VoIP chat client in beta. Apparently, that wasn’t all they had in mind for the platform. Released to the Android Market roughly a week ago, TS3 Remote is a handy little Android tool that lets you connect to the TeamSpeak 3 client running on your computer over local WiFi and monitor whatever channel you are currently in. The app simply displays all users in the channel along with their nationality and status (mute, speaking etc.). It does not stream audio. So what’s the point? Join us after the break to find out.Read More

TeamSpeak Brings Its Group Voice Chat To Android, iPhone & iPad

TeamSpeak – a popular cross-platform voice chat client – has been catering voice chat, group chat and online file sharing needs of gamers, individuals and professional users for quite some time. Recently, TeamSpeak has released its Android (in beta) and iOS client to capture the audience of two of the leading smartphone operating systems. TeamSpeak for Android and iOS lets you connect to your family, colleagues, community or clan over multiple chat servers (including TeamSpeak’s own server) and voice chat with them (Push-To-Talk) in real-time on your device with crystal clear sound quality.Read More

TalkBox Voice Messenger For Android Gives Voice Chat A New Meaning

Apps built around the concept of instant messaging are already available in abundance across app stores of both renowned smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. That being said, if you are thinking that we are going to introduce you to yet another similar-looking, tried-and-tested alternative, think again! Originally developed for the iOS and now available on the Android Market, TalkBox is a cross-platform voice messaging app that merges the conventional text chat interface with voice communication. The app, much like the built-in Voice Clips feature in Windows Live Messenger, allows both Android and iOS users to send recorded audio snippets to each other. Users can geo-tag each of their messages and can invite up to seven friends to an on going conversation.Read More

Install Google Talk With Video Chat On Any Android Device

Google recently released the Android 2.3.4 update for the Nexus S and one of the primary features of this update is an updated Google Talk client featuring video chat support. If you don’t want to wait for the 2.3.4 OTA update for your device, we have the extracted version of Google Talk that will bring video chat support to it, though this isn’t entirely glitch-free. Read on for details.Read More