Allow, Block Or Remove Apps From Windows Firewall Using Context Menu

I still remember those Windows 98 days when a pesky virus popped into my computer from the internet, and wouldn't go even after trying all the antivirus solutions I had at my disposal. Luckily, Microsoft has been shipping its desktop OS with Windows Firewall, providing an sufficient protection against internet threats, hacks and security breaches. At its core, Windows Firewall lets you change the way your computer communicates with the outside world, automatically blocking suspicious incoming communication unless you open the port for it in the firewall's settings, using rules. However, those who often tinker with these rules would be aware of how tricky, tedious and confusing it can be to block or unblock the pertaining ports. If you want to overcome this, try’s Allow, Block Or Remove - Windows Firewall tool that makes configuring those rules tenfold easier.Read More

Firewall App Blocker : Add Applications To Firewall Block List via Drag & Drop

Windows Firewall is a vital system security and packet filtering component of Windows. This celestial feature enables users to create inbound and outbound data traffic rules to protect their PCs and network from malicious external sources, such as trojans, viruses, and hack attacks. The major function of Windows Firewall is to restrict third-party applications from sending and receiving data to unauthorized users/apps. Firewall generally automatically identifies trusted sources and adds an exceptions. Likewise, if a software seems fishy, it asks you about manually granting or blocking the permission. However, the Windows Firewall is not utilized up to its full potential by most users because it seems a bit tedious to configure and unleash its prowess. Most casual users cannot get the hang of its inbound and outbound rules. Back in 2008, we brought you a detailed guide on How to Create Exceptions in Windows 7/ Vista Firewall. Today, we have an application for Windows, which might provide an alternative and easier solution. It is called Firewall App Blocker, and allows you to add applications to the Windows Firewall block list via simple drag and drop operation. In addition, the application lets you set Windows Firewall policies by providing you with easy access to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security dialog box.Read More

Windows Firewall Notifier For Both Incoming Or Outgoing Connections

Windows Firewall is a software firewall and packet filtering component of Windows which helps users create inbound and outbound rules to protect their network from being compromised. Like all firewalls, it protects the networks from unauthorized access while allowing legitimate communication to pass through and by blocking malicious, specified or user profiling agents. Unfortunately, the firewall settings can be a bit difficult for many home users to configure. For this reason many users prefer keeping their Windows Firewall Off for avoiding network disruptions. Windows Firewall Notifier is a portable application which makes it easy to configure firewall rules (both inbound and outbound) by providing prompts similar to UAC (User Account Control) for allowing and blocking network traffic.Read More

Windows 7 Firewall Control

Windows Firewall Control is a nifty little app developed to provide quick access to the most frequent options used from Windows Firewall. It sits in the system tray and allows user to control the Windows 7 Firewall easily without having to waste time by navigating to the specific part of the Firewall.Read More

Windows 7 Firewall Outbound Protection

This post will answer the following four questions(all related to each other):

  • What Is Firewall Outbound Protection?
  • How To Enable Firewall Outbound Protection?
  • Why Enable Firewall Outbound Protection?
  • How To Create Rules For Applications To Access Internet?
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Stop A Program From Gaining Unsolicited Internet Access In Windows 7

You might not know that several applications on your computer system may be accessing the internet without your approval. This can also become a security hazard as hackers may exploit your system using these applications. In order to put a check on the usage of the Internet by various applications and to disable the unsolicited internet usage of any such application running on your Windows 7 system, go through the following simple steps.Read More