City Lens For Lumia WP7: Identify Places Near You & View Info In Augmented Reality

When Windows Phone 7 was bumped to Mango, one feature that came across as a good addition to the OS was the search menu’s Local Scout. If you don’t already know, Local Scout provides users with search results that are related to their current location. It is a good way of discovering interesting and useful places near you. As attractive as the official feature might sound, it does have a few shortcomings, and it does not work outside the US and UK. Maybe that’s why Nokia has decided to launch City Lens for Lumia WP7 devices. The app has been around on Symbian phones for quite a while, but you won’t guess that by the Mango version’s polished Metro interface. City Lens is basically an augmented reality browser that allows users to discover places near them. Many other apps can do that, but the best thing about this Nokia app is the fact that you can use it to point your device at any place in real life, and it will give you all the information about it on your phone’s screen! Read More

Cross-Platform VoIP & Messaging App Viber Comes To Windows Phone 7 & Blackberry

Viber is one of the most popular free text and VoIP call services on both Android and iOS. After much success on both these platforms, the famous service has finally released its client for WP7 and the currently-somewhat-neglected Blackberry. Before you get too excited though, please note that the Mango version of Viber is still in its limited beta and you cannot make voice calls for now. Luckily, the text messenger service alone is enough to give WhatsApp a run for its money. Read on to know all about Viber’s features and current limitations. Read More

Set Any Custom SMS Ringtone On WP7 Using MyRingtone2SMS [Homebrew]

WP7 Mango brought some much-needed changes to Windows Phone 7, and also paved the way for many third-party custom ringtone apps in the Marketplace (a feature hitherto inaccessible for WP7 users having non-jailbroken devices). One small thing that most people failed to mention was the fact that the term “custom ringtones” didn’t seem to apply to SMS and notification sounds. There has never been any possible way of customizing the notification and SMS tones on a Mango phone, even if you had full unlocked access. Fortunately, things have finally changed for the better and you can now choose any sound as your custom SMS ringtone if you have an interop unlocked device! Sounds exciting? Head past the break to find out more about MyRingtone2SMS - the Homebrew that has made this feat possible! Read More

How To Add EDGE Option To Lumia 900 Cellular Data Settings [Guide]

When the Lumia 800 was launched, people called it the best Windows Phone 7 device to date, but all that changed as soon as its elder sibling, Lumia 900, hit the market. The most prominent difference between the two devices is the front-facing camera in the latter, and the fact that it is the first ever LTE WP7 device! So, the Nokia ship was sailing smoothly regarding the Lumia 900, but then battery issues started rearing their ugly heads, and Nokia even released an update that claimed to fix the battery issues plaguing the Lumia devices. However, there are other steps users can themselves take to enhance their phone’s battery life. How about switching to EDGE on your Lumia 900 instead of using the power-hungry LTE when you don't really need it? We do know there isn’t an EDGE option in the Cellular settings of the phone by default, and this article is all about getting that facility. Read More

NickWrite: A Smart Text Editor For WP7 That Learns From Your Typing Habits

Out of the many reasons that have made me a fan of Windows Phone 7, the stock Messaging app has got to be somewhere near the top of the list. I am not talking about just the Facebook integration it offers (although that is quite awesome). Other things such as the great keyboard and non-intrusive spellcheck make it perfect for someone who texts a lot. I never thought any update, or app, can better WP7’s stock text editing, but NickWrite seems to have done just that! The app is a simple text editor on the surface, but its distinction lies in its ability to learn from the way you type! Of course, you can add new words to WP7’s own text editor’s dictionary, but NickWrite does everything automatically. It essentially starts guessing a sentence as soon as you begin typing it in, and at times, you will be able to finish a sentence without having to type anything after the first couple of words! Sound familiar? The app's predictive abilities have a lot in common with popular Android keyboard replacement SwiftKey X. Read on for details. Read More

How To Bring Back Windows Phone Marketplace In Zune [Hack]

A few days back, Microsoft announced two major changes regarding WP7 - app support for pre-Mango versions of Windows Phone 7 was finally dropped (which shouldn’t be much of an issue, given the fact that no existing WP7 device is incompatible with Mango), and rather surprisingly, the guys over in Redmond killed the Windows Phone Marketplace in Zune. This may be to counter cracking of apps, or maybe the Zune Marketplace was just thought to be extraneous after the web Marketplace became active. Whatever the reason behind this move may be, apparently, it isn’t too difficult to get the Zune Marketplace back. Anyone can do this, even those who don’t have a developer unlocked device. In fact, to follow the method to hack the WP7 Marketplace back to Zune, you won’t even need to touch your phone, as everything will be done on PC. Read More

IDswitch: Use Multiple IDs For WP7 Marketplace Downloads [Homebrew]

Unlike iOS, the Windows Phone Marketplace does not have any option to let users switch between Live IDs for particular downloads. The ID you use for setting up your Mango phone remains your primary account, and all Marketplace downloads take place directly through it. The only way to change your primary Live ID is by wiping your phone completely (via a factory reset). This is definitely an extreme measure, but luckily, now you can avoid it (that is, if you have an interop unlocked device). Over at the XDA forum, a new homebrew has been released by the name of IDswitch, which allows users to switch between as many Live IDs as they want! Got an unlocked Windows Phone? Read on to know more. Read More

Warnygo: Create & View Alerts For Emergency Situations In Your Area [WP7]

There are many apps in the Marketplace, but only a fraction of them are meant for social welfare, which is what makes Warnygo for Windows Phone 7 a rare entry. The app allows you to help others, providing an opportunity to form a community in which everyone can contribute by reporting emergencies in their vicinity. The app is not just for emergency situations, though. You can use it for staying up to date with other incidents as well, such as a celebrity visiting your city, or a gig taking place nearby. More after the break. Read More

How To Set Any Image As The Splash Screen Of Your WP7 Device [Homebrew]

Anyone who says that Android is the only platform that offers true customization obviously hasn’t used a jailbroken iOS device, or even a Windows Phone 7 with root privileges. The Mango platform might not be able to do everything an Android device can, but it has slowly started to catch up. We have covered quite a few Homebrew apps that are capable of doing some amazing stuff, and the latest to join the ranks of such apps is Splash Changer. There are many apps that let you do this for Android phones (like this one), but Splash Changer is the first WP7 app that lets you set any image as the splash screen of your rooted Mango phone (the screen that appears when your device boots up). Read on for details. Read More

EyeEm Is An Instagram-Like Photo Sharing & Styling App For WP7

One of the most desired apps among Windows Phone 7 users is Instagram. Despite its popularity, there is no sign of its release for the Mango platform any time soon. No doubt, there are many third-party clients for Instagram available in the Marketplace, but you cannot publish or edit photos using them. Fortunately, now you might not have to wait for Instagram at all, as EyeEm is here. Some might call it a replica of Instagram; it does seem somewhat inspired from the photo-sharing giant's mobile clients. The basic functionality is the same, of course (you can beautify your photos and then share them with your social network friends and other EyeEm users), but the available filters are very different. Read More

Snotify: Turn Off SMS, Email & Toast Notifications On WP7 [Homebrew]

If Microsoft allows all the stuff from Bazaar into the Marketplace, Windows Phone 7 can become a true competitor of other smartphone platforms. For now, if you tell someone about your Mango phone, they are mostly likely to say something like “isn’t that the phone in which you can’t even copy/ paste properly?” Although WP7 has come a long way since the copy/ paste update fixed that issue, there are still a lot of basic functionalities that are missing. Take a look at notifications, for an example - there is no way you can turn off notifications on your phone, and until recently, there wasn’t even any Homebrew app available for that. Not anymore, as Snotify is here. This homebrew brings the much-needed function of letting users turn off notification for SMS, email and other apps if you have root access on your device. Even a Homebrew with the ability to silence all notifications at once would have been pretty useful for most users, but Snotify goes a step ahead and adds the option to let users choose the individual alert types that they want to silence. Sounds cool? Read on for details. Read More

AppDetective Notifies You Whenever An App Of Your Choice Arrives In The WP7 Marketplace

You can argue that Windows Phone 7 has got the best interface among all the smartphone platforms, but there is no denying the fact that the number of apps available in the Marketplace is nothing compared to the apps in Google's Play Store and iTunes App Store. We haven’t even got Instagram on the Mango platform, and Skype has been launched only recently. However, all that doesn’t mean that there is no development going on for WP7, as there are many apps that are to be released in the Marketplace in the near future. So, how will you come to know when Photosynth or Temple Run becomes available for WP7? You can keep searching the Marketplace each day, or you can use the much easier method of employing AppDetective to your service. With this handy little app, you have to specify your likes and wishlist just once, and it will notify you as soon as the official app, or even its third-party client, is launched in the Marketplace. Read More

Calculator2 Is A Programmable Scientific Calculator, Unit & Currency Converter For WP7

If you look at the stock Calculator on offer in Windows Phone 7, you are sure to notice that it is pretty similar to the one in Android, and is not lacking in functionality and features at all. Holding the device in portrait mode gives you a simple calculator, while tilting it sideways allows you to switch to scientific calculations. You might not feel the need for any other calculator app in the presence of the stock app, but that is only if you use your phone for calculations on occasion. However, if you are a Mathematics student or a businessman, you might want to take a look at some of the third-party calculator apps available in the Marketplace. One of the best in this category is Calculator². The app is a complete calculation suite, and acts a tool for unit conversion in addition to being a programmable, advanced calculator. Read More

Photo Timeline Displays Your WP7 Photos On A Map & Calendar

Apparently, the term “timeline” is a favorite among everyone these days. There used to be just a Twitter timeline previously, until Facebook adopted the idea as well. To be honest, arranging your online life in a chronological order does give things a more ordered and neat look, and maybe that’s why the idea has caught on with considerable success. Photo Timeline is an app for Windows Phone 7 that brings essentially the same concept to a much more basic level. The app arranges all the photos in the camera roll of your WP7 device according to the time they were snapped on. In Photo Timeline, each active day has its own slot, with all its photos stacked against it. The app also has menus to let you view your photos on its calendar, or on a map integrated within the app. Read More

Pepper For WP7: A Social Network For Discovering Music Gigs & Fun Events

You can listen to a song on TV or PC as many times as you want, but nothing is quite like being in a concert and enjoying your favorite music with hundreds of other fans. As much as people enjoy concerts, it is a fact that it’s never easy to discover all such events in your vicinity. Most of us find out about planned gigs via social media, but won’t it be nice if there were a social network just for music events - one that you could carry around with you? If you are a Windows Phone 7 user, now there is! Meet Pepper, a Mango app which will let you connect with your music-loving friends, and keep you up-to-date with all the latest gigs and recreational events happening in your area. Not only that, Pepper also lets you follow your favorite artists, so that you always know where and when they are performing. Read More

CamSpeed: Test Focus & Shutter Speed Of Your Android Or WP7 Device’s Camera

Easily one of the best camera benchmarks for Android and WP7 out there today, CamSpeed is not your average benchmark app highlighting the time it takes from pressing the shutter button to capturing an image. The apps measures variables such as Focus Time, Shutter Time and JPEG available. With mobile phone cameras catching up fast with digital cameras, with the pixels per shot and quality of sensors increasing year by year, the competition between the phones is heating up as well, and it always helps to try and roughly figure out how fast the camera on a device is. Comparisons are always fun; benchmarks, even more. And where most users gauge cameras by their results alone, others might want to take comparisons a step further, which is where CamSpeed comes in handy. Read More

RandomRingtone Automatically Changes Default Ringtone After Every 30 Minutes [WP7 Homebrew]

I am one of those people who just loathe monotony, and a small testament to that is my habit of changing my WP7’s wallpaper every day. Since I have used an Omnia 7 for a long time, and that too with a custom ROM on it, I was pleased when Dynamic Background was released (you can read that Homebrew’s complete review here). Now, if you are interested in getting an app that does something similar for ringtones, one clever developer over at the XDA forum has got the perfect solution for you. RandomRingtone is a Homebrew that automatically changes your device's default ringtone after every 30 minutes. The app works on WP7 devices having root access, and should prove to be really handy if you have custom ringtones stored in your unlocked device. Read More

Trapster Brings Its Crowd-Sourced Navigation Assistance To WP7

Trapster is a well-known name when it comes to navigation apps for smartphones. Unfortunately, the app didn’t have a Windows Phone 7 client till now. Happily, that changes this morning, and the official Trapster app for WP7 is now in the Marketplace. If you don’t know what Trapster is, the service is designed to help drivers in finding out all about the roads they are travelling on. Many maps apps can plan routes for users, but Trapster uses feedback from users to generate a more practical and realistic map, which highlights all the obstacles you might come across when driving through any area. Like all good navigation apps, Trapster supports audio instructions, and will alert you vocally whenever you are near an trap or obstacle. Read on for details. Read More

Bing Translator Now Allows Offline Translation Via Text, Speech & Camera [WP7]

The quality of translation apps in the Window Phone 7 Marketplace is pretty good in general. In addition to a host of third-party apps from the genre, there is one developed by Microsoft itself. We are talking about the Bing Translator app, of course. This Mango app has been around for about as long as WP7 itself, but now Translator just became a whole lot better, to compete with apps like previously reviewed Babylon. Translator now has the ability to work offline for some languages, and lets you provide input in the form of text, through speech or by scanning an image of text using the camera using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Imagine the usefulness of that feature, as now you can take your WP7 along on trips as your personal translator without having to worry about internet connectivity. After the break - an overview of the app's new and old features. Read More

How To Interop Unlock Nokia Lumia 710/800 & Flash A Custom ROM

In the opinion of most Windows Phone 7 users, the Nokia Lumia series represents the best breed of WP7 devices. The awesome camera, form-factor and display of the Lumia 800 and 710 have gone a long way towards endearing Nokia’s Mango phones to the masses. Given the popularity of these devices, it makes sense that the developer community has been taking an active interest in finding an interop unlock method (or in simple terms, jailbreak) for the Lumia series. Fortunately, they seem to have stricken gold (or silver, for that matter). If you are lucky, Nokia sold you your device with an unlocked bootloader, paving the way for flashing custom ROMs and attaining interop unlock. Such bootloader is not to be found in all Lumia 800s, but the owners of Lumia 710 might be a whole lot more fortunate than that. Confused? Read on, and we will try to explain matters. Read More