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IntelliStocks: Monitor Stocks & Receive Price-Based Notifications [WP7]

There was a time when smartphones were used mainly by people associated with business, primarily on account of the assistance that these little gadgets provided in the form of finance-related apps. Although times have changed, and smartphones have started to spread to the masses (especially since Android came into being), a large contingent of users still pay special attention to apps pertaining to stock prices and stock exchange in general. Despite Windows Phone 7 being a rather-new platform, we already have an impressive collection of stock market apps for it. IntelliStocks is a nice addition to the Marketplace’s financial arsenal, and brings a ton of new and welcome features to WP7. Head past the break to find out all about this new and useful app.

IntelliStocks Portfolio IntelliStocks Indices

Once inside the app, first and foremost is the choice of stock market that you wish to monitor. To do that, go to the Indices section and choose from among the 5 options present there. If you want, you can browse through the market and its trends in general, but the app becomes significantly more useful if you create your own Portfolio for it. To add your portfolio, head to that section and tap the ‘+’ button.  A search box will be presented to you, and you can look for any company and add it to your portfolio. Once you have added all the stocks you are interested in, a separate board will be created for them, and in that area, all the information that is exclusively of your interest will be displayed.

IntelliStocks Charts IntelliStocks Alerts

Outside of your portfolio, you can check the latest progress of any specific stock by tapping it. This will take you to that company’s dedicated page, where you can view its past price trends, history and other related data. IntelliStocks will also generate a chart of the price rise and drops for any given stock based on daily, weekly or monthly fluctuations. The most useful and unique feature of the app is the ability to set up custom, price-based alerts. Therefore, you can choose any stock in your portfolio and create an alert by choosing any number of parameters, which means that IntelliStocks will send you notifications whenever a stock rises to a certain price, or drops in value, or meets whatever parameters you set up earlier. So you won’t run the risk of missing some important market development just because you weren’t paying attention to the market for just one day.

IntelliStocks Movers IntelliStocks Trending

Apart from these features, the app has the usual sections associated with all stock market apps, which let you stay apprised of the latest trends in the market, and tell you what’s hot right now and what’s not. If you follow the stock market closely and own a WP7, do give IntelliStocks a try, as the app is really useful, and also free over in the Marketplace.

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