How To Install Skype In Ubuntu Linux

If you want to have conversation with your friends, colleagues, or an employee, Skype is the definitely the best choice. It is a well known Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application which is free and cross-platform that let you call from one Skype user to another free of cost. Millions of people are using it to make free calls over Internet, send instant messages to friends, and arrange video conferencing with colleagues. It also offers local numbers in some countries, if this service is available in your region then you will also be able to receive calls on your computer, but Skype charges you for such a service.

Skype does not comes as a part of Ubuntu repositories by default. To install it in Ubuntu, you will need to first add its repositories. The steps to install it are as follows:

First of all, go to System > Administration > Software Sources.

lauch system sources How To Install Skype In Ubuntu LinuxView in gallery

Click Third-Party Software tab.

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Now, add Skype repository by clicking Add and typing the following line in APT line box. non-free

Click Add Source.

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Now, click Reload.

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Now in the last step,  run following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install skype

Once installation is complete, it can be launched from Application > Internet > Skype.

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That’s  it. Enjoy!