Quickly Switch Workspaces In Ubuntu Unity With Indicator Workspaces

Indicator Workspaces was formerly available for Ubuntu 10.10 but it has now been updated for the new Ubuntu 11.04 version with changes that are in line with Unity. This applet now allows customization of workspaces and rows used by Unity Workspace Switcher. It also adds an option to the panel for switching between multiple workspaces. With Indicator Workspaces you can decide the number of workspaces to view from Unity and number of rows which you would prefer viewing simultaneously.

Simply install the .deb package, launch Indicator Workspaces and select the number of workspaces and rows. Check the Start indicator at login option to make sure that you can view indicator from the panel.

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You can switch between workspaces according to your configured criteria. Double click on a specific workspace to switch to it.

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Alternatively, you can use the system tray option to switch between workspaces. The Preferences option will take you back to Workspace Preferences.

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Download Indicator Workspaces

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