• ravi16aug

    Tagscanner is a more comprehensive utility. I have tried many of these, including MP3Tag, and found tagscanner to be the best, though the interface may take some time getting used to.

  • knockoffhandbags

    Audio editor|mp3 editor

    Edit MP3, WMA, OGG & WAV sound file from sound card by all sound editor xp

  • Hariharakumar

    Is there any application that can batch rename the Meta-tags of mp3 files, like the file grinder.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful digital tracks can also be created with the help of Sound Editing Softwares available in various options. With the help of these softwares the tone, pitch, amplitude etc can be done. Expert mixing can also be done to create supersonic digital tracks. This of course is good news for aspiring mixers and amateur DJs as these softwares are easy to use and even low priced.

  • Marcelo

    I like this program.  While not everything works, such as using Discogs to complete tag data, it does have enough features to be useful in an understandable interface.  I use it to remove comments and urls I don’t want with the blank function.  I also use the convert feature to automatically file the title and author tags. Then I manually search Discogs for the year and genre and paste them into the file.