How To Index Encrypted Files In Windows 7

Windows Start Search can index various drives and locations for faster search, but what if you have encrypted drive and want the files inside to be indexed as well. Before explaining the steps to enable indexing of encrypted files, make sure the drive is encrypted using Bitlocker.

According to Microsoft Help and Support, non-Microsoft encryption programs are not supported because Windows only supports files encrypted using Encryption File System(EFS).

Click the Start Orb, type Indexing Options in Start Search, and hit Enter. In the Indexing Options main window, hit the Advanced button.

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Now check the Index Encrypted Files option and you will be shown a confirmation dialog box.

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If you are using a smart card to access encrypted files, then you will have to insert it before clicking Continue. Indexing encrypted files will make Windows rebuild the index from scratch and might take several hours depending on the number of files.

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When done, hit OK to close Advanced Options dialog window.