Windows 7 Mobility Center

The Mobility Center was first introduced in Windows Vista, it is extremely useful for laptop users who frequently  move to different places and therefore need to change the settings very often . Lets see the features of Windows 7 Mobility Center.

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How To Launch The Windows Mobility Center

There are two ways in which you can access the Windows Mobility Center

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Windows Mobility Center.
  2. Hit Windows + X hotkey

The Mobility Center has seven functions for mobile PC’s and you can quickly access these functions without having to navigate to them through the control panel.


This option lets you adjust the brightness of the display in an easy manner. Move the slider back and forth to adjust the level of brightness.

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Lets you play with the volume settings of your system. Clicking the Volume option launches the following window so that you can easily adjust the settings.

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Battery Status

It shows the battery status and also lets you change the battery plan.

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Wireless Network

Like others you too probably found that it is quite difficult to find and configure wireless networks in Windows 7. Now simply click the Wireless Network option in the Windows Mobility Center and it will launch the list of Available Networks.

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External Display

Click the connect display button and it will open the window to connect your system’s display externally, like for example Projector only.

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Sync Center

Sync Center is an advanced level feature of windows that lets you transfer data and information automatically.

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Presentation Settings

This feature sets your computer to the presentation mode. In this mode, the computer will stay awake, notifications are disabled and you can also have a preset background.

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The Windows Mobility Center is really helpful for laptop users as they have a central point to perform necessary settings in a quick and efficient way. Enjoy!