Write Mathematical Equations With Math-o-mir Editor [Windows]

Wondering which tool should be used for writing down complex mathematical equations? Math-o-mir provides one-stop solution for this very purpose. It is a small freeware utility which seems much like an orthodox notepad, carrying multitude of mathematical symbols ranges from trigonometric symbols, logarithmic symbols to generic arithmetic operators. Apart from a mere mathematical notepad, it also allows user to do customizations over the symbols and mathematical signs. Writing mathematical symbols, equations in it is a cinch because it provides same experience of writing mathematical equations as you are writing on paper.

To get started, launch the app, from left sidebar, you will see different categories of mathematical symbols and equations.

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Place the insert cursor in main editing window, from left side just select the symbol from its respective category.

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Now start writing down the mathematical equation. From left side bar, you will have an option to use different sorts of symbol behaviors. For instance we are using inherent virtual Keyboard for showing different alphabets.

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For zooming in/out, scroll Mouse wheel in forward/backward direction.

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Editing mathematical equations is very easy, right-click over symbol and select desired option.

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Head over to Options menu to configure list of available options and settings ranges from Selections, Movements, Keyboard settings, Font size to Parenthesis height and much more.

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It works smoothly on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Testing was done on system running Windows 7.

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