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Watermark In Word 2010

Watermark lets user to mark the document as private, confidential, and write any text that informs about the usage & credibility of the document. Either text or image can be included as watermark, that appear on printed page to mark it for specific use. It could be an emblem of some brand, logo of a company, monogram of a product that you want to include as watermark. In Word 2010, using Watermark feature would be helpful to inform audience of your document about the constraints over the usage you have applied. Word supports both text and image watermarks.

Launch Word 2010, open a document on which you want to show Watermark, and navigate to page Layout tab.

page layout

Now From Watermark option , select an appropriate watermark to apply it over.


Here you can see the watermark on the document.

confidential 1

Now if you want to show watermark with custom text, from Watermark options, click Custom Watermark.

watermark 13

You will reach Printed Watermark dialog. Under Text watermark and from Text, enter text you want to show as watermark in the document, as shown in the screenshot below. Click OK to continue.


You will see the custom watermark showing on the document.

watermark added

Now for inserting image instead of text as watermark, click Custom Watermark from Watermark menu. Now enable Picture watermark option, and click Select Picture. Select the image you want to include as watermark and click Insert.

select image watermark

You can see the path of the image file you chose, now click OK to proceed further.

image selected

You will see watermark image on the document, as shown in the screenshot below.


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  • Mahi

    Thank you. It was first result on Google, spot on

  • bob

    custom wortermark is ghosted and cannot be selected also watermark doesn’t show in web layout?

  • Deep Mukherjee

    thanks a lot

  • Bbattersonrossi

    I want to put a watermark in each of 3 gift certificates on 1 page…is that possible?

  • Bbattersonrossi

    I want to put a watermark in each of 3 gift certificates on 1 page…is that possible?

  • Sarbeland

    How to insert water mark on first page only ? I tried Section Break but useless…
    please help

    • Ccouch

      all you have to do is make it a different header on page one. the watermark is linked to the headers.

  • Yuangie

    I do not want watermark on 1st page of the documents. How?

  • sophie

    How do you put watermark on page of labels.  On each label.

  • Innsp

    I must be using and entirely different program called Word 2010. I don’t even have a page layout tab. I’ve been had!

  • Jenni

    I want to water mark pictures that I make. But I do not know how to do that. Does anybody know how to do it?

    • Ikaal Starlon

      (Word 2010) Go to Watermark > custom watermark > Picture watermark > Select Picture
      I hope this helps.

  • Paula

    After inserting my customer watermark and saving the file I’m having trouble when I open the document back up – the watermark has changed to what looks like a box around the watermark and prints with a box around it instead of it being washed out/transparent – any idea why it is changing the format?

  • Rameshchandra C Keni

    Watermarks can be removed. Then what is the use of watermark

    • morto00x

      MS Word is a word processor. Usually when you finish a document you print it out on paper or submit it as a PDF or PS so that people don’t edit it (unless you want them to).

  • angie

    i did a custom watermark… how do I change the degree of the watermark… washout is too light, undoing washout is too dark. Help.

  • ian

    how do you make a macro to remove a watermark. when i use the record macro once the macro is recorded and then run it selects all of the text instead of removing the water mark. Also how do you select menu options when recording a macro

  • Terry

    I would like to change the default colour of watermarks in Word 2010. How do I do this so that they always come out the same colour without having to manually change them?

  • Lyn

    I created a watermark but the only half of it is printing on some pages while the entire watermark is printing on others. How do I fix this issue?

  • Lyn

    I’m adding watermarks to a document but it’s not showing on every page. It may show or page one but not on page 2. It my reappear on but 3, 4, 5 etc. then doesn’t show up on page 9 and 11. Is there a way to fix this?

  • DJ

    How do add the watermark such that it remains outside the printable margins for the main text and how can I save it as a template such that it does not disappear if I cut and paste text?

  • brett

    how can you add a watermark that shows the date and time the pdf or document was printed???

  • chaitya

    how to insert multiple water marks in word

  • frustrated86

    I’ve inserted a picture into my document and I’d really like for the watermark to show over the picture as well as the text, but it doesn’t. Is there a way I can fix this, or is there another windows program I can use to put a watermark over a picture?

    • Alan

      I cannot get the watermark over a table I have inserted it is always underneath so cannot read all of it

  • Chris

    Can one save a custom text watermark, e.g. “SPECIMEN ONLY”, so that it is not necessary to re-input the text every time one uses that watermark?

    • mitzi

      Dis you get a response to this question? I need to customize a watermark to use in several documents?

  • Nvidia

    Thank you.

  • Chico

    What is a scenario wherein inserting a watermark is less beneficial and more distracting?


    HELP ME PLZ ….

  • Muzahid

    Hi, I want to insert a formatted text in a ms word with watermark inserted. But after inserting the text the watermark fade out. How to stop it?

  • Natz

    I’m having an issue with my watermark, it wont print the way it shows on screen??

  • Natz

    I’m having an issue with my watermark, it shows onscreen the way I want it, but is not printing?

  • anna

    what is default watermark

  • Freida

    my water mark does not show the whole watermark on the document. do text boxes hide watermarks? if so how do I correct it?