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Word 2010 Mail Merge

Word 2010 includes Mail Merge feature, which enables user to create documents (Letter, Emails, Fax etc) that are essentially the same but contains unique elements such as recipient Name, Address, Contact No, City, State, etc. It helps user to create a document for multiple recipients more easily by just selecting recipient names and choosing the document. Personal details of the respective recipient will be automatically added in the document which prevents users to write each recipient’s personal info in every document, eventually saving a lot of time. This post will cover how to use this feature through a simple wizard.

Launch Word 2010, navigate to Mailings tab, and from Start Mail Merge options, click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.


This will bring up Mail Merge dialog at the side of the Word document window, here you can specify type of document you want to create, we will select Letters, click Next:Starting document from the bottom of the dialog.

choose letter

In this step, you will be provided with different options to create Letters, we will choose simple procedure by selecting by template. Click Select template.

choose templae

This will bring up Select template dialog, choose a suitable template. We will be using Median Letter template. Click OK to continue.

select temp

At the left side of the window you can see the template is imported into document, from right-pane, click Next: Select recipients.

select recipients

In this step, you can choose different options to import recipient list, we will select an existing list, hit Browse to import desired recipients list.

browse recpient list

We will be using recipients list created in Excel 2010. The name of the worksheet is Mail, which we will import in to Word Mail Merge.

excel sheet

Choose an Excel worksheet, click Open to import.

mail list xlsx

Select Table dialog will appear, now choose the worksheet which contains required data, if first row contains column headings, then enable First row of data contains column headers option, and click OK.

choose sheet mail

You will see the Mail worksheet in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog. Here you can filter down the recipients on the basis of column headings. If we want to send letters to the recipients living in city Akron. We will select Akron from City drop-down options.

select city

Upon click, it will show only the recipients living in Akron. Here you can also perform different actions over the list such as; Sort, Filter, Find duplicates, Find recipients, and validate address. Click OK to proceed further.

city selected

Now navigate to Mailings tab, and click Address Block.

address block 1

You will reach Insert Address Block dialog, from Specify address elements, choose format in which you want to show recipient name. Under Preview you can see the preview of the changes that affects. Under Correct problems, click Match Fields to insert new field in the letter, as we want to include address of the recipient.

Address block 1 1

Match Fields dialog will appear, now from Address 1 options select Street. That will include the name of the street. You can also include other fields if required. Click OK to continue.


You will see the address is added in to the format as shown the screenshot below. Click OK to continue.

address added

Now we will customize the greeting message, for that navigate to Mailings tab, and click Greeting Line.

address block greeting

In Insert Greeting Line dialog, you can choose desired greeting format from Greeting Line format. Under Greeting line for invalid recipient names choose the format for unknown recipients. Under Preview, it show the preview of of the changes you made. Click OK to continue.

choose greeting

Now to make AddressBlock more prominent, navigate to Home and apply color and font styles over it.

customize 1

Navigate to Mailings tab, and from Finish & Merge menu, click Edit Individual Documents.

mailings tab 1

It will bring Merge to New Document dialog, you can choose Current record, we will select All to view all the recipients. Click OK to show the letter of each recipient.

merge all

Now as you can see in the screenshot below, Mail Merge created letters of each recipients residing in city Akron with their respective street names.

letters 1

letters all

By using Mail Merge, you can also create:

  • A set of labels or envelopes: The return address is the same on all the labels or envelopes, but the destination address is unique on each one.
  • A set of form letters, e-mail messages, or faxes: The basic content is the same in all the letters, messages, or faxes, but each contains information that is specific to the individual recipient, such as name, address, or some other piece of personal data.
  • A set of numbered coupons: The coupons are identical except that each contains a unique number.

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