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Create Hierarchical Outline Of Notes, Tasks, Project Details

There are many notes applications and project trackers out there, but they are either too cumbersome or too basic, not delivering what they exactly promise. Noteliner is a simple, no-nonsense Windows application that enables you to create a hierarchical outline of tasks, project details, notes and other information.

Despite being simple and lightweight, it offers a whole lot of features, including assigning due dates to notes, prioritize, assign tasks to people (quite useful for project managers), or mark as complete, among others.


There is division between the views as well. Interchanging those through the View menu allow one to see notes assigned to a particular person, overdue notes, those that have been prioritized or are dated. In the screenshot above, for example, the orange text shows the person to whom the note has been assigned, and the light orange date is indicating the due date. These functions can be accessed through the Note menu.


The notes hierarchy builds automatically through the use of the Tab key. Tab once to move down one new level of hierarchy, while Shift+Tab will take you back to the previous level. Different bullet symbols are used for every new level.

The author states it to be for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but our test with Windows 7 was also successful. The tool is written in Visual C++ and is portable.

Download Noteliner


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