Maintain Your To Do List In Ubuntu Terminal With Devtodo

devtodo is a program aimed to help developers manager their to do lists from the Ubuntu Terminal. It maintains a list of items that are yet to be completed, allowing programmers to track outstanding bugs or items by adding them to a to do list. You can prioritize items according to importance (e.g., low, medium, high etc), and display them in a hierarchy within the Terminal window. With the use of some small shell scripts (scripts.* in the doc directory of the source distribution), Devtodo can also display the outstanding items in a directory as you make changes to it. For example, if you use the cd command into the source directory for todo itself, you can see a list of outstanding items (if any). Read More

Top 6 Tips To Resolve System Issues Of Your Family Members & Friends In Holidays

The holiday season has once more arrived and it's time to visit your loved ones, to spend some quality time with them. Having said that, a lot of this quality time can end up being spent on troubleshooting your nieces' laptops, or your uncle’s old computer, i.e., if you are a geek, or even an intermediate computer user. Updating applications, troubleshooting issues, and re-installing the operating system are all those tedious tasks that can eat up a lot of your “quality time,” but all that can be prevented if you can take some simple measures to ensure that you do not have to start from scratch each time your family members or friends end up messing their computer. In this post, we will provide you with some simple guidelines to help you reduce the time and effort that you may spend resolving technical issues of your near and dear ones. Read More

Bring Holiday Joys To Your Windows 7 Desktop With Christmas Themes

Christmas has arrived once again, and all the houses, streets and cities are lit up with the Christmas spirit. While your house is filled with Christmas pleasure and goodies beneath the Christmas tree and you probably have been looking forward to the arrival of Santa Clause, it’s also time to brighten up your Windows 7 desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebration and Christmas wonder, as we have four beautiful Christmas themes for your, including a complete Christmas transformation pack to give your PC the snowy, festive look. Read past the break for more. Read More

Fully Customize Windows Restore Points With System Restore Manager

System Restore Manager is a portable application that provides you with a complete range of options to manage your Windows system restore points. Using this application, you can create a System Restore Point, let other users enable/remove restore points, select the amount of disk space allocated for system restore points, change the restore point time to live (TTL) and change the system restore interval (e.g. 24 hours). Read More

Social Lite: Facebook, Twitter & Gmail Client With iOS-Like Interface

Social Lite is an application which makes it possible to manage Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts within a compact, iOS-style interface. This way, one can avoid using the browser for managing social media and Gmail accounts, and also receive system tray notifications for new updates. Furthermore, Social Lite is a cross-platform application with versions for Windows and Mac OS X. Details, screenshots, and download link after the break. Read More

Sort & Organize MS Outlook Items According To Project With yourMail

yourMail is an MS Outlook add-on which helps you reduce the time and effort involved in manual email management. It compiles emails, attachments and other tasks for a particular project, and displays them in a unified manner for easy sorting and management of MS Outlook items related to that specific project. It’s intuitive search and filing options allow emails and attachments to be stored in a structured way, which saves time, and easily allows to located project specific items, when needed. Read More

List Ubuntu & Debian Package Dependencies In Terminal With apt-rdepends

Sometimes, it can become quite a complicated task to make a package work on an Ubuntu machine. The reason for this is mostly associated with the requirement of installing a few package dependencies. In such a case, you are also likely to come across a pop-up dialog box, informing you that the package cannot be installed as the required package dependencies are not installed. apt-rdepends is a utility that performs recursive dependency listings of any Ubuntu and Debian packages. This tool searches for and lists all the package dependencies by looking through the APT cache. Read More

GrooveDown Provides Quick Search And Download Of Grooveshark Music

GrooveDown is a simple downloader for the Grooveshark website, letting you easily search and download songs from within the main interface of this application, according to song, artist, album and playlists. All songs are saved in MP3 format. During testing, we found this application to be extremely quick in searching and downloading songs from Grooveshark. What makes GrooveDown even more useful is its simplified and quick song search and download mechanism, and reasonable memory stamp (64MB approximately). Read More

Path Copy Copy: Copy File And Folder Locations In Various Formats

Path Copy Copy is a Windows Explorer shell extension that adds file and folder path copying options in the right-click context menu, to help users easily copy the various path formats. The copied path can then be pasted to a document, email compose window etc. Path Copy Copy provides the option to not just copy the file or folder path of the selected item, but also for the parent directory, internet path, UNIX and Cygwin paths. Details after the break. Read More

Advanced Onion Router: A Client For TOR Network To Enable Proxy

Onion routing is an anonymous communication technique, where message are encrypted and sent through several network nodes called onion routers. The idea behind onion routing is to protect the privacy of the sender and recipient of a message, as well as securing messages across a network. Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for the onion routing network, which is able to force applications and plugins to use the TOR proxy, even if the network is using a separate proxy. It is meant to be an alternative to TOR, Vidalia and Privoxy bundle. Before reading the functionality of the Advanced Onion Router, you can also check out information about TOR and onion routing, in our guide here. Read More

How To Encrypt Ubuntu Home Folder From Command Line Using eCryptfs

Drive encryption is meant to secure your hard drive in case your computer is stolen or compromised with critical information in it, such as bank account credentials, credit card or social security number. During the installation of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, an option is provided to encrypt the Home folder to secure your files and folders. In case you haven’t selected this option during installation, you can easily do it using the ecryptfs-utils command line. eCryptfs is a cryptographic stacked Linux file system, which stores cryptographic metadata in the header of written files, to allow encrypted files to be copied between hosts. The file is then decrypted using the proper key in the Linux kernel keyring. Read More

Edit & Restore Windows Hosts File And Block Websites With Host Mechanic

Host Mechanic is a portable application to edit, delete and restore the Windows default hosts file. This application makes it easy to add entries to Windows hosts file; you won't have to navigate to system32/drivers/etc folder every time just to add new domains and change mapped IPs. All you need is to launch the application, enter the domain followed by IP address to add the domain entry to hosts file. Moreover, it lets you restore the Windows hosts file and block websites by mapping them with localhost. For those who aren't familiar with hosts file, it allows users and authenticated applications to map domains with defined IPs to either block the access or boost the access speed. Read More

Mount Virtual Disc Images In Ubuntu Linux With Furius ISO Mount

Mounting disc images to a virtual drive can help view the data without having to burn the image to disc. Most users prefer disc images in standard formats (such as ISO format) to avoid straining the lens of their optical drive, as running a game, movie, etc  from a CD/DVD drive reduces its life. But, it is not just disc image formats that need to be mounted for viewing their content, most Linux backup tools use the IMG format for creating system backups. Such a format can also be mounted using a disc image mounting application to read the data in image file without having to restore the complete backup. Read More

A Form Filler: Automate Application Tasks & Dismiss Annoying Prompts

A Form Filler is an application for configuring multiple automated actions tied to the title of a specific window. It has been designed to automatically execute a selected command each time a pre-defined window appears on your screen. The command options include sending text, special keys and key combinations to an active window. For example, the program can fill passwords (for numerous applications, with the exception of browsers), close annoying windows, and perform other kinds of configurations. A Form Filler uses its own set of commands to execute user defined actions, for example, if you are tired of continuous prompts by an application, then select the prompt name from A Form Filler, type {ENTER} command, and turn on monitoring for the prompt window. This will automatically execute the Enter command to move over a prompt which may require clicking OK, each time the application is launched. Read More

Clipboard Saver: Save Text & Images From Clipboard In Defined Format

Many clipboard history management applications like Free Clipboard Manager and Ditto only save clipboard history, and do not provide advanced features such as automatic image resizing according to a defined criteria (for images saved from the clipboard), clipboard text search, replace and clipboard text editing. Clipboard Saver is a portable clipboard manager that enables changing the content of your clipboard in different ways. It supports saving pictures and text to clipboard, and also provides options to alter their content. Read More

How To Setup Dropbox-Like Synchronization Using Windows Live Mesh

Many users who use Dropbox and other cloud storage services, have recently been more concerned about security vulnerabilities that can compromise their personal data. While many people like using services like Dropbox because of the convenience that they provide, Windows Live Mesh can be used as a viable alternative for syncing multiple folders (instead of just one parent folder) between Windows and Mac computers. In this post, we will walk you through the steps of setting up your Windows Live Mesh synchronization folders. Read More

Nautilus Actions Extra: Add More Features To Ubuntu Context Menu

Being the default file manager of the Gnome desktop, Nautilus seems to lack a few built-in advanced options. In order to acquire additional features, one has to often resort to the installation of third-party scripts, like the Shred File Script. Nautilus Actions Extra is a set of scripts for Nautilus 3, which adds many useful options to the Ubuntu Context menu. The available scripts and actions in Nautilus Actions Extra include advanced search, the option to set an image as a wallpaper, open a file with Gedit as a root user, mount/unmount ISO files, check file type, calculate file size, verify MD5 checksums, convert image and audio files, batch rename (pyRenamer), add emblems and more. Read More

Surf Anonymous Free: Hide Online Credentials To Protect Privacy

Using anonymous surfing by concealing your actual credentials is a much safer way to browse the internet, rather than using your actual information. This is because, phishing websites and hackers attempt to log IP addresses for malicious purposes, as certain spyware applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses to initiate attacks. Similarly, hackers try to use IP information in order to obtain home addresses, credit card information, social security numbers and bank account credentials. For this reason, using an anonymous proxy can trick such malicious sources by providing them with alternative, dummy credentials. Surf Anonymous Free is an application that adds a browser extension (on installed browsers) to provide you with alternative credentials. Moreover, it also provides a US-based IP, which enables non US users to access location restricted websites. While another application, Tunnel Bear, provides similar functionality, unlike Surf Anonymous Free, it restricted by bandwidth limitations. Read More

Comodo Unite: Remote Control Desktop, Create Private VPN & Group Chat

Remote access to another computer on your network has been around for quite a while now. The internet repository is flooded with various tools that make it easier to connect to another computer on your LAN. While remote access on the same network sounds easy as a pie, it can be a hassle to connect with a computer that is located on a different network (e.g. an office computer). In such a case it can be quite complicated to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for remote connectivity. Comodo Unite is an application for creating your very own VPN, to connect and share files between two geographically distant computers. With the help of Comodo Unite, you can easily access one PC from another, as if it was located on the same local network. It works even from networks that are protected with a firewall and comes with an integrated secure messaging service, which uses 128-bit encryption to secure private communications. Read More

X Neural Switcher: Auto Switch Keyboard Layout & Fix Typos In Ubuntu

X Neural Switcher (Xneur ) is a Linux application for automatically switching the keyboard layout, based on typed text. For example, if you type something in the wrong language, Xneur automatically switches to the specific language. The functionality is similar to Ochepyatka, a Windows application we covered earlier. X Neural Switcher works in two modes, i.e. automatic and manual. When an operating is running in the automatic mode, it auto-detects the layout of the input text and changes the language for you. Likewise, the manual mode allows you to automatically switch the layout of the last word you typed (using the Pause / Break hotkey), the last typed line (using the Ctrl + Break hotkey), the selected text (using Shift + Break), and other handy features. It is worth mentioning here that the aforementioned key combination only works with the automatic mode. Read More