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Fav-Links: Save, Organize & Launch Favorite Website Links From Desktop

Fav-Links is a lightweight desktop application that helps organize and launch favorite websites from an overlaying pop-up window. The idea behind Fav-Links is to provide users with easy access to their favorite websites in a single click. You can create, rename, search, delete and backup your favorites, and save them as bookmarks within different categories. What makes Fav-Links quite handy as compared to conventional browser bookmarks, is that you can bring forth the overlaying UI with a custom hotkey combination, and instantly launch your desired website from the overlaying window.

One thing that users might find a bit confusing after launching Fav-Links for the first time is the apparent lack of a user interface (UI). This, however, is not true, as a small clove icon is placed at the top left side of the desktop for saving your favorite links. This icon can be dragged anywhere on the desktop, and is meant to save links to Fav-Links. To save a link, simply drag and drop it to the clover icon.

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This will open up an overlaying window, where you can select a category and name for saving you favorite link.

Fav Links

Using this method, you can add a number of links and instantly access them from organized categories by hitting the QA hotkey (which brings forth the Fav-Links window).

FAV links favorites

You can edit the default hotkey, add/remove categories and window position (grid view or line view), by clicking Settings from the Fav-Link window.


Fav-Links works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Additional requirements include .NET Framework 4.

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