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Speed Up Adobe Acrobat Reader By Optimizing It With PDF SpeedUP

Adobe Reader is, no doubt, the most widely used (and perhaps the best) PDF reader. This application was developed by Adobe, which was also responsible for creating the Portable Document Format (PDF). Despite being a feature rich PDF reader, Adobe Reader has recently suffered from lags, startup delays etc. PDF SpeedUp is a tool which takes care of these Adobe Reader issues by speeding up the time it takes to load Adobe Reader, as well as making it smoother in functionality by turning off unwanted elements of the application. For instance, this application targets the various unimportant plug-ins which load with Adobe PDF, in order to speed it up.

To get started, launch PDF SpeedUp, and select the items options from the main interface. For example, you can disable browser integration, disable confirmation prompt (when Acrobat reader closes), clear Adobe Reader’s recent file history, disable loading of plugins at startup, turn off Adobe Reader advertisements, remove My eBooks folder from My Documents, and disable the splash screen during program start up. Once your desired options have been selected, click Optimize to speed up Adobe Reader.

PDF SpeedUp 3.01

This will optimize Adobe Reader, after saving your default settings. You can revert back to the old settings anytime by clicking Restore from main interface.


It must be noted that this application displays an advertisement of the developer’s products when it is exited. PDF SpeedUp comes with seven different interface languages, and works with Adobe Reader 5-10. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download PDF SpeedUP [Second Application on the main page]


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