100 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Of 2013

2013 was a year that saw the focus of app developers shift quite a lot to UI. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any innovation in terms of functionality, but still, the apps that were released during the course of 2013 had markedly cleaner looks as compared to their predecessors. iOS 7 might have had a large role to play in that, as it inspired many apps to revamp their looks to stay in tune with Apple's new policy of shunning skeuomorphism. A lot of activity in the App Store during 2013 had to do with developers updating existing apps, but the Store was still far from leveling off, and we saw many great new releases gain popularity among the masses. Here is our pick of the best iPhone and iPad apps that were covered at AddictiveTips in the past year. Read More

Completely Customize iOS 7 Control Center & Hide Its Sections With CleanCC

CCToggles and FlipControlCenter are just two of the tweaks that have been released to augment or customize the iOS 7 Control Center. There are many other tweaks in the jailbreak store that are aimed at the Control Center, which is proof that the new feature has already garnered a lot of attention from developers. Tinkering with the available toggles and options can be really useful in many cases, but if you are looking to alter the overall layout of the Control Center, CleanCC is the tweak to use. With CleanCC, users can hide certain sections of the Control Center, as well as the separators between these sections. In addition to that, the tweak lets you change the dimensions of the Control Center, and it does so intelligently by automatically rearranging the remaining sections to fill up the chosen space. Read More

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 Untethered On Windows & Mac With p0sixspwn

Despite the release of the iOS 7 jailbreak and its growing popularity, there are still a considerable number of iPhone users who haven’t switched to the latest iOS version. Maybe you like the glossy looks, or can’t live without the Cydia tweaks that are only compatible with older versions of the firmware. Whatever the reason might be, if you are not planning to update your iDevice any time soon, the release of p0sixspwn is sure to be welcome news. With p0sixspwn, jailbreaking iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 and 6.1.5 becomes really convenient. The tool has been around in the Cydia store for quite a while, and a Mac version was also released recently. The only thing missing was the tool’s Windows version, but that has finally been released as well, letting users easily get an untethered jailbreak for any iDevice. Read More

Fav Adds An App Of Your Choice In iOS 7 Where Spotlight Used To Be

If you miss the old Spotlight search area from iOS 6, you are certainly in the minority, as iOS 7 offers a much more elegant way of sifting through apps, data, and content on the web. Having said that, there can be no denying the fact that old habits die hard and owing to that, many users frequently find themselves swiping to the right from the edge of their iPhone’s home screen, even though there isn't anything there now. Fav is a new Cydia tweak that puts this phenomenon to good use by letting users assign the defunct Spotlight gesture to launch their favorite app. The tweak isn't too complicated, as all it does is allow users to choose any app installed on their iDevice, and launch it any time they want by swiping from left to right when on the first page of the SpringBoard. Read More

Use Swipes To Launch Apps From The iOS 7 Lock Screen With Swipey

The iOS 7 lock screen has already inspired Android launchers and tweaks for older iDevices, but now some Cydia releases have started making changes to the lock screen itself. After installing Swipey, you won’t see any visible change to the lock screen, but a very useful new functionality is added there nonetheless. Swipey is an app launcher of sorts, and although it doesn’t add a list of app shortcuts anywhere, you can still use it to quickly launch frequently used apps right from the lock screen. The tweak allows its users to add up to 6 apps to the lock screen in the form of stowed away cards. Just swipe multiple times across the lock screen until you get to your favorite app and as soon as you let the card go, the said app will launch straight away. This way, the launcher does not take up any space at all but can still come in handy on short notice. Read More

Change Bubbles’ Color & Add Contact Pictures In iOS 7 Messages App

The interactive notifications offered by biteSMS might be great, but a lot of people use it for its visual aspects, too. The stock Messages app in iOS 7, on the other hand, has been flattened, along with the rest of the UI, but the basic color scheme of the app hasn't changed a lot. If you are getting a bit bored of seeing your texts wear the same, old look every day, then Messages Customiser might be a tweak that can help in this regard. This Cydia release doesn't supercharge the Messages app with a boatload of features, but the changes it does allow users to make are quite significant nonetheless. With this tweak, you get to change the color of the chat bubbles to any shade of your choice, and alter the overall tint of the Messages app as well. It is also possible to tinker with the shape and style of these bubbles, while the tweak’s ability to associate photos with SMS threads makes Messages Customiser a must-have for anyone who has recently gained access to the iOS 7 jailbreak. Read More

Customize iOS Control Center & Get Themes For Its Toggles With CCControls

FlipControlCenter and CCToggles have recently demonstrated that there is room for improvement in the iOS 7 Control Center. The feature itself doesn’t lack too much, but if you are a true jailbreaker at heart, chances are that you aren’t easily satisfied by what your iPhone has on offer. To tinker with the toggles and app shortcuts available in the Control Center, users must rely on Cydia tweaks. However, people rarely prefer installing multiple tweaks aimed at a single part of iOS. This is why CCControls might prove to be the one Control Center tweak to rule them all. Of course, it doesn’t add the App Switcher to CC the way ControlTask does, but just about everything else that can be altered in Control Center can be done using CCControls. The tweak offers themes for CC toggles, has options to change the order of these toggles, lets you disable shortcuts, and can change the way Control Center behaves on the lock screen. Read More

Get iOS 7 On iPhone 2G, 3G & iPod touch 1G, 2G With Whited00r 7

Whited00r is among the few iOS-related tools that just refuse to die out. Don’t be surprised if its developers keep updating Whited00r with support for iOS 8 and beyond. In the past, we have covered Whited00r 5 and Whited00r 6. The latest version of the tool lets owners of older, unsupported iDevices have a taste of iOS 7. With Whited00r 7, users get the flat UI, Control Center, the new multitasking view, and many other features associated with the latest update of Apple’s mobile platform. The installation procedure and the trademark performance optimization haven’t changed with this update of Whited00r, and any adventurous iDevice owners should give this awesome tool a shot. Read More

Customize iOS 7 Control Center Toggles With FlipControlCenter

Control Center hasn’t turned out to be one of those iOS features that get ignored after the hype has died down a little. The collection of shortcuts and toggles is great at facilitating everyday activities, though it might not be the ideal combination for everyone. Some users might want more out of the Control Center - to be able to add more toggles or replace existing ones. By default, it is not possible to make any changes to the the arrangement of toggles available in the CC, and you can’t add any new shortcuts to it either. Though, if your device is jailbroken, you can easily customize the Control Center with Ryan Petrich’s FlipControlCenter. The Cydia tweak lets you add some extra toggles to the top row, and even change the order in which they appear. Read More

biteSMS For iOS 7 Now Available For Download

Following the release of the iOS 7 jailbreak, it was only a matter of time before Cydia apps started getting updated with minimalistic looks to match the new flat interface convention. We saw this trend in App Store offerings as soon as iOS 7 was announced, and now biteSMS has become the first jailbreak app to hop on to the bandwagon with version 8. Of course, the Cydia store itself got revamped just a few days ago with a new UI to go with iOS 7. There aren’t too many new features on offer in biteSMS 8, but the update still changes the whole game by moving the app away from the trademark skeuomorphic look found in its previous versions and towards one that matches the stock Messages app. Read More

Kill All Apps From The iOS 7 App Switcher In One Go With Purge

One can’t help but feel that the evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7 has been released in somewhat of a hurry. Very few Cydia tweaks are compatible with iOS 7 for now, and even the jailbreak store itself retained the legacy UI until today. This is certainly understandable though, as iOS 7 is such a huge update, and revamps almost every part of the platform. It took quite a long time for the Cydia store to get populated with tweaks compatible with iOS 6, and it might take even longer this time around, but it is nice to see that the jailbreak community hasn't gone dormant, as a few neat little tweaks have already started to surface in the refreshed Cydia store. Purge is among the first jailbreak tweaks that take aim at one of the overhauled parts of iOS. The tweak lets you get rid of all the apps residing in the App Switcher list with a single touch. The idea itself isn't completely new, as in the past, we have seen releases like SwitcherPlus and WeeKillBackground do the same, but someone had to implement it on iOS 7, and the developer behind Purge has done just that. Read More

Enable Zoom Capability In Stock iOS 7 Video Camera On iPhone 4s & Other Older Devices

Despite having been there for still image capture in iOS for quite a while, users had to wait till iOS 7 to finally get zooming ability in video capture mode on iPhone. Even now, older iDevices are still missing this handy little feature. If you own an iPhone 4 or 4s, there is no way of zooming in on a scene while capturing video without physically moving the device closer. Thankfully, iOS 7 users finally have the Cydia store at their disposal, and that’s the place where solutions to such problems are usually found. Video Zoom Mod is a really simple tweak that lets you zoom into a scene before you start recording, or while you are shooting the video! You can even control the enlargement factor to suit your needs - something that makes the tweak useful for owners of newer iOS devices as well. Read More

Trunx Offers A Secure, Private Way To Back Up iPhone Photos To The Cloud

Since people started realizing the full potential offered by cloud storage, backing media up on cloud services has gained a lot of popularity. Services like Dropbox, Skydrive, and even Instagram are widely used to make sure that the photos you take over time are available across different devices and don’t take too much of your local storage space. Since smartphone cameras have recently become the biggest source of images stored on the cloud, it makes sense that many apps focus on streamlining the process of syncing media between phones and cloud services. Some apps like Cloudy Exporter are designed to make use of Apple’s own iCloud, while others rely on third-party services, QuickShot being a good example. Trunx is one of the few apps that come with a cloud space of their own. Anyone who has a lot of pictures in an iPhone is sure to appreciate the convenience and simplicity on offer in this app; you don’t have to do much before Trunx starts populating your account with photos gleaned from the device’s memory. Read More

PopCalc Combines Calculator & Spreadsheet Functionalities On iPhone

The stock Calculator app in iOS is more than enough for most of the basic tasks an average user has to perform. For complex calculations involving multiple steps, however, some reinforcements might be needed. Apps like Grafikal add a whole new dimension to the process of performing calculations on an iPhone. PopCalc isn't as advanced as Grafikal and some of the other Calculator alternatives available in the App Store, but the convenience it brings to the mix certainly makes it worthy of a download. The app offers a lot of multi-touch gestures, comes with a comprehensive numeric keyboard, and doubles as a spreadsheet tool to top it all off. Each step of a lengthy calculation can be properly labeled, thanks to the commenting abilities offered by PopCalc. In addition to that, every part of the calculation is automatically saved to an exportable spreadsheet. Read More

Edge Browser For WP8 Offers Gestures, Extensions & A Full-Screen Mode

Most Windows Phone users just go with using Internet Explorer on their devices, as it comes with almost all the features an average user is likely to need. There are also  few alternatives like Nokia Xpress and GetThemAll available for the platform, which have their own uses, but for the most part, a true IE-replacement for WP8 has yet to gain popularity. Edge Browser might not have garnered much attention so far, but certainly deserves it. The browser comes with a unique UI, focusing on presenting a permanent full-screen mode. All the buttons and menus can be accessed via gestures. The app has multiple tabs, supports incognito mode, and even comes with a fledgling extensions store of its own. Read More

Instagram Brings Direct & Group Photo Sharing To iOS & Android

Editing and applying filters to photos might be the more eye-catching part of Instagram, but the service’s main purpose is sharing media socially. While Instagram is great for publicly posting your photos, it has never been famous as a personal social network. Lack of privacy controls and an overly simplistic news feed has made it difficult for users to create posts for a targeted audiences. Other social networks differ from Instagram in this regard, as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all have some form of personal messaging. Until now, it was not possible to make private posts aimed at your Instagram friends, but this longstanding issue has finally been resolved. Thanks to the Instagram ‘Direct’ mode, users can post photos that are visible only to some handpicked people. These Direct posts come complete with their ‘seen’ receipts, and an elaborate commenting system. Read More

[Giveaway] Permanently Wipe All Or Deleted iPhone Data With Wondershare SafeEraser

Even after you delete your personal files from a computer or phone, there is always a tech genius out there who can recover your deleted data and go through those embarrassing texts you didn't want anyone to read. This is exactly why data shredding tools are becoming increasingly popular these days. Gone are the days when such software was only required for desktop devices as these days, most of a person’s important information is usually on smartphones. For Android users, there have been comprehensive data shredding tools like SHREDroid around for a while but until now, iOS has been lacking a similar option (unless you count jailbreak tools like Semi-Restore). Wondershare SafeEraser fills this void perfectly. This desktop application makes it really easy for iPhone owners to completely remove all unwanted data from their devices. The data wiped using SafeEraser is impossible to recover, as the tool’s homepage proudly proclaims. Read More

Create & Share Perfect 360-Degree Panoramas With bubbli For iPhone

The concept of 360 degree panoramas, which was initially made popular by Microsoft’s Photosynth, was brought back to the mainstream by the rise of Photo Spheres. There are many other panorama apps as well, like YouSpin and 360, but none of them offer the level of detail that users get with some of the bigger names. bubbli for iOS, however, is one exception to this rule. The app has a finesse and professional touch that allows it to rub shoulders with Photo Spheres and Photosynth to some extent. Not only is it really easy to create panorama shots with bubbli, but you also get to explore the complete picture in a rather intuitive manner. The app comprehensively guides its users during the creation of a new panorama, and makes it almost impossible to mess a shot up. The sharing options and photo libraries are pretty decent as well. Read More

Top 10 Twitter Apps For iPhone

In a relatively short period of time, Twitter has taken over from Facebook as the social network where all the cool folks hang out. The service comes with native integration in iOS, and the official Twitter app for iPhone is pretty neat as well. Having said that, a lot of people still prefer using third-party Twitter clients, owing to all the extra features they offer. Not many Facebook clients are very popular in the App Store, but Tweetbot, Twitterrific and some of the other Twitter apps can certainly give the official one a run for its money. Choosing the best Twitter app for your iPhone is not the easiest of tasks though, since there are a lot of them, and many are paid. So, here is our compilation of the best Twitter apps to help you with your selection. Go through it, and you might end up finding the perfect way to browse your timeline while saving some bucks. Read More

ExpandIt For iPhone Lets You Check If A Shortened URL Is Safe To Open

As more and more people turn to their smartphones and tablets for browsing the web, some things just have to change. When Twitter first started, the concept of URL shortening suddenly came into the mainstream. Back in those days, most of the users of Twitter accessed the website from their computers, but now iPhone and Android devices claim a considerable slice of that traffic. As browsing trends evolve, so should security measures that go with them. In the past, we have covered services like URL Uncover, which tests the trustworthiness of a shortened URL without forcing users to actually open it. ExpandIt does the same, but rather than being a web service, you get this as an iPhone app. There aren't too many features on offer in ExpandIt, but it does get the job done and is really convenient for everyday use. Read More