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Customize iOS Control Center & Get Themes For Its Toggles With CCControls

FlipControlCenter and CCToggles have recently demonstrated that there is room for improvement in the iOS 7 Control Center. The feature itself doesn’t lack too much, but if you are a true jailbreaker at heart, chances are that you aren’t easily satisfied by what your iPhone has on offer. To tinker with the toggles and app shortcuts available in the Control Center, users must rely on Cydia tweaks. However, people rarely prefer installing multiple tweaks aimed at a single part of iOS. This is why CCControls might prove to be the one Control Center tweak to rule them all. Of course, it doesn’t add the App Switcher to CC the way ControlTask does, but just about everything else that can be altered in Control Center can be done using CCControls. The tweak offers themes for CC toggles, has options to change the order of these toggles, lets you disable shortcuts, and can change the way Control Center behaves on the lock screen.

CCControls iOS Settings CCControls iOS Themes

There are a lot of tweaks that must be installed before CCControls can work properly, but users don’t have to worry about that too much, as all prerequisites are downloaded from Cydia automatically. Once installed, CCControls adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app. If you already have FlipControlCenter installed, make sure to delete or disable the tweak first, as it might interfere with the way toggles are displayed by CCControls.

To change the color and style of the Control Center toggles, head to the ‘Theme’ section of the tweak. The available themes include different colors and button shapes. The themes are applied to the Control Center straight away, without any need of a respring. Other settings available in the CCControls menu allow users to disable toggles and change the order in which they appear within the Control Center.

CCControls iOS 7

Just like FlipControlCenter, CCControls allows you to choose the number of switches that appear on each page of CC. Different rules can be defined for the occasions when the Control Center is being accessed from the lock screen. You can easily disable selective switches on the lock screen to avoid accidental app launches and setting changes. Blocked switches still appear in the list, but tapping them doesn’t do anything.

CCControls is a great tweak, but the developer must add the ability to edit the bottom row of shortcuts for the sake of completeness. Apart from this little snag, CCControls is just about perfect. You don’t have to spend anything to download the tweak, as it is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store as a free package.


  1. I made a bunch of themes for the awesome tweak CCControls. I’m not taking requests at this time, but more are coming soon!

    I made the following shapes:
    iOS 7 Icon
    Speech Bubble

    Here are pics of a few:
    CCControls Stuff – Imgur *more pics on Cydia.*

    It’s at the MMi repo and it’s free.

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