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Enable Zoom Capability In Stock iOS 7 Video Camera On iPhone 4s & Other Older Devices

Despite having been there for still image capture in iOS for quite a while, users had to wait till iOS 7 to finally get zooming ability in video capture mode on iPhone. Even now, older iDevices are still missing this handy little feature. If you own an iPhone 4 or 4s, there is no way of zooming in on a scene while capturing video without physically moving the device closer. Thankfully, iOS 7 users finally have the Cydia store at their disposal, and that’s the place where solutions to such problems are usually found. Video Zoom Mod is a really simple tweak that lets you zoom into a scene before you start recording, or while you are shooting the video! You can even control the enlargement factor to suit your needs – something that makes the tweak useful for owners of newer iOS devices as well.

Video Zoom Mod iOS Settings Video Zoom Mod iOS

Video Zoom Mod is enabled automatically once it has been installed, and you can keep using it without ever bothering to perform any manual configuration. However, the tweak’s menu can be really useful at times as well. Head to the stock Settings app to make changes to the ‘Maximum Zoom Factor’. By default, this value is set at 5. The usual value of zooming is 3, so if you set anything less than that, Video Zoom Mod automatically rounds it off to that figure. Make sure that the factor you set is not too large, as that is sure to have a negative impact on the camera’s results and the accuracy level of the zooming slider.

To see Video Zoom Mod in action, launch the stock Camera app and switch to Video mode. Pinching the screen brings up a zoom slider that is identical to the one found in Photo capture mode. Keep pinching or simply swipe your finger across the slider to adjust the zoom level. The same instructions are valid when you are already in the middle of shooting a video.

The functionality added to the mix by Video Zoom Mod is not too exotic, but it is something that a lot of people are likely to appreciate and use on regular basis. Give the tweak a go, as it doesn’t impact the camera performance in any negative way. Video Zoom Mod is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and is designed to work with iOS 7. The tweak has been released as a free package.


  1. So i must jailbreak my phone first? I cant find an untethered jailbreak for ios 7.1 though what now?

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