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5 Best Apps To Design Greeting Cards For The Holidays

Holidays are upon us, and it’s that time of the year when it’s all about sharing the joy and spreading the happiness. It’s, however, also a time to keep traditions alive, and whilst gifts are an essential element of the holiday season, for most of us, sending out greeting cards is equally important. Thanks to the advents of technology, post cards and paper cards sent through email are not as common as digital versions are now, and what’s better than to be able to send a card of your choosing to your loved ones through the comfort of your smartphone?

As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that”, and so, it turns out, there are hundreds of apps that will help you do exactly that. Without much ado, what follows is a list of our best picks for digital card apps, encompassing both iOS and Android devices. Spread the holiday season joys to your friends and family!


Touchnote Cards

This cross platform app makes use of your own photos to create greeting cards and share them with your loved ones. Available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and the web, Touchnote Cards allows you to design and order postcards, seasons greetings and holiday wishes from the comfort of your couch and rest assured that they’ll be delivered anywhere across the world with a minimal fee. Image customization comes with filters (although they aren’t too many), and preset greeting messages with templates as well. Overall, the interface of Touchnote Cards on both Android and iOS is pretty light and no-nonsense, and it makes a perfect candidate for sharing holiday joys.


Touchnote Cards for Android

Touchnote Cards for iOS

Touchnote Cards on the Web

justWink Greeting Cards

This app is a product of American Greetings, and another one in our list that’s cross-platform, available for web, iOS, Android, Windows, Nook and Kindle. The app allows customization and personalization of cards to your liking, and the final output can be shared through email, SMS, MMS, over Facebook, or sent through the traditional snail mail channel. Customization options include photos, text messages, and even handwritten signatures. The variety of categories and occasions is vast, and since the app is backed up by American Greetings, there’s a lot of ready-made content available. Take a look around, and you’re bound to find something that ticks.

justwink_Android justwink_iOS

The app itself comes for free, and of course, allows sending electronic greetings for free as well. Snail mail charges apply, although they’re quite reasonable and comparable to the now-discontinued official Cards service from Apple.

justWink for iOS

justWink for Android

justWink for Windows

justWink on the Web

Red Stamp Cards

A universal app for iOS devices, Red Stamp Cards lets you download, share and email cards alongside sending them via postal mail. This app comes with a plethora of templates and choices, with the possibility of customizations using custom images and text. Red Stamp also has the added versatility of in-app purchases to make more content choices available. Pricing model is pretty reasonable, too, while sharing e-cards is available for free.

redstamp-iOS-(1) redstamp-iOS_

Red Stamp Cards for iOS


This one is for Android only, and somewhat disappointing, since it lacks the polish and feel of the various choices that are available for iOS devices. Also known as ‘Christmas Greeting Cards Free’, this app comprises primarily of photo ecards that can be shared through a variety of means. The collection is huge, which implies the downside that you really have to sift through tons of cards to find something that you actually like.

They offer a huge variety of themes, including holidays, birthdays, humor etc, but customization is kept at a bare minimum. As with most free Android apps, our biggest grief with LoveBug is the ads that it displays pretty much on every page, and although a paid version is available that takes care of this annoyance, it’s hardly the ideal solution. Nevertheless, you get a pretty decent choice in options, and hence, for Android device owners, we include this in our list of top picks.

Greeting Cards_Android2

LoveBug for Android

Greeting Cards

Another Android contender with fewer choices but great customization. The primary reason you’ll choose to go with Greeting Cards is if you just want to send personalized ecards for free. The app offers a decent choice of templates, and all you need to do is populate them using your own photos and messages. Hence, if you want to show off all three of your kids to your parents with their gifts and add captions, this might be the app of choice for you.

Greeting Cards_Android

Greeting Cards has a paid version as well that adds more templates to the mix, but the basic version should do fine for most users.

Greeting Cards for Android

That’s pretty much all there is to our collection. With the capable smartphone shooters out there, we’re certain you’ll be able to create and share holiday beauties right from the comfort of your phone or tablet. If you feel that there should’ve been a mention that we missed here, let us know in comments below.


  1. Just wink looked great but the appstore says it is incompatible with all my devices! (galaxy tab2, galaxy note3 and a Galaxy s3) not available on three popular devices!! I wonder if it is simply not available outside of USA though?

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