55 Best Mac OS X Apps Of 2013

2013 was a good year for Apple’s desktop operating system and its users. With the release of its 9th major iteration in October, OS X became free to download for all. Although 10.9 Mavericks wasn’t a game-changing upgrade in terms of new features, the Cupertino giant’s decision to make it free propelled its market share past all older OS X iterations in just one month. Growth rates like that spell good news for developers, and in turn, end-users. The faster a platform grows with each update, the richer gets its software repository. We ended the past year with an impressive haul of useful apps from the Mac App Store and third-party repositories, and as is customary, decided to compile a list of the best ones for our awesome readers. Read More

Cydia Substrate Updated With Support For iOS 7, iPhone 5s & Other A7 Devices

The MobileSubstrate update that jailbreak users has been waiting for is finally here. Cydia developer, saurik (Jay Freeman), announced the update in a tweet just a few moments ago. Although we've been able to install and use certain old tweaks and quite a few new ones in the first week after the evasi0n 7 jailbreak tool was released, a majority of what the Cydia store had to offer remained partially or completely incompatible with both new and old devices. As mentioned in our iOS 7 jailbreak guide, updates from both the evad3rs and saurik were needed to patch up certain fundamental incompatibilities. The evad3rs rolled out an update shortly after the initial release of their jailbreak tool, and now, Substrate too has been updated to 0.9.5000 with full support for iOS 7 and A7-based ARM64 devices like the iPhone 5s. For any tweaks to work on A7 devices, though, they would have to be recompiled for compatibility with the ARM64 architecture. Read More

Get An iOS 6-Style App Switcher Tray In iOS 7 Control Center

Every time a major iteration of iOS is jailbroken, Cydia is quick to offer tweaks that add features from past iterations. It has been only a week since iOS 7 was jailbroken and the first tweak of said genre has already made its way to the jailbreak store. Introducing ControlTask, a simple tweak that provides an iOS 6-inspired alternative to the iOS 7 app switcher. It doesn't clone the iOS 6 multitasking implementation, as it adds the multitasking tray to the right of the shortcuts at the bottom of the Control Center, which actually seems like a better idea than having a slim tray replace the stock app switcher. Read More

SwitchSpring Offers An Intuitive Way To Respring Or Quit All Apps From iOS 7 App Switcher

Due to certain incompatibility issues tied to the hasty release of the iOS 7 jailbreak, the inflow of new Cydia tweaks has been a tad slower than usual. One thing that remains constant, though, is the release of packages that either improve upon or add to the new features introduced in the latest iteration of the OS. A suggestion from the community lead HASHBANG Productions to develop an intuitive way to restart the SpringBoard or quit all apps, one more suited to iOS 7. It's called SwitchSpring, and like other tweaks developed by the recognized dev team (Animer and FlagPaint, for instance), it's available for free from the Big Boss repo of the Cydia store. Read More

How To Access The Hidden iOS 7 SpringBoard Settings Menu

As is the case with any other major update, there are several lesser-known features in iOS 7, features that you could easily miss, but very few that can be categorized as truly 'hidden'. There was one particular bundle of hidden interface customization features that was discovered while iOS 7 was still in beta. Simply labeled 'SpringBoard', this hidden menu contained a plethora of options to tweak animations, events and interface elements all over the OS. The comprehensiveness of these settings is a testament to the assumption that the this menu was created only to be used internally by Apple's own team of testers. Apparently, the menu hasn't been removed from the final, public builds of iOS 7, and now that the current iteration has been jailbroken through evasi0n 7, it is possible for users to access it once again. In what follows, we're going to explain how to enable the internal SpringBoard settings menu on your device. Read More

How To Jailbreak iOS 7 – 7.0.4 On iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4 & More Using evasi0n 7

It's finally here! The untethered iOS 7 jailbreak that we've all been waiting for is now just a download and a few clicks away. evad3rs - the team behind the evasi0n tool that brought untethered jailbreak to iOS 6.x - surprised everyone yesterday by releasing evasi0n 7, which achieves the same on iDevices running iOS 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.1 Beta1 and 7.1 Beta2. Join us after the break for a step-by-step, novice-friendly guide to jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod touch on iOS 7.x. Read More

Flagship Android, iOS & Windows Phone Smartphones: Specs Comparison

With each passing year, the number of smartphones that hit the market keeps rising, even as the brutal tech market forces certain manufacturers to throw in the towel. While the head honchos of the market dish it out, constantly trying to one-up each other in the hardware specifications race, the consumers find themselves spoiled for choice. Low-end and mid-range devices might satisfy the regular user, but a technology enthusiast will seldom settle for anything but the best an OEM or developer has to offer. The list of choices for the latter is only relatively short, the key word here being 'relatively'. One would still have to skim through a lot of specs sheets and device reviews to make an informed decision. To make the first part easier for you, we're going to be compiling and comparing the specifications of current flagship Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones from major manufacturers and developers right here.  Read More

How To Edit Videos & Save Recording Sessions In Vine For Android & iOS

When Instagram brought video to its app, quite a lot of users and app reviewers, including myself, were convinced that it had a much more intuitive capture scheme compared to the then leader of the video sharing scene, Vine. Vine had absolutely no room for error. If you made a mistake, you had to redo the whole thing from the very beginning. More than just a few times, I've seen users and professional Viners alike complain about the lack of editing features. Well, Vine fans, it seems your voices have finally been heard. In its latest update, the Vine app for Android and iOS delivers both editing features and saving multiple recording sessions for later! The editing features, while not as snappy as those offered by Instagram Video, are definitely more powerful in comparison. Support for uploading videos from the Camera Roll / Gallery is still absent, though. Join us after the break to learn how the two new features work. Read More

What Is iCloud Keychain & How To Set It Up On iOS

Released after Apple's event came to an end yesterday, iOS 7's third incremental update, iOS 7.0.3, brought with it long-awaited fixes for iMessage and certain UI animations that seem to have been triggering nausea in users. The star of the update, however, was the inclusion of iCloud's 'Keychain' sub-feature that was announced for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks earlier this year. In what follows, we explain what Keychain is and how you can set it up on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Unofficial iMessage App For Android Available For Download, But With Security Risks

The inherent flexibility of Google’s mobile OS is one of the major factors that makes it so attractive to its users, and it is this very quality that makes it possible for Android users to get the features, look and feel of other platforms with nothing but a few taps. While certain Android fans might smirk at the idea of porting features over from rival platforms – iOS, in particular – others will welcome such alternatives as long as they add a significant value over stock provisions. Case in point: iMessage. Why would anyone want to use iMessage on Android, you ask? It is likely that you have at least one or two good friends, if not many more, who own iPhones. iMessage will enable you to converse with them for free over the internet without them having to install any additional IM apps and vice versa. iMessage Chat for Android makes this possible. However, for now, there to be talk of suspicious behavior and security risks surrounding the app. Read on past the break for details. Read More

Install Official Android 4.3 Factory Image On Your Nexus Device Right Now

Following the announcement of the incremental Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update and its new features in today's "Breakfast with Sundar Pichai" event, Google promised that the firmware would shortly begin rolling out via OTA to the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus and later, to Google Play Edition devices as well. However, if you're not one to be patient, or just want to take the shortest route from a custom ROM to the latest stock build, you can install the update this very instant using the official Nexus factory images that have just been pushed to the Google Developers website. Instructions and download link past the jump. Read More

Download Gmail For Android v4.5 APK With New Tabbed Inbox, Navigation Drawer & More

Google recently released a new tabbed interface for Gmail, announcing the same changes for its Android app in a soon-to-be-released update. Though said update, labeled v4.5, began rolling out yesterday, it might take some time for it to come to your device. But that doesn't mean you have to wait. An XDA member has been kind enough to share an APK for the new Gmail app on the forum, the link to which you'll find at the end of this post. Coming to the app itself, it's a whole new experience combining the new tabbed Inbox and Google's latest interface design guidelines, as per which, the app now has a slide-out navigation drawer and actions along the top instead of in a bottom bar. Apart from that, the app now supports pull to refresh (about time!) and options to quickly empty your Trash and Spam folders of all mail. Read More

Vine For Android Now Available For Download [Review]

Twitter's 6-second video sharing social network Vine made quite the entrance when it was released for iOS in January. A few hours with the app was enough to convince us that Vine's popularity wasn't all hype. It packs more entertainment than your regular video sharing app, largely owing to its relatively active user-base (much like Instagram) and a capture system that puts creative minds to work. The much-awaited Android variant of the app has been released to the Play Store, bringing an even larger community under its fold. A lot you might be disappointed Vine took so long to come to Android. We're just glad it didn't take as long as Instagram. We go hands-on after the break. Read More

[Giveaway] Play PC Racing Games With Your Android Or iPhone Using Tilt Racer

Though the trusty old keyboard and mouse combo works well for almost all PC games, the avid PC gamer never settles for anything less than what fits each genre the best, like the arcade fighting stick does fighting games and the Sidewinder does the racing genre. However, if your enthusiasm for PC games isn't at the point where you'd want to spend the dough required to buy a separate controller, you can always settle for using your smartphone or tablet as one. There are now more than just a couple virtual gamepad apps available for both Android and iOS; some meant for all genres - such as DroidPad and WiFiPad - and others, like FlyPad for iPhone, that are focused on racing games. New to the market, Tilt Racer for Android and iOS aims to improve upon the latter with a better control scheme. Join us past the break to learn what it has to offer. Read More

How To Get Stickers In Facebook Messenger For Android Right Now

After it was released in a pool of hype, Facebook Home instantly became the target of heavy criticism from tons of disappointed fans, most of which found the lock and home screen replacement app impractical as a daily driver. There was one feature, though, that was and continues to be lauded by users - the globally accessible Chat Heads. While Facebook Messenger and thus, Home, for Android were the first to receive this feature, it was soon rolled out for the iOS variant of the official Facebook client, but to select users and heavily tied down by the limitations of Apple's mobile OS. Perhaps to give their iOS userbase something to be happy about, Facebook included chat Stickers in the update, which can be best described as enlarged, glorified emoticons. Although Stickers are yet to make it to Messenger for Android officially, they've been discovered hidden away within the current version of the app, and you can get early access to them with a simple trick, discussed past the break. Read More

How To Fix Adobe Photoshop CS6 Background Flickering In Windows 8

Microsoft took a leap of faith with Windows 8, and for the first couple of weeks after its release, it seemed the dramatic change of direction wouldn't pay off the way the Redmond giant hoped it would. The new OS and its Modern UI seem to be catching on, but at a snail's pace. Apart from the fact that quite a majority of users find themselves out of their confort zone when using the new interface, Windows 8 currently has quite a few compatibility issues as well; some with drivers and others with apps. One of the latter happens to be with the (currently) latest version of Adobe Photoshop, namely CS6. Read More

How To Install & Run Facebook Home On Unsupported Android Devices

As announced at Facebook's "New Home on Android" event, and a few days after its APK was leaked to the interwebs, Facebook Home was released to the Play Store today, but only in the US, and that too for a limited number of devices, namely HTC One X, One X+, One, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4. Where Facebook might be justified in localizing their product, we're sure there are countless users pouting in disappointment at having such a major release kept out of reach, and that too without an ETA on support for other regions and devices. Now, if you're a resident of the US and happen to own one of these devices (two of which are yet to hit the shelves), you needn't read on. If you own a supported device, but are in an unsupported region, you should only need to sideload the APK of the final release. If, however, you don't fulfill any of these requirements, as should be the case with quite a majority of Android-toting Facebook users around the world, join us past the break for a step-by-step guide on making your device Facebook Home-compatible! Read More

View & Create DIY Guides With Autodesk Instructables For Android & iOS

Autodesk acquired Instructables in August last year, releasing an impressive iPhone app for the online DIY portal and social community six months later.  The app has now come to the Android platform, bringing with it a vast, user-populated database of tutorials for do-it-yourself projects spanning over six different categories. Instructables for Android and iOS isn't just a collection of how-tos though; the app, like it's web counterpart, lets you create your own guides with the help of an innovative, easy-to-use tutorial builder that easily comes out on top when compared to previously reviewed Snapguide for iOS and How To for Android.  You can follow other community members, favorite and comment on their tutorials and even take part in DIY contests to win real-life prizes, all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Read More

Official 9GAG App For Android Now Available For Download

It's been a long wait for humor-loving Android fans, but it's finally over. The official 9GAG mobile app for Android has, much to Bad Luck Brian's dismay, made its way to the Google Play Store. When the app debuted on the iOS App Store, we made no secret of our disappointment with what it had to offer then. It's not that the app was bad; it's just that as popular a brand as 9GAG is in the world of online humor, we were expecting a much more fluid experience from their long-awaited official client. However, it seems the app has come far since thanks to several improvements and UI changes spanning over subsequent updates. Thankfully, Android users get to use the new and improved version of the app from the get go. One less app for iOS users to brag about! A closer look at the Android app after the jump. Read More

What Are iOS 6 Game Center Challenges & How Do You Send Them To Friends?

Although we’ve seen a flurry of popular mobile games going cross-platform this year, the iOS App Store as yet remains the richest gallery of smartphone games, while Game Center, owing to little or no competition, retains its crown as king of mobile gaming ecosystems. The iPod touch isn’t the world’s most popular handheld gaming device for nothing. With the release of Mountain Lion, Game Center expanded beyond iOS and onto OS X, adding cross-platform gaming to the mix, but Apple didn’t stop there. Out of the many new features brought on by iOS 6, there is one that encourages users to be more social on Game Center. Labeled ‘Challenges’, this feature allows you to invite your friends to beat your score or unlock a certain achievement in a game of choice. The process, though fairly simple, has the tendency to confuse novice users. Hence, a brief guide is in order. Read More