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SwitchSpring Offers An Intuitive Way To Respring Or Quit All Apps From iOS 7 App Switcher

Due to certain incompatibility issues tied to the hasty release of the iOS 7 jailbreak, the inflow of new Cydia tweaks has been a tad slower than usual. One thing that remains constant, though, is the release of packages that either improve upon or add to the new features introduced in the latest iteration of the OS. A suggestion from the community lead HASHBANG Productions to develop an intuitive way to restart the SpringBoard or quit all apps, one more suited to iOS 7. It’s called SwitchSpring, and like other tweaks developed by the recognized dev team (Animer and FlagPaint, for instance), it’s available for free from the Big Boss repo of the Cydia store.

This is how SwitchSpring works: it lets you trigger a quick respring or kill all apps from within the iOS 7 App Switcher by dismissing the home screen card.  The concept feels native and that’s what makes it great. It doesn’t ruin the stock look with additional buttons; it simply puts an unused part of the OS to good use.

Obviously, this implementation won’t allow quick resprings from the lock screen, like the provision that comes bundled up with popular multi-purpose tweak SBSettings – a minor detail unlikely to disappoint anyone.

Swipe-iOS-7-App-Switcher-home-screen-card-to-respring SwitchSpring-SpringBoard-respring-Cydia-tweak

In case you’re new to Cydia, and are wondering how you’re supposed to install this tweak, launch the Cydia app from your home screen, switch to ‘Search’ and enter ‘SwitchSpring’  in the search bar at the top. When you find the tweak in the results below, open it, tap ‘Install’, and finally, ‘Restart SpringBoard’. Your device will then go through a soft reboot required to get the tweak to start working.

Once that is done, any time you wish to restart the SpringBoard or clear the App Switcher of all apps, double-press the Home button to launch the App Switcher (while within an app or on the home screen), then drag the home screen card upwards and out of the screen to dismiss it. This will display a dialog box with ‘Restart’ and ‘Quit Apps’ options.

It’s quite likely that this concept will come bundled up with one all-purpose tweak in the near future. It might even become a part of SBSettings, if and when it is updated for iOS 7. For now, though, I’d say this is the best iOS 7 tweak of its kind available on Cydia.

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