Top 40 Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps [Marketplace]

Now that Windows Phone 7 is out, it is time to look at some of the best apps available in the Marketplace. The first thing users do after configuration their new phones is to search for useful apps. In this article we have listed the top 40 must-have apps from both startups and independent developers.

Unlike Android apps which can be installed using QR codes, there is currently no way to quickly install these WP7 apps. The only way would be to search for them in the Marketplace using your Windows Phone 7.

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A Complete Guide To Viewing Images In Photoshop

Workplace in Photoshop is the arrangement of elements such as panels, bars, and windows. Most Adobe applications share the same workplace experience, making it easy for you to move between them. Viewing images aspect of Photoshop plays a vital role in the overall usage and enhancements of Photoshop. It can include screen mode, viewing other areas of image, using the navigator panel, zooming in or out, multiple windows, info panel and more. In this complete guide we will look at some different available options for viewing images. Read More

A Guide To Channels In Photoshop

Channels are grayscale images that store different type of information including color information channels, alpha channels and sport color channels. A basic RGB image is basically a set of channels; red, green and blue. Where as CMYK images include cyan, magenta, yellow and black channels. Channels serves a couple of specific purposes. RGB/CYMK color channels give you indications on separate color channels contained within the image. Alpha channels are more widely used to either create, edit or save specific types of selections which can be applied as layer masks later on. In this guide we will review Photoshop color channels, modifying them and a complete look at channels panel. Read More

A Complete Guide To Photoshop Preferences

Photoshop is a heavy tool, no matter whether you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit version, it takes up a lot of memory while rendering. To get the best performance out of Photoshop, one must go through the Preferences available in all versions of Photoshop. You can explore the important settings available in Preferences tab like interface, file handling, performance, cursors, transparency, rules, guides & grids, plugins and type. In this complete guide we will review Photoshop Preferences. By making few tweaks you can also improve the overall performance of the software.
This article is part of the complete guide series, which also includes, a complete guide to layers in photoshop and complete guide to type in photoshop.
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A Complete Guide To Type In Photoshop [Tutorial]

In Photoshop, Type consists of outlines based on vector graphics. Typeface, on the other hand, is a set of one or more fonts in different sizes designed with style and each comprising a coordinated sets of elements of writing. There are a number of typefaces available in more than one format. The most commons ones are TrueType, OpenType and New CID. Photoshop has some vector based capabilities as well. They can be well recognized in type (text) layers. You can easily use them when you resize or scale type, save it in formats like PDF or EPS, or simply print the image to a PostScript printer. So keep in mind, that its completely possible to produce type with crisp and key resolution edges in Photoshop.

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Give Your Pictures Artistic Flair With Dydelf

Programs like Photoshop and Lightroom can do amazing things for you in terms of color corrections and adding artistic effects. But when it comes to beginners who are just looking to tweak their photos, its hard to find open, simple and easy to use software. Dydelf is a tool which will help you add artistic effects to your photos in just a few clicks. The techniques used by this application will allow you to perform digital processing on any image and transform it completely into an outlined graphic with an added artistic flair. Read More

A Complete Guide To Layers In Photoshop [Tutorial]

Layers is one of the core part for Photoshop users. No matter you’re drawing lines, or constructing something as big as a poster. It is always recommended to keep even a single dot created with a brush pan on a separate layer. Some might ask why?  Well its quite simple. Later on, if you want to make changes to your clipboard, you can simply move that dot (layer), put different blending options on it, hide it or even delete it without losing the rest of your work. No one wants to spend another couple of hours reconstructing the whole design just because they didn’t want that simple dot, which is now embedded in the whole clipboard. Today we will discuss layers in details.

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Quickly Analyze Sports Videos With Kinovea Video Editor

If you’re a coach, an athlete, a medical expert or simply someone who wants to observe, analyze and describe performance captured on a video, you should give Kinovea a try. Being just under 13MB’s in file space, the abilities of the software can be well recognized. It primarily targets coaches, athletes and medical experts by supporting specific functions. Users can measure line length, speed and distance. Data can be exported to OpenOffice calc, Excel and simple text. Read More

Lock Your Android Apps With Application Safer

Previously we reviewed App Slammer, an app that locks Android app to prevent unwanted users from using them with password protection. Privacy does become a key issue when carrying a smart phone loaded with tons of application and data. You certainly don’t want your friends and family interrupting your phone’s privacy. On the contrary, Application Safer is yet another simple app with the ability to lock applications either by the usage of a unlock code or a pattern. Read More

7 Best Free Android Apps For Developers On The Go

As the popularity of Android platform grows, more and more productivity apps are being coded by developers, for the developers, with the help of fellow developers. Developers, developers, and developers, did we mention designers too? If you are one of them, you might need to test code, select the best color combination, access and manage files remotely, play with typography, and take notes while on the go.  In this article we will review some of the very best free Android apps which are useful for both developers and designers. Read More

The Basic Guide To Saving Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

We install a number of apps on our Android devices for different purposes. Apps differ when it comes to issues such as accessibility to data connectivity and battery consumption. A number of features available on your device can also cause the battery to drain quickly. To stay on the safe side, users have to manage their phone battery. Some do it by carrying charger at all times, and some do it intelligently. In this article we will look at some of those great basic ways in which you can save battery and make your phone last longer throughout the day. Read More

The Basic Guide To Backup Your Android Phone [For Beginners]

You might have rooted your Android device to explore deeper or perhaps you just like to keep it legit. Backup is one of the most important step when dealing with any sort of data storage devices. And Android is one of those. We all give highest priority to our contacts, messages and apps, and want to keep them all backed up, with some of us wanting to backup predefined settings as well. In this guide, we will show you how NOT to lose your data when your Android gets lost, stolen, or simply dies. Please note that all apps mentioned below will backup your data automatically, once successfully configured.

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Free SMS Scheduler For Android Schedules Your SMS Messages

It gets annoying when you keep on forgetting that a SMS was required to be sent at a specific time but that time has not arrived yet. The idea is decent enough, only if you could easily schedule messages on your Android device. SMS Scheduler can schedule messages for you based on date and time, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting when and whom to send a message. Read More

Complete Android Analysis With Android System Info

There are number of apps out in the Market for analyzing the Android system. Users end up downloading number of apps for different sort of purposes including but not limited to system usage, running tasks and apps, generating logs etc. Android System Info (ASI), gives user complete technical analysis regarding their device. It displays system and battery usage, managing tasks and apps, and logs based on counts and events. Even though you see your device as only a calling, texting and/or socializing tool, there can be times where your device might stop responding in a desirable manner, therefore, having a tool, such as Android System Info, can prove to be a lifesaver in all such scenarios. If nothing else, the app can help you with identifying the problematic area of your device, even if you aren't a geek. Read More

Customize Android Phone Vibrate Pattern For Calls And SMS Messages

Hyper customization is an aspect of Android that sets it apart from most of the contemporary mobile operating systems. And Google's mobile operating system not just lets you alter its looks according to your preferences, but you may also tinker with various settings, such as sound profiles, security settings, so on and so forth. Not that none of the dumb phones never supported modifying sound profiles according to user's liking, but the way modern day smartphones put the users in control over personalizing these things is almost peerless. Tired of not so clean default vibrations set by the manufacturer? Missing a lot of calls just because you are not able to feel the vibrations? Now you can customize your Android phone vibrations with the help of Smart Vibrator.  It’s a free app which lets you customize vibration for incoming calls and messages. Vibrations can be composed by defining different patterns. Read More

Add More Icons On Your Android Home Screen

There are a total of 7 home screens on each Android device and only 16 app shortcuts can be added in each screen. With the addition of large widgets it becomes further difficult to add shortcuts of applications because of limited space. Many users prefer using third party launchers which gives them full control of home screen customization, but if you’re not keen of using them, Multicon enables you to add number of shortcuts on your home screen. Read More

QuickDesk Brings iPhone iOS Multitasking To Android Phones

It surely does take a little bit time to get into the default task switcher on your Android devices. You might have a lot of apps installed or running in the background. Default task switcher notifies you about the 6 most recent apps opened and if you want to find out more, a switch to a third party task manager would be required. In this article we will review an app which will give you a fast multitasking experience, similar to that of iOS which can be found in iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with some added features. QuickDesk, is a dashboard app which provides user with quick access to widgets and shortcuts without leaving the running app. Read More

Perfect Viewer For Android Is Brilliant Comic Reader And Image Viewer

The default picture viewer of Android is fast enough when it comes to viewing images taken from the build-in camera. However, it lacks some features, cannot load certain formats, and is quite slow when viewing large images that have been downloaded from email attachments or imported from your PC. Suppose you want to read a comic in CBR format, the default image viewer will fail to load it. Perfect Viewer comes forward for a quick rescue in this situation. It is a free app designed for quick image views with the use of pinch to zoom feature, supporting a large number of formats, including jpeg, png, zip, rar, 7zip, cbr, and more. Read More