Cover Retriever: Add Album Art To A Whole Album Or Selected Songs

If you’re fond of album cover arts and want to see it with every music track that you play, Cover Retriever can help. It a simple tool that easily sets album cover arts for your music collection. Unlike music tagging apps that also support adding album cover art, it works in two modes; you have the option to apply single cover art to whole folder (album folder) or manually pick an album cover art for individual songs. Suppose you have songs from multiple albums of an artist, it will enable you to select a generic cover art for all the specified tracks. Likewise, you can import an album, choose one amongst suggested cover arts and apply it to the whole album without having to manually select the track to embed album art. Read More

PhraseExpress: Powerful Text Expansion Tool To Organize Text Snippets

Writing same text over and over again in different applications, like word processors, notepads, email compose windows, etc., greatly hampers productivity and the best method to stay productive is to use an efficient text expansion tool. The Text Expanders are developed to save both time and effort that a user would have put writing and formatting the most frequently used text strings. Last week, we covered a text expansion tool for Mac OS X, called DashExpander. This time around we will look at text expansion utility for Windows. PhraseExpress is a powerful, all-in-one text expansion application where you can configure every aspect of text expansion feature, including, user input fields, text placeholders, macros, word correction, read and write to Windows clipboard, etc. Read More

Selectively Remove EXIF Metadata Of Photos Using Pixelgarde

You may know that most smartphones and new digital cameras have the ability to embed location, also referred to as geotag, along with numerous other image attributes into your picture as EXIF metadata. Although metadata of pictures taken by camera or smartphone gives you a detailed information, including exact GPS location where the photo was taken, name, XResolution, YResolution, ISO, YCbCrPositioning, and date and time stamp, it’s generally advised to remove such metadata from pictures before sharing them with others. Read More

StepShot: Create Step-by-Step (How-To) Product Guides And Help Manuals

If you’re planning to create a professional help manual of installing or configuring a complex application for your clients, colleagues, or for end-users, you may want to use a dedicated software to create and manage the design of help manual. The word processors and graphic design tools offer a limited set of options to design help manuals, technical documentations, procedural guides, etc. Therefore, it may become quite a wearisome task to write each step and then include marked screenshots to explain the steps involved in installing or configuring the product. StepShot has been developed to easily create procedural guides and help manuals without having to manually adjust text and images in the document. StepShot lets you effortlessly take and mark screenshots, caption them, adjust the images in document and compile the steps in required sequence. Read More

Daminion: Powerful Multi-User Media Management Software For Small Teams

Backed by powerful search capabilities and intuitive cataloging features, Daminion is a multi-user media management solution for people working together on collective data. Daminion takes a fresh approach to handle and organize 3 most commonly used multimedia file types, including, image, video and audio. The concept is to ensure that each supported item on your PC is secured, tagged, and available from within a unified interface. The application has been written to solve both generic and complex item cataloging issues, such as, untagged items, inefficient search and filter features, tag synchronization across all like items and so on. Daminion lays a staunch foundation for users to seamlessly organize their multimedia files without having to manually manage their files, filter media file types, input meta tags, rate files, etc. Read More

How To Prevent Applications From Restoring In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Available only in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Restore feature resumes applications, after reboot or system shutdown, from where you left off. This may become annoying when it’s required to stop launching applications after system reboot on which you were working previously. Although Mac OS X Lion lets you choose system-wide applications and windows which are not to be resumed every time you login to Mac, there are certain applications which skip through this restriction. Also the option to disable restoration feature on per-application basis is nowhere to be found, you either have to disable restore feature for all applications or keep it enabled. Read More

Classic Trash X Is A Smart Way To Empty Trash In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Originally written for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and former versions, Trash X has recently been updated with support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Trash X is an extension of Mac native Trash utility. For those who have never tried Trash X before, it offers a number of options to easily send files and folders to Trash, shred files/apps and folders, eject mounted disk images, clean volume data for selected applications, all via a simple drag & drop. For instance, you drag a mounted application or external hard disk over its icon to quickly eject it. Similarly, when you drag the disks over Trash X icon while holding the command key, it will empty the Trash only on those volumes. File shredding functionality has also been integrated into Trash X. You can forcibly delete the file/folder or choose to shred the items in question. Read More

Create Array Of Videos (Video Grid) In Mac With ArrayShaker

ArrayShaker is a video grid creator for Mac OS X, designed specifically to create array of any QuickTime supported videos without requiring any extra hardware/GPU upgrades. The application is completely software-specific and has the ability to quickly transform your video into array grids with defined number of rows and columns. For those who aren’t familiar with video array tool, it allows you to watch videos on large display monitors, projection TVs, multi-screen monitor, plasma HDTVs, and so on. Using a video grid creator, you can easily transform video/animation based presentation into multi-screen presentation to show each part of presentation separately on the screen. Array Shaker lets you select video array dimensions, i.e number of columns and rows, output size, codec, quality, and audio specific options. Read More

Grooveshark Desktop For Mac OS X With Mini Controller & Theme Support

Do you hate to manually navigate to Grooveshark website to listen to your playlist, search new tracks and add them to existing playlists? Grooveshark Desktop is an app for Mac OS X which uses Grooveshark's web app elements to give you an unobtrusive environment of playing and managing your playlist items. In addition to playing and sifting through songs, it’s accompanied with Bowtie like mini controller with customizable themes to play and navigate through tracks without having to open the main window. Along with an on-screen mini controller, it comes packed with, media keys and Growl notification support. Read More

Backup And Restore MS Office & Windows Activation Tokens

Microsoft imposes a limit on number of times Windows or other Microsoft paid applications license keys can be activated on different PCs. Take Windows 7 as an instance, you can use your license activation key for only 10 times and after that you will need to purchase a new license. If you’re already running short of Windows 7 license activation keys due to constant re-installation of Windows, you can use 7Token Manager, which attempts to save the tokens of activated Windows 7 in order to use it again later. However, if 7Token Manager fails to activate Windows back in offline mode, there is one tool which you can try before giving up all hope. Advance Tokens Manager is a powerful Windows 7/Vista and MS Office 2010/2007 activation token backup tool which lets you save and restore both Microsoft products’ activation keys with a single click. Read More

OsTrack: Monitor Mac OS X System Resource Usage With Complete Overview

Unlike Windows, where one can easily find out CPU, Memory and Network bandwidth usage of installed applications, Mac OS X users often struggle to get such information out of their systems. Although, the built-in Mac OS X Activity Monitor displays all the currently running applications and other system and user processes along with their CPU and Memory usage, it doesn’t include an option to easily sift through the list or to filter the details. OsTrack is a freshly baked, advance system monitoring full-screen application for Mac OS X which lets you inspect CPU, memory, and network bandwidth usage for all the currently active applications and analyze the extracted information for 4 major time intervals; 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days. OsTrack keeps a track of applications which consume much of your CPU and RAM while allowing you to find out all those programs and services which surreptitiously utilize network bandwidth. Read More

rinse: Add iTunes Album Art, Organize Genres, Fix Duplicates & Songs

Unlike playback and playlist controls, iTunes track management feature is limited and doesn’t provide an option to automatically organize music library and playlists. One problem which many users face is duplicate tracks in iTunes Library. Although, iTunes has the ability to find duplicates songs from the library or playlists, it doesn’t allow you to choose the way the duplicates are to be dealt with, i.e sometimes we require keeping songs with only higher bitrates or with longer length. Apart from deduplication of items, iTunes is also devoid of core playlist item management features, such as, auto-correction of misspelled tracks, fill meta tag info, add album art, and organize music by default or user-defined music genres, etc. rinse is an Adobe Air based application for both Mac OS X and Windows which provides users with one-stop solution to all such iTunes music related problems. Read More

How To Enable Hyper-V Manager In Windows 8

If you are keeping a tab on Windows 8 new features and improvements, you must have heard about the inclusion of virtualization client in Windows 8. The Windows 8 includes Microsoft virtualization manager and hypervisor for proficient users, so they don't have to switch to Windows 8 Server in order to use Hyper-V client. If you aren’t familiar with Hyper-V, also known as, Viridian, it’s a hypervisor (hardware/physical virtualization technique to run multiple guest operating systems concurrently on host system) based virtualization system for x86-64 instruction set based system architecture and is already included in Windows Server 2008. Windows 8 Hyper-V client supports one feature which isn’t there in Window Server 2008 R2 and that is sleep/hibernate option. The recently released Consumer Preview of Windows 8 x64 version comes with Hyper-V disabled, but you can easily enable both Hyper-V Core and Management Tools from Control Panel. Read More

How To Enable ‘Delete Confirmation Dialog’ In Windows 8

With additions like Metro based panels, Start Menu, and Ribbon Explorer, many Windows 8 UI elements have been revamped, such as, the auto run dialog, low battery on-screen notification, desktop snapping, full screen apps, and much more.. Talking of dialog boxes, the most significant improvement that you will notice is with copy/move conflict resolution dialog box, which seems more smart, intuitive and can handle conflicts from a single window. Other noticeable change is that Windows 8 no longer asks you to confirm the deletion of file and folder, i.e when you select a file/folder and hit Delete key, it sends the respective item straight to Recycle Bin without confirming the action. In this post, we will present a simple solution to bring Windows 8 default file/folder delete dialog box back. Read More

ClipMenu Is Complete Clipboard Manager For Mac OS X

Looking for a clipboard manager for Mac OS X which can provide instant access to recently moved clipboard items? ClipMenu can paste clipboard items in any application workspace without having to move required item to first place in the stack; a pop-menu can be triggered via pre-defined hotkey combination which contains all clipboard entries, just select the required clipboard item to paste it in application. Apart from keeping clipboard entry list at your fingertips, you can save multiple user-defined text snippets to paste frequently used text strings without having to manually enter them in applications, such as, word processors, email clients, etc. Read More

DashExpander Is Text Expansion Utility With Placeholder Feature [Mac]

Developed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.7, DashExpander is free, elegant text expander which includes a dozen features to manage and use text snippets. For those who haven’t heard about text expansion tools, they are developed to assist users in adding frequently used text snippets to workspaces via a short form of text section, hotkeys, or pre-defined text strings. Just like any other text expansion tool, DashExpander can save you the time you’d have spent writing somewhat same text section in multiple application workspaces. It gives you the liberty of saving unlimited text snippets and lets you manage them easily via built-in tags features. The search bar is given on the main interface to quickly search text snippets by tags and snippet content. Read More

Color Picker Pro: Quickly Pick Colors And Get Color Codes [Mac]

The task of finding the right set of colors for graphic design project is not only tiresome but also takes too much of time. The best method to check the color shades is to use a color picker which has the ability to precisely pick color shades off the screen, save it in a list, and generate HEX color code. Color Picker Pro for Mac OS X includes useful color picking features that will aid graphic designers in choosing appropriate range of color shades for their professional graphic design projects. The application gets accurate color code of any pixel on the screen that your mouse pointer hovers over. To help designers, it allows copying color code to clipboard which can be pasted via user-defined hotkey combination in any workspace. Additionally, it lets you work with multiple-monitors setup and choose color style according to their liking. Read More

Increase Number Of App Tile Rows In Windows 8 Start Menu

Windows 8 has the ability to automatically adjust Start Menu tiles according to current resolution of display monitor; it keeps only 3 rows of app tiles in Start Menu with 800x600, 4 app tiles with 1280x720 and so on. This default behavior is however suitable for those who frequently move between displays monitors with different screen resolutions, you may want to keep a set number of app tiles in rows, e.g, 4, 5 or 6 in some cases. If you’re, for instance, on 1920x1080 screen resolution, you may see a lot of space getting wasted, that can be filled by 1 or 2 app tile rows. In this post, we will present a simple registry hack that lets you keep any number of app tile rows in Windows 8 Start Menu. Read More